Monday, December 24, 2012

The Grand Initiation

Here we are, approaching one of the most anticipated dates in our modern times: the winter solstice of this year, December 21st 2012. Movies have been made about this date and authors of many fields, conspiracy people, new age people and metaphysical people of all kinds have speculated on what is about to transpire. 

For some years now, I have been talking and writing about my idea of what the whole 2012 debacle is all about. I have never viewed this as a time in which catastrophe hits, movie style. Or in which we "ascend and leave our bodies behind", new age style. I have however always seen this time/date/event as symbolic of the apex point of an ongoing and multi-decade long shift in consciousness, with a definite energetic/physical component to it. And as a time holding both individual and collective level significance.

The Physical Level of The Shift

The physical component of this shift has became clearer to me, in the last few years, after several experiences of out of body travel to the Sun. Over the last few years, in fact, I have found myself frequently taken, in out of body state, to the center of the Sun while carrying out various kinds of planetary work or healing work. I have written about these astral travel experiences in previous newsletters, so I will not go into the details of this again (do check my newsletter archive for further details). The result of these out of body journeys is that I began to understand that the shift of consciousness we are undergoing is intrinsically linked to a physical shift within our solar system, governed by a pulse wave transmitted from the center of our Galaxy.

The center of the Galaxy, for those that are not so familiar with astronomy, is a black hole. And it seems that there is more to black holes than meets the eye. Scientists know that black holes, represented as mathematical singularities in the fabric of space, are places in which, at least from a traditional physics point of view, gravity goes rapidly to infinity. The gravitational pull is believed to also creates an exponential increase in the density of matter and of the suction effect of the black hole on all matter around it. The gravitation field in black holes is so strong that they are believed to suck in even photons, i.e. light. From my own experiences of astral travel (I have traveled several times into the black hole area at the center of the galaxy), black holes seem to be also doorways through which one can travel into other realities. I have slipped through black holes and found myself hovering over the center of other galaxies. and I have also felt the energy of center of our Galaxy, which felt very conscious and powerful.

Just as the stars and planets and galaxies in this universe, in fact, black holes are conscious and speak to us through transmissions of energy. The black hole at the center of our galaxy has been transmitting an ever increasing pulse consciousness/pulse for the past sixty odd years and many have believed that this pulse of consciousness/energy should be reaching an apex around December 21st 2012.

While I believe that the date has some significance as the solstice of an important time in the shift, I have intuitively always felt that the apex of the shift is more like a window in time, shaped very much like a Gaussian bell curve, beginning around 1940, peaking around 2012-2013 and that will continue to pulse, although progressively and gradually decreasing in intensity, for several decades from now, but in reverse order, most likely for as many years as there were prior to the shift. Now that's a thought ;-)  Seems our work is not done yet ;-)

The Consciousness Level of the Shift
At the consciousness and spiritual level, the highly activating energies steaming from the center of the galaxy are causing us to clear energetically very rapidly. This manifests on the Earth plane as spontaneous clearings of chakras, cells, bodies, energy fields and as the acceleration of our karma.

Accelerated karmic clearing takes the form of intense experiences, relationships, illnesses, situations that are repeats of past life experiences seeking resolution. And that only resolve when either the lesson behind these experiences is understood and integrated, when the past life is recalled and cleared energetically or when the life is resolved on the inner planes, via hypnosis or inner dialogue regression work.

While there are indeed beings that oversee the amount of karma we bring into each incarnation and the mechanisms and degrees via which we transmute such karma, the experience of karma in many ways is an energetic phenomena, as past life experiences are stored as energetic imprints inside the cells, specifically within the DNA. And since the DNA generates the patterns within the energy field and chakras, we can also say that karmic imprints are stored within the energy field and chakra levels too. 
As the potent energies from the Galactic Center and Sun enter our energy field, they encounter these karmic and energy patterns stored within us. They stimulate these patterns with light and "activate" them. This means that the energy signatures that were dormant are now awake and switched on. And, depending on what these energy signatures are - a karmic blockage, a childhood blockage or a positive attribute - they will manifest in different kinds of experiences. Some of these experiences can be very challenging, such as re-experiencing of old patterns or re-magnetizing past life scenarios; others can be very positive activations, such as higher levels of our multidimensional being coming online or an increase in psychic abilities and awareness, etc. All of these experiences are a big part of what is and has been happening during the collective shift that we have been undergoing, in an ongoing and increasing way, since the fifties.

This has been in many ways a grand multi-decade initiation, in which brave multidimensional beings, who wanted to both assist in the evolution of a large group of Souls and face the challenge of clearing and resolving all that was left open ended from all their own multi-lifetime soul  record, have incarnated here to experience one of their most difficult and testing lives.

From the Soul's perspective the "Galactic Consciousness weather of the Shift" has been seen as a great opportunity to make an unprecedented leap in soul light all in one go. If you have felt that in this life you have lived multiple incarnations in one body or that you have experienced what seems like never ending intensity, especially during the last fifteen years or so, know that you are not alone. We have managed to cram an unprecedented amount of experiencing in just a few years. Many at this point are reaching the core of their release process and are also getting very tired: this has not been a walk in the park. As we move forward, the next few years will be more about integration and rebuilding. You will be happy to know that the karmic fast track spin cycle is not going to last forever and will be coming to a close . 

The Transmission's Effects
The pulse of light is being transmitted from the black hole at the center of our Galaxy to our Sun, and from the Sun to the Earth and all beings that inhabit it, has also been triggering a gradual wave of collective awakening, which in many ways is a direct result of energy clearings and activations that have been spontaneously occurring at the individual level.

While " The Collective shift" may not be as dramatic as some people anticipated - ascension, losing bodies, moving into different dimensions in a very noticeable way- I don't think any of us can deny that the collective has been gradually awakening for many decades. We have had changes in a number of fields, both positive and negative, but overall there has been an increase in awareness across the board in the fields of physics, metaphysics, spirituality, health, psychology, etc. And human consciousness and psychic awareness is at an all time high for our modern times. I say modern times as there have been many times prior to this one in which high consciousness reigned on Earth. Just not in the last 15,000 or so years. We have also become more and more aware of dark agendas and corruptions and all the dark secrets and buried skeletons have been popping out of closets. Its been a time of intense revelations.    

Light Dark Polarity and The Shift
The shift we are undergoing is a window of opportunity for a dimensional change from one level of collective being to the next. The leap however can be made in different directions, not just towards a higher dimension of light: the shift point itself is neutral, just a window opening allowing for a leap. The quality and direction of the leap is up to us.  

Apparently these dimensional shift points do occur regularly throughout the multiverse and through time, creating windows of acceleration during which there is the potential for rapid change and for a transmutation of the energy at the base of the collective reality.

This shift can go both towards higher levels of light and higher levels of dark. It is what is referred to in The Law of One or The Ra Material as "The Harvest", a time in which souls both individually and collectively, and Souls of both light and dark orientation, have an opportunity for graduation.

Whilst individually every soul can graduate to its own next level, as far as the collective reality - the canvas on which the outer world unfolds - majority rules. Or at least lets say "each majority rules", as it is possible to create more than one reality, each matching a specific level of consciousness. Now get your mind to wrap around that one ;-) The percentage of soul that are light or dark orientated and the group within the collective matched by our own consciousness determines the reality that we will inhabit on the other side of the shift. However know that this is a seamless transition: you will not notice anything different. In fact many have already made this leap, without knowing it. Witnessing events but no longer resonating or participating in them can be a sign that one has shifted to another reality current (or timeline) within the collective reality stream.

This is why, as I have been explaining for several years in some of my radio interviews, the battle between the polarities has been increasing during the past years. And why, especially in the last 2-5 years we have also been experiencing what I call the "Externalization of the Dark Ritual", with many of the dark polarity holders of this planet making a very clear attempt at darkening the flavor for us all, so that more Souls are "harvested" towards a higher intensity dark stream of being, over which the service to self agents can continue to rule.

Dark rituals in music, dark and/or traumatizing events in the outer world, false flags of various kinds, increase of dark themes in movies, video games, etc, have been and still are attempts to recruit Souls  and energies towards the dark side of the "Harvest". If you are aware of what I am speaking of, you will notice several events this year aimed at precisely this purpose. You can listen to my last two radio shows for further details about these topics - Truth Frequency Radio Interview with Chris and Sheree Geo and Wolf Spirit Radio Interview with JayPee/ Ever Beyond).

Good News

The good news is, that as far as I can see from the planetary work I have been doing on the inner planes of the Earth since July, the reality for this planet has already shifted dramatically towards the light polarity. Various energetic layers of the planetary grid that had been switched off during the last shift and that allow for the light to take hold on this planet at a deep energetic level, are now switched back on. From a planetary energy standpoint, at the very least, we are in a better position now than we have been in since the fall of Atlantis.

This does not mean that it is time to rest on our laurels, but it is important to mention this, especially in light of recent events of this past week, so that we do not become discouraged by influxes of dark and perturbing energies such as the recent shooting that has occurred in Connecticut. Although this is a terrible event- and with many layers for the aware observer - it is still ultimately yet another attempt to subvert the natural unfolding of the harvest, which I predict will continue to move forward, however, in a light orientated direction undisturbed. 
The Reconstruction

So in closing, what to expect on Dec 21st 2012? Aside from the various ceremonies and radio shows around the world, it will most likely be business as usual from a metaphysical point of view, as The Shift was never about a day, but about an ongoing process. And this process, although about to reach an apex point at this time, is far from complete. We have at least another two to four years of intense energy descending from the apex and probably another several decades of gradually diminishing energy reaching us after that. And whatever shifts we will experience in the outer world, they will happen gradually, one year, month, day at a time.

In a vision I was given in 1999 I saw a whole section of time, several years, labelled as "The Reconstruction", the time during which we would rebuild on the ashes of the old paradigm. Maybe this solstice of 2012 is the marker for the beginning of that very Reconstruction, a process of integration and rebuilding after much dismantling and releasing, on the inner and outer levels of being.  Or maybe we still have a couple more year to go. Astrologically I feel that we will not be fully done with the dismantling of our world and paradigm until the end of the Pluto Uranus square in 2015.

We may not have a big bang effect this Friday,  and we may even have a few more years to go yet in our shift, but changes have been happening and will continue to and they will be gradual but very real. We and our world are changing and we are the ones creating the change, through every moment of increased awareness and love. May you be honored and blessed for your contribution, sometimes achieved at great personal cost, to the grand initiation that we have been all been involved with in the past years. Know that you were never alone and that your lives have had meaning beyond what you can perceive from an Earth based perspective.

Each of your contributions is and has been essential to the weaving of the collective tapestry. Receive now a transmission of love and gratitude from Source for all that you have given and for all that you have become. and embrace the fullness of your being, as one of the effects of clearing karma and blockages is that the highest aspects of our selves can begin to descend into our being. It can be a time for great multidimensional expansion.

Alright...that will be all for now. May you have great love and great revelations during this December 21st 2012. And may you feel much love and joy during this holiday season x x x x
Until 2013 x x x

Love and blessings


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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Detoxing the Old World:Who You Are is Your Only Currency

A post on Facebook this morning, made me think about the process of detoxing. Its a deep process that can bring up a lot of old emotions, which however, once accessed and flushed, keep us out of the doctor's and the therapist's office. I remember during my first intense detox, I was also doing my advanced counseling skills training intensive for my masters in Transpersonal Psychology. I did not plan it that way, the two just "happened" to overlap. We were doing group processes all day and I cried at the drop of a hat throughout. It was like I had no filter, no barrier between myself and whatever triggered my emotions. A barrier that was usually well in place. I realized then that something about the food I was eating was acting as an emotional shield. But I also had many breakthroughs and memories of things I had forgotten coming very close to the surface during those two weeks. Some of those pieces were important for my own healing.

Physical detox can be a very effective way of accessing the parts of the emotional body we usually silence with food. Gluten and sugar being the two main food drugs of choice for many. There was a therapy center when I was living in London during the 90s that dealt with survivors of serious trauma, not just childhood trauma, but war trauma and torture- serious end of the spectrum stuff that survivors usually shut off. One of the ways they used to help people get in touch with repressed trauma was sleep deprivation. They would run a week long therapy group, during which they did not allow the willing participants to sleep much and around day three "stuff" began to pop out of people's psyches. A die hard approach and not for the faint of heart, but same concept. The idea is to take away some of the ways in which we naturally defend ourselves from challenging and psyche-splitting material. Not suggesting anybody here tries this at home without psych-support from a trained professional, but sharing as this is often the opposite direction we go in as a society.

As a society we are sitting on humongous amounts of pain. Pain from faulty child rearing practices, starting from the very first time we are hang upside down and slapped at birth, to school systems where grades count more than true soul development. Work and economic environment of an increasingly corporate world, in which the psychopathic and the narcissistic are promoted and rewarded. Unstable family units often split by divorce, from which more pain is generated. Not trying to be depressing, but just pointing out that, for many reasons, especially at the level of mass consciousness, we are sitting on an avalanche of unprocessed emotional material, which, as a society, we are constantly engaged in keeping at bay, with things such as sugar and gluten foods, alcohol, cigarettes and psychiatric drugs- and encouraged to do so, as happy slaves make good workers - the fact that its all artificial happy does not seem to matter for the functioning of the "machine".

Wearing one's pain is also seen as a negative thing. People in pain are often judged, marginalized and told to get a grip or get medicated. We are not given the time to process grief , loss, sorrow and setbacks. Even the new spirituality does nothing but point fingers at people who are not smiley happy at all times, which can result in even more isolation, because even sharing of difficulties with spiritual people, often leads to being judged or lectured. I dare to say that much of the new spirituality is nothing but a quick fix approach to a "produce - be happy- be successful" route to consumerist based goals.

But this is not a post on new age bashing. Nor a gripe about the ills of the world. More instead an observation of where we are at, as a collective, as the dysfunctional ethos upon which much of our current world set up is based is coming to a close. Our world as we know it,  is collapsing in many ways, and with the death of the American dream and so many people going belly up financially or having huge difficulties holding it all together, many are no longer able to self soothe with externals. We are being brought face to face with our pain, sense of loss, sense of failure in a world that has trained us to think that the only thing that counts is an external form of success. And this is true also for the spiritual people, as so much of our current spiritual mindset of late, has been transformed into the spiritual equivalent of a get rich quick scheme, where what one creates counts more that who one is.

As the props that keep our inner pain together vanish under the tidal wave of change, we will have to dig deeper for our true sense of worth. There will be no more hiding from our inner shadows and for that which lurks under the surface, unhealed.

We are all together wading through our own version of collective sleep deprivation trauma healing workshop. And together we are challenged to let go of the dysfunctional ways of judging ourselves and one another which we have picked up from a society that teaches us to be separate and to prove ourselves to one another through what we have achieved. We are being challenged to move into a new paradigm, that is all about being authentic, frailties, failures, warts and all, where who we are counts more than what we can show in a portfolio or a resume. We are moving into a time in which the inner quality of who we are is the only currency. 

This is the stage of our life as humans on the planet, in which we learn about collective compassion. Where we learn to hold our own and each other's journeys in the heart, with all its ugliness and with all its beauty. It is a very Plutonian time, where no stone is left unturned.

The end result is ultimately a coming into oneness, where all journeys are one journey, that we travel as one. A journey into self love and the acceptance, knowing that all the externals are just props on a stage we set up for our own self exploration into meaning. But props that don't define us and that we can shed at any time. Just the container for a Soul story that wanted to be told.

Wishing you well on our shared journey into the next phase of our world :-)

much love


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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Psychic Tools for Mercury Retrograde

Sometimes we can get into a communication jam with people. Especially with loved ones, this can be very painful. We want to talk but somehow they are not hearings us. Or we are so filled with e
motion that we don't manage to communicate clearly. Or we have come to a place where we are now so triggered, that both parties have stopped listening and a fight just escalates.

Step one is to take a time out. Step away from the situation and clear your mind and energy, may this be an hour or a couple of days.

Step two is to ask for the patterns that have been triggered to be cleared. For both parties. If the argument is a long standing one there may be both childhood patterns and/or karmic patterns that need shifting before a new kind of communication can be initiated. You can borrow my healing councils and ask them to do this energy clearing for you.

Step there is to take some silent time and ask for the loved ones spirit/soul to come into your psychic space. If you can visualize this, it helps with the process. If you are claireaudient, this may help even more. Get into a place of love and vulnerability and communicate with sincerity the issue to them on the inner planes. Send them love as you do so. When people come to us on the inner planes, they often appear in their authentic state, beyond the need for masks and protections. If you can see them or hear them, this in itself may help you understand and love them through this, as you will see the truth of the situation, which during guarded times, people sometimes hide.

Remind them of how much you love them, despite the disagreements and miscommunications. You will often find that the person's being will talk back to you on the inner planes and explain their own true position on things and the reasons for their behavior, beyond what they would tell you at the personality level. A dialogue may ensue. If you reach resolution at this level, you will often find that resolution will follow on the physical plane also. The person will call. Or the argument will be resolved. Or you will understand why one had to walk away.

If the situation is particularly heavy, ask for both souls to find a solution that works for both as you sleep. Ask also for assistance from Source, in working with the energies and people involved, so as to bring back harmony and love and dissolve all that is illusion and separation.

Trust in the ability of love to create miracles, even in the most dire of situations. And be willing to shift and change your default positions. Stay open, be willing, move forward, forgive, as much as is appropriate. Without compromising your soul's non negotiables, be willing to compromise as much as is healthy.

Wishing all great healing communications and resolutions, during the last moments of this mercury retrograde time and the days that follow ahead

Much love and blessings


Copyrigth 2012. Katie Gallanti.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dream the World Awake, Dream of Something New

This year I have absolutely zero interest in politics...I have always seen through the "game", but this year I cant even be bothered to waste the energy of witnessing the game. We all know at this point that the whole political game is a dog and pony show. Candidates are picked by the elites and then they put on a show that takes us to choose who they have already chosen. One candidate will present issues that are so indigestible that people will rally to the other side. And just in case that does not work, then we have electronic voting machines that can mess things up quite nicely, so as to produce the desired outcome.

The only way forward for humanity is to transcend the current system. Maybe ignoring it and depriving it of our energy is part of what will make it wither and die (the system). There are no solutions within the two headed Hydra that is the left right paradigm. Being against things does not work either. Maybe the solution is, as said above, ignoring and stopping the feeding of the beast and to focus on building something new. To let the beast be, but to start thinking of new models, new ways.

The world is ours for the taking. We need to claim it, energetically. We need to stop asking for permission to create and just get ready creating. We don't have to fight or destroy what is, but we do need to start thinking creatively of alternatives. Too much energy is spent witnessing the machine, critiquing the machine. But in some ways that is like giving our energy to a relentless and hungry black hole. Stop feeding the machine and remember your potent creator power. Step into your own resourcefulness. Step away from powerlessness. And begin to think solutions, future.

What exists does not need to be reformed, it needs to be tossed. The human spirit is the solution and one that needs to be reborn. The human Spirit is the answer. Do not be confined by past models. Ask Spirit to support us, humanity, to step out of the box and dream of something new.

Be the dreamers of the new world.

Dream the new world awake. Dream of something new.

Much love

Katie Gallanti

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Paddle Towards the New

Sometimes we need to accept the defeat and the endings of the plans we had set out to achieve at the personality level. To accept that certain doors truly are closing and not even a magic "Open Sesame" will allow us further access to a path that our higher self has decided needs closing. Even if, at this level of being, we may not understand why, accepting that there always is a why. Even if we may only understand the full picture of that why, but in time.

In the meantime, one can resist this process or co-operate with it, embracing the yet to be born new, with a leap of faith. The door is closing because a new one needs to open. Sometimes it can be best to just drop all energy attached to the old path and ask for the new path and all that is needed to actualize it, to start showing through. And then walk forward without looking back. Dropping all resistance, embracing the change, even if not consciously self generated. And consciously choosing to take the bull by its horns.

These are times that are very higher self driven. The energies are building and racing forward and so are our lives. All that is not in alignment at some point, needs to be left behind. We need to let go of the old, often representative of patterns we have outgrown, to get to the next level of being. We cant walk in two vibrations simultaneously. Sometimes there truly are forks in the road.

During these times it is wiser to align ourselves with where the river wants to go. We are being called to stop holding on to old twigs and tree trunks with no more life at the edge of our known but dying world, and not only let go, but buy a canoe and ride the current to its destination. Adding our energy towards the process rather than resisting it, trusting that the river knows its destination and our place on the new shore.

Let go of dead wood and anchors. Get out your paddles and align with the flow ;-)

Much love x x

Katie Gallanti

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Friday, August 31, 2012

The Dance of Love and Self -Love

Relationships can be a complex arena...we draw partners to ourselves to learn, to work out karma, to work through childhood issues, to make the unconscious conscious as well as to share the love and bonding we can experience with Soul group members.

And in this sense, even conflict is divine and purposeful, as through the relationship with other, we extract the juice of knowing self we need in order to evolve. There is after all no other, just different aspects of the grand divine self expressing.

However, even within the purposefulness of all, as atoms of the divine, there can be times where the learning and loving expresses as a boundary that says no more. In this sense the lesson of love of self may be the one that is reaching completion. An honoring of the self as Soul and a releasing of the other from the role of teacher through the vehicle of contrast.

At other times the journey is one of surrender, of drawing down the bridges so one way open, allowing the barriers to lessen and vanish, so as to expand the love within. The dance between opening in love and at times boundary setting in self love is an interesting one.

May we honor all players in the dance, as we complete our lessons and contracts.

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Relationship Cleansing and New Beginnings

A little "Blue Moon" Ritual

"Relationship Cleansing and New Beginnings"

At times we can be around people who are so energetically chaotic, that we begin to take on their energetic imprints and start thinking they are our own. This is especially true for empaths.

Returning to solitude and our own energy can make us realize how much of other peoples energy we were actually wearing. Especially if the relationship is a close one, and even more so if its an intimate one, energy cords are established that blend auras.

When those relationships are complete, its a good idea to cut the energy cords as well and to call back, cleansed, all parts of our energy, and give back, cleansed , all energies that we have taken on from the other person(s). Ask for your energy field and being to go back to being just your own energy and for all that is not you to go back to its rightful place. You may feel an instant lift.

Intimacy, also, establishes strong sexual and heart cords, which can linger even for years after the fact. It can be a good exercise to ask that all sexual cords and heart cords that are no longer for the highest good and current to be cut, for the energy to leave your body and field, as well as any imprinting past lives and for all residual karma to be cleared. Then bless all parties and ask, to the degree that is for the highest good, that all bonds be closed and sealed on all levels, that the soul and karmic contracts be erased, and that all energetics and karma be cleared to completion, to the degree that is in alignment with your souls plan. This will help clear your being of past entanglements, so that you can begin the preparation for a new chapter of life.

Ask also for all past imprinting of your childhood and past lives, that are still affecting you and your relationship patterns to be cleared from your being and/or healed. Including physical body, emotional body and mental body trauma imprints, from past experiences that may not have been so pleasant, that may still be energetically effecting your being in damaging ways. Ask for all experiences that have imprinted and are still having a negative influence on your relationship life, to be cleared. May all chakras be cleared and aligned.

Then visualize a circle of light and within it plant the seeds of new beginnings. Visualize yourself in front of a large being of light, the Keeper of the Scrolls, one of beings that hold the records of your own pre birth and current life agreements. Ask for the symbol of the highest path that you can currently take to be shown to you. The one that has the most potential for joyful progress and light-filled outcomes. If this also includes a new relationship, ask that the symbol contain that also. Take the symbol in your hand and plant it in the circle of light, like a seed. Fertilize it with love and angelic dust. Revisit this circle often to see how your seeds is growing. Know that you can revisit the Keeper of Scrolls here at any time.

Wishing you great cleansing, great progress and new beginnings and a great blue moon and labor day weekend.

Much love

Katie Gallanti 
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The Energetics of Conflict

Sometimes people will decide that we have done something very wrong, even if it is not true. And when this happens, they may project onto us, both with words and with energy, images that are a collation of all their past hurt.

When this happens we may own those projections and our self esteem may start to plummet. We will

be particularly prone to accept those projected images of ourselves as real, if we have within ourselves some of those same images, from our own past hurts. Like, if we were raised by a verbally abusive parent which told us we were bad, selfish, always wrong and as an adult someone calls us bad, selfish, wrong, there is a tendency to accept this reinforcement of the false self we already have within us. This is in part why the universe brings people with similar patterns together. The triggers set off blame and projection. And then we have an opportunity to choose if we want to own those projections/ accept those images or not.

The projector is not bad by the way. People with similar patterns often switch. One time one person projects. The next time its the other. The victim perpetrator thing is just a game with interchanging roles. The game only stops when we stop playing the game.

If we get stuck in anger/blame, we have to start owning what we are projecting. Realize how much of this energy has nothing to do with the other person, but more with our history of past disappointments and hurt. Then we can get busy healing those directly, instead of throwing them around onto whoever triggers us. We need to let go of all the molecules of hurt we still carry inside us, so we can come back to present time awareness, seeing the person in front of us for who they really are. Energetically, we can ask Source for a clearing of those energies, even as they emerge. It all helps.

If we are stuck in the role of receiving others images of who we are, we need to step back and reclaim our Soul. Stop accepting the projections. Simply state, this is not me. Visualize a energy barrier between you and the images that are not you. And reach for the parts of you that are eternal. Bring your highest self and Soul into your being. And be that. Allow the old images to dissolve. Not just the ones being projected onto you. But also those of your past. Let go of all shaming and diminishing images that were ever super-imposed onto your being. And reclaim yourself as free.

Sometimes it can be really challenging to come back to present time awareness. The triggers and the projections can get overwhelming. This is usually what happens in big arguments. We can build a head of steam that takes forever to dissipate. And we lose our objectivity. And most importantly, we loose our ability to see through the eyes of love. Only right or wrong will do. And the love is lost in the battle.

If this happens, it is wise to take time out of the picture. And to ask for source to a return to what is true. And for a clearing all of the negative energy and projections, floating around. Use your positive will to find a way back to love, knowing that you will always be supported in returning to center, if the intent is sincere. Nothing is more powerful than the intent to love. As Love is the true language of the universe. And the Universe always supports those who align with its song.

May we always find a way back to love and present time ...

Much love

Katie G. x

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Working towards Pattern Completion

"Nothing ever goes away, 
until it teaches us what we need to know" 
 ~ Pema Chodron ~

This can be a tough one to accept sometimes... but its true... if there are patterns repeating in your life and the same relationship/money/work/self worth/family issues are coming up over and over; somethings about this patterns is still unconscious or unresolved...all the juice has not been extracted from the lesson at hand.

So how does one proceed? Time for inner work.

Forgiveness work is a first, as resentment is like a boomerang. Everything in the universe wants to be loved, so if we hate it, it comes back until we love it ;-) - It sucks but that's how universe works lol

Or childhood stuff/ old beliefs / something karmic still needs to be addressed. Get your inner research hats out to dive into what still remains unexploded in your energy make up.

Often the pattern just needs to be seen. Some patterns are insidious and out of our view, like in a blind spot. If you have a sneaky feeling your inner rear view mirror is fogged up and not clear, ask Source to help you see the unseen, drop the veils of illusion on your pattern, so you can see it clearly. And then stay open to guidance and synchronicities as to what that may be.

And throughout this be gentle on self. Repeated events that reflect die hard patterns can make one want to scream and give up. Don't give up. You may have a pattern that has been around lifetimes. Its ok that it takes a while to shift it. Just be patient and open to solutions, while maintaining an attitude of defenseless and fearless self-honesty.

Happy trails with your inner search... and may Source be your lantern in the dark tunnels.

Much love

Katie G. x

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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Love as Consciousness, Will and Expansion

Love ... it is the solution to all things...but what is love? ...

Love is not desire or wanting, but it can be the action taken to close a gap set in place by ego and defenses. Love can come with feeling, but it is ultimately an act of consciousness... A willingness to step beyond unawareness into a more compassionate unifying stance...

Love is the song that stems from the heart. But it is even more so the desire to elevate the self into its highest expression, a form that always builds bridges, enlarges frameworks, steps outside of self to see with different eyes.

Love is the willingness to step into multiple perspectives and to hold them all as valid, beyond belief systems, beyond prepackaged notions of right and wrong. Love self examines and looks for the mutual way. As it does so it does not lose self to other, but expands self so that other is included and embraced by the expansion. Shadow aspects and all.

And when all is said and done, love is always a choice, a decision regrading the orientation of the will. At times this choice is natural, at other times it may take some stretching, but it always begins with an act of positive will. This decision alone at times can create an influx of insight and energetic support that moves mountains. The insurmountable can be tackled, new solutions flow.

May we always find the pathway to our own goodwill and the healing it brings...

Much love

Katie G. xx

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bonds of Love and the New World

The new world will see a rebirth of the relationship between the sexes. Feminism was never the answer, in fact, just another brand of programming created to enhance differences and create separation. The new humans are birthing a new masculine and feminine based in honor and love and courage and sharing of communal goals. Women drop the old paradigm of looking at men as meal tickets. Men drop the old paradigm of using women for low level gratification. Men respect and protect, while standing for values with honor and courage. Women find devotion in their hearts and gratitude towards their men, while receiving respect in return. And together as one, a path of beauty is built. And new generations are born that blossom and bloom like flowers in full spring, abundant and heart centered. And together, co-operation is found that enhances a mutual sense of mission, where the whole is bigger than the parts.

Units based on love cannot be broken. This is what is meant by "What God unites, man cant separate". Same goes for shape shifting astrals ;-) They have no jurisdiction here... The bonds of love are not of this world and as such are, de facto, untouchable. All life is eternal that is based in love and the power it affords is immeasurable.

The unit of love of male female is only one such expression. There are other bonds just as sacred. And eventually moving beyond the diad of one to one relating, we will and are re-birthing a new concept of community. We are one, not in a flimsy new age way, but in the strength and the courage of unity in communal mission in the heart.

We are one. We will deconstruct and then rebuild this world. We will unite to dismantle and evict energies that no longer have place here. And then we will unite to create the new community from which the golden age of humanity will be born. We will be the village that it takes to create each one of our highest potentials. We will be the village that creates a new way.

And we will be grateful for the journey we have undertaken. And all the struggles will be seen in their proper perspective. As we will have birthed a world of beauty. And nothing can compare as an accomplishment. And the Earth will shine like a star and glow in the light of love. And the story of the journey will be legend. And the children will listen to the tales in spellbound awe.

All is well as the world steps into the chasm... as the beauty is just about to shine

Much love and blessing

Katie G xx

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Cycles and Microcycles in Time

All things have a beginning, a middle and an end. The beginning of things is new, exciting and scary, as we launch into new territory and spread new wings. The middle is a time of consolidation, in which the craft is honed and life is filled with stability and routine. The end is the time in which the idea, having reached completion, unwinds, fading out, so the cycle can begin anew.

Each part of the cycle has its up and down side. Some people thrive on the risk of new beginnings. Others thrive on the stability of what is true and tested, but don't like to venture more than necessary into the unknown. And most people dislike endings, as they lead to a period of void, where the seeds of new creation are yet to be perceived and seen. And fear can fill the empty spaces...Fear of having lost. Or fear that the new will not arrive.

Every ending a micro-death, leaving however room from a new micro-birth. Cycles within cycles, leading to more cycles of consciousness and time, as we spiral into evolution, one breath at a time.

As we embrace all phases and cycles, recognizing them for what they are - currents within the river of change - we surrender to the rapids and flow, trusting that the water knows where to go. And, as we become like water, we flow fast but gently around the rocks and land, unscathed.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The I am Poem

I create my own reality.
My beliefs are mine to change.
As I change my beliefs,
the world reflects back the new me
as faithful mirror.
And as I believe,
I am.

My first belief is in Joy.
My life is full of joy.
Life is easy.
It is.

It is easy for me to be centered.
I am a spiritual being of immense power and wisdom.
It is easy for me to be healthy.
I am.

My vibration is always high.
I radiate with the vibration of the divine.
I am the divine.
I am at one with the universe that created me.
I am love. I am joy. I am bliss.
I remember who I am at all times.
I am the light.
I am

I am one with the light.
I am the pure vibration of ecstasy.
I am God-filled.
I am.

I live in the light and the light is me.
My life is a reflection of joy, bliss and ease.
I am centered.
I am.

I surrender to the divine in me.
I surrender to the divine in you.
I surrender to the true nature of who I am.
I am that I am.
I am.

I am the light. I am the night.
I am the world and I am the clouds.
I am the raven that files in the high sky.
I am.

I am the children and I am the mother.
I am the children and I am the father.
I am vulnerable and I am strong.
I am the light. I am love.
I am.

I am male and I am female.
I am as old as the mountains and as wise as the Earth,
I am young and naïve as a child.

I am the dew drops in the morning sky.
I am the Moon echoing in a mother’s cry
I am the volcano erupting with molten fire.
I am the pulse in the even heartbeat of desire.

I am life that lives itself fully.
I am excitement that never ends.
I am love that gives itself wholly
I am the trees in the wind that bend.

I am power.
I am passion.
I am fire.

I am bliss
and thought forms
that inspire.

I am love.
I am cosmos.
I am essence.

I am joy
I am space
I am presence.

And I bathe in angelic light
Like a dove
Flooded with the silver beauty
of all love.
Copyright Katie Gallanti.2012.

Healing Poem for those in vow of service

      ~ All is provided for in the time of need ~

Have faith child of the universe,
as the forms of the Earth transform,
as money dies and love is born,
we won’t allow for you to be torn
by the currents of the world.

You are precious,
spark of divine essence,
angel of presence
brave spirit in embodiment
during a time of turbulence,
you shine.


that we uphold your breath
with filaments of stars...
that we prepare your bed
with silk sheets and flowers...

You will never be hungry nor alone

that as you renew your vow to walk into challenge
we renew our divine decree to hold you safe:
to clothe you, to feed you,
to shield you, to protect you
You are, and always will be, held

We guard you like a mother her young

Ask for what you need
and it shall be yours

Open to the miracles
and watch them pour

Servers of the mission
Instruments of transmission
Vehicles of transformation
Starseed intervention

We honor every step you take on your path

Allow us with our light to guide you
To  sprinkle glitter on every cloud that finds you
Invite us to be companions for your days
Shining hope and love when you are in a daze
Lets us cloak you with our protection
And silver rays.

Accept us in your heart
The healing light of Source that soothes,
Give us your concerns to transmute,
We are here for you forever and today.
May you always bask in the eternal light of gentle play.

We love you

And as you shine courage to all corners of the world,
As you abide by your contract,
transforming the blooded structures of this world,
We will always be right by you
We will never leave you alone
We will never let you stray.

You will always be safe
Even amidst the challenge and the  lessons,
We will always be here
To light your way.

Thank you for your service
To the divine play.

Copyright Katie Gallanti.2012.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Affirmation Time

As the energy shifts, a good idea to keep the energy focused on positive and expansive affirmations that help us maintain center ... here below a re-post of an old affirmation I wrote last year, which still feels current and relevant... 

 ~ Affirmation for Love and Radiating Center ~

I am beautiful, powerful, loving, focused, in service to my path. Love comes to me. Money comes to me. Miracles come to me. And to everybody around me. In Ways that are easy , flowing and for the highest good of all.

I learn my lessons with ease. Solutions pop up in the most unlikely places (including FB status messages). Knots are easily untangled, within and without.

I am a love magnet. I love me. The Universe loves me. My friends love me. My partner to be ( spouse or mate for those that have one) loves me. My animals love me. The trees love me. Even the stones love me. And I love them too. Love circles within and without, circling like the in and out-breath of the divine.

My life flows. When I am tired I rest and pause. I stop pushing and I start breathing. I allow for things to develop naturally. I trust.

My health is great. I feed my body good food and good thoughts. I praise my body. I praise my legs for walking me. My lungs for breathing me. My eyes for my sight. My ears for my hearing. My fingers for typing. My back for sitting me straight. I praise my nervous system and my adrenals, for helping me walk through a fast paced life. I rest often, even throughout the day, when I need to recharge.

I am a joy magnet. When I am down in the dumps, I walk outside and I find something to appreciate. And if I need to cocoon I allow that too. I understand that it cant be sunny every day and that days of bad inner weather can be used to cocoon with a cup of tea. I praise myself for staying with my emotions and being true. I process, deepen self knowledge and then move on.

I teach what I learn. As a cell of humanity, I share with others my journey. Others share their journey with me. We share with each other openly. We are respectful of each other. We do not preach to each other, we just share. We understand that, although on similar paths, none of us have walked in another's shoes. We listen, with an open heart.

We sing as one, as one human family. We love each other. We hold space for each other. We evolve together. As best as we can. We aim for what is best in being human. And we aim to forgive each other when we fall short. We are perfect in our imperfection. Evolved in our quest for evolution. Even as we reach for wholeness, we are whole.

We are the atom and the planet. We are the small and the all. We are the detail and the bigger picture. And we breathe life into stars, as stars weave into us with strands of gold.

Much love to you all

~ Katie Gallanti ♥♥♥

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Reaching into High Energy Streams

Consciousness travels in energy streams... at the moment on the planet there are many currents of consciousness....people vibrating in a space of anger and rage and fear, very wrapped up in the events that are transpiring in the world... this is not a wrong place to be, but it can be a disheartening one at times.... and while there is value in tacking all the issues that generate events, it is als
o important that we take time to travel in the higher energy currents, so that we do not become burned out and exhausted...

Reach upwards with your consciousness... You will find that there are currents of peace and calm and love and ecstasy and beauty already firmly anchored in the earth collective grid and that these energy currents are available to you... you can join them just with a thought.... 

Reach upward.... reach up towards the energy streams traveling in the higher levels of the Earth collective consciousness and navigate the flow and the ease of will find that as you do so you connect with great consciousnesses of light, holders of the more expansive frequencies, available for you at any time... 

And as you travel the higher streams, you become an anchor for higher light, helping to create an even more stable grid, assisting in pulling humanity upwards, into the infinity of love ♥ 

May you walk in Beauty...


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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Embodying Full Energy

Embodying ones full energy, stepping forward in one's full being, often means stepping out of old blocks and energies, which includes stepping out of bonds with people that no longer vibrate in the same energy band.

As we step forward into full energy, people will feel us pulling out of these bonds and will often attack or do what they can to keep us where we were. This can happen in relationships, with family, with friends and even anonymous online people.

On the one hand this is a test of our resolve to be in the higher energy. On the other hand it is just the energy system trying to preserve its equilibrium. Consciousness is energy and energy systems always try to preserve the status quo, initially.

Do not allow this to hold you back. Continue with your evolution and keep your energy high and steady. By doing so you hold a high energy field and you become an anchor for a higher consciousness stream for the collective. In time, people will either join you at your new level (and harmony will be restored) or they will fall away from your timeline.

Allow for the falling away to be ok, as every soul is on its own journey. Part of evolving is also developing compassionate detachment and understanding the nature of free will, which is the biggest gift of the earth plane, even if sometimes why this is so may not seem apparent. Follow your free will to evolve and allow others to do the same. Give them the gift of their own path and timetable, without interference. Teach through example rather than through persuasion. Allow for things to naturally take their course, trusting that, when we act in alignment with Spirit, all is exactly as it needs to be at all times.

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Monday, April 02, 2012

Monday Affirmation and Chakra Workout

Monday Affirmation to begin the Week on a good footing....

I am grateful for the most awesome week that is about to unfold. A week filled with love, joy, blessings and much abundance is coming to me now and to all those around me. Humanity as a whole is moving into a deeper and wider state of love and abundance. I notice the blessings around me and they magnify. The more I notice what is good, the more good comes to me. I am open to receive and I give of what I receive. I give of my time, of my love and of my joy. And I share what I have with others. As I give, I open and as I open, I receive, as this is the nature of the flow.

I allow for my energy centers to clear and align. I allow for the light , love and pulse of creation to flow through me and I release blockages gently and at a pace I can handle. My energy field and chakras naturally step up to match the incoming vibrations. And I resonate easily, like a tuning fork to the higher energies around me. I step up into the higher energy streams and become anchor for the higher currents within the collective dream.

New ideas come to me as I raise my mental body to match the higher mind. My third eye is open and clear. New inspiration comes to me as I match the cosmic energy. My crown is open and receiving. Renewed compassion and willingness to love come to me as match the cosmic heart. My heart chakra is open and beaming. And I speak my word of love and communicate the wisdom of Soul, through my open and clear throat chakra.

I am rooted and secure in the ground, as I anchor into the earth with my fear free root chakra. I feel through my root the pulse and the humming of the Earth Being, who holds me and protects me and grounds and transmutes the energies that are discordant via her Core. I anchor into the Core of the Planet and resume my role as Guardian and Protector and Steward, which was given and then usurped and is now returning, as we reach the tipping point of graduation.

I am, from this rooted into Earth and connected into Cosmos starting point, divinely aligned creator, through my warm orange creation center. I create through warmth and love via my clear and beaming sacral chakra. Universes of color and sound are born from this point of generation.

And last but not least, I align my personal will with divine will, through my sacred solar plexus. My solar plexus is empowered and at service to the heart, the root and the Soul. It directs my journey and it powers my intent and I consciously align it with the Source of All. And I radiate the energies of my Soul.

My energy field is on fire and alight.
All my chakras are ablaze.
I radiate love like a star in the night.
And all the planets are amazed ;-) lol

Pulsing into the starry night
I send signals into the galaxies afar
transforming like a beacon of light
all the darkness from here to Mars ;-) lol

All joking aside, nothing is more powerful than a fully lit up energy field and chakra tree.... we are indeed beaming stations and transformers. Bogged down into the thirtd density, we do forget that we are sitting on an untapped instrument of potential. May we all awaken and actualize potential now, as the solar and galactic field tweaks our being and clears the energetic road for the next level of awareness. Because it is from this place that energies and situations are so easily transformed.

May you breathe and exhale beauty :-) And paint the world with the color of your light :-)

Happy Monday to all of you :-)

Much love


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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wealth and Soul Path

While it is necessary at times to promote self and mission, if one's emphasis lies mostly and solely on building self/wealth/outer success, one has missed the boat. Any true divinely aligned mission is always focused on service, and divinely aligned wealth is often something one may create, not for its own sake, but to the degree that it furthers that service. For example, one may need wealth to reach a wider audience. Or to support a project. Or to support other people's projects. Some degree of comfort is also necessary to prevent burnout. And we are not required to go without basic needs.

And while wealth abundance can be a fun experience, it should be the icing on the cake, rather than the primary goal. Too many lightworkers make this the primary goal, encouraged by distorted teachings, which, might I add, are distorted on purpose, so that you may lose sight of your mission, while pursuing the material world. Be mindful of what you embrace as true north in your world.

This is not to be confused with sacrifice or abnegation, as we are talking here about a proper priority of values and about a divinely aligned direction of the personal will. When this alignment is present, we may indeed experience great abundance, as true service very often spontaneously draws to it its own reward. As he that gives also receives, if the giving is given in service and not from a place of low self worth. As usual, all is in the balance, which also often includes fair exchange.

Some, however, may be tested through sacrifice, especially if they walked the path of ego and service to self in past lives. In which case this would be a self-test, to make sure that one has matured enough before commanding more spiritual responsibility. Others may need to experience scarcity, just so as to walk a mile in the human's shoes. This scarcity is not a failure to master the law of attraction, but a fulfillment of contracts made by the self at the soul level behind the veil. Its usually a temporary contract that is shed as soon as the experience and learning linked to it have been acquired.

Beware of teaching that teach that its all about prosperity and comfort of the self. And especially beware of teachings that omit the Soul, Soul path and Soul contracts. Always strive to be the contributor to the whole and to understand why you are here. Then get busy doing what you came here to do and allow the rest to flow.

Much love

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Energy Draining People as Boundary Teachers

We all have had the experience of being around people who drain our energy. As a general rule, energy draining people are not bad, they are often just sweet people doing their thing, a little unconsciously...but, especially if you deal with a lot of people, good boundaries become very important. With good boundaries we can deal with many people, but we get to set limits on our time and how much we choose to give.

Many "light-love-holders" and "healers" are very magnetic for people who do not have a direct inward connection to Source. Or for people who are going through stuff and are looking for healing and support to move upwards. There is nothing wrong with this, as especially young souls may take a while to find their own Source connection when in a body, but the "healers and love holders" need to be mindful of this phenomena, as if they allow for too much energy draining, they can become sick and tapped out.

Learning how much to give and to whom and when, is part of the growth lessons on the healer's path, as we learn that we cant be all things to all people, at all times. And of the ways in which we may mistake healing for taking on other people's stuff.

Energetic balance is one of the main reason for which healers charge for their services, because there is only so much time and energy that one can dedicate to anothers growth. Setting the space through which healing energy is extended is something difficult to measure, and yet it is a very real form of effort, that anybody that is a healer understands quite well. It is only fair that it be rewarded with equal exchange, so that the healer can then have the resources to rest, recharge, eat healthy food etc., which allow him or her to continue to be a good vehicle for healing energy while maintaining a good quality of life.

The people who do not charge for services are usually either independently wealthy, have a mate who pays their bills or...have poor boundaries and usually develop illness in the long run, due to depletion.  Remember therefore to always honor your fellow healers, as they sit with you and assist you in creating a place for your own growth and progress.And as a healer, remember to always honor yourself though whatever represents fair exchange for you, so that you do not become depleted.

Back to the energy draining people. When to draw the line. I find that the line needs to be drawn with the repeat offender boundary breakers, who do not take no for an answer. Usually these people have some degree of narcissistic personality, where they literally cannot hear you saying no. These people can become true energy vampires and sometimes, we literally have to limit their presence in our lives (if we want to keep some energy that is).

In general, however, most people who drain our energy will respond to good boundaries. People are often not mean, they are just unconscious and taking what they feel is available, due to our own unspoken messages about our own availability. Energy drainers are therefore good boundary teachers. They can give us great opportunities to learn to say no and to get clear about how much we choose to give, what is our responsibility and what is other people's; and the places where we are taking on the lessons that belong to others.We may have our own unconscious motivations to be a rescuer and helper, which can be our own way to feel better about ourselves, and looking at these areas of unconsciousness can also be useful.

If you find you attract tons of energy draining types into your life, make sure to check your self esteem and the unspoken rules  and psychic contracts by which you live your life (often learned in childhood from enmeshed parents or from past life agreements that are still ticking in the back of your psyche, such as old healer vows and oaths of service more appropriate to other times). You may have some old vows to let go of or some old beliefs and contracts that need updating to present time. You may have to learn that your energy is precious and that nobody has a right to your energy and time, without your consent. While you may choose to give some of your time and energy away, it is ok to say no or protect your energy, especially from those who regularly steal it ;-)

When not being zapped energetically, you will also find yourself to be more effective in the world, therefore becoming a more efficient helper for the community at large.

In general, spend a few minutes each day cutting energy cords, especially at the end of the day. And make sure to always call back your own energy, asking for it to be cleansed before it reunites your energy field. This little moment of mindfulness alone, done daily, can help in keep your energy field intact and balanced.

I hope this was useful :-)

Much love  x x


Friday, February 17, 2012

Soul Based Success

Success is not a straight line ;-) (thanks Roger Sylver for the picture ;-)). It is often a one step forward and two steps backwards deal, as we learn to master what we need to move forward.

It is also important to have a clear idea of what success is. Is success having lots of money in the bank and the approval of others and holding a top position in the world? For many that is the definition of success. However you can have your own Soul based definition of success.

Soul based success is about: making a contribution; being able to actualize one's Soul Mission; positively supporting others in growing; moving beyond patters and limitations; having what you need for your mission when you need it and having your needs met; learning to navigate the world without stress; the quotient of fulfillment and joy in ones heart; the level of activation of ones being and the degree of alignment to source. It is also the amount of love and forgiveness one can hold in ones heart. And the ability to hold healthy boundaries and a compassionate attitude at the same time. These are all definitions of soul based success and there are many more.

It is also useful to remember that there are also Soul Missions that rock the boat and do not get the approval of society and often even cause friends and family to judge or to walk away. Therefore our definition of success cannot be based on the thumbs up from others. In fact I suggest that the more evolved and soul based we are, and the more counterculture our mission, the more our definition of success need be an internal one, a feedback loop between Self and Creator, not based on externals. Letting go of measuring oneself against other people's standards is a very important step in becoming inner centered and for creating joy in one's life.

All that matters is that we are doing what you came here to do. If we are doing what we came here to do, we are successful. Even if the world does not sing our praises and our bank accounts are on the slim side, we can still be happy and fulfilled, if our needs are met, our heart is at peace and we are making your own unique contribution :-).

Think for a moment of what success means to you and you may find that you are already quite successful and you may also find that you get clearer about your true soul based goals.

Pat yourself on the back for your inner accomplishments, as this is another form of self love. And always have faith in your journey. As you make a difference. And the ripple effects are often unseen but plenty.

Wishing you all a great journey smelling the roses as you walk this path

Much love


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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Planetary Healing: Self Care, Female/Male Balance, Love

Copyright Francene Hart -

While much depression and illness is caused by trauma and unresolved issues, it is also the case that we live in a very nutritionally deficient and toxic world and our bodies literally often don't have the building blocks to produce the hormones and neurotransmitters required to stay balanced and healthy in body and mind. As such many are developing a host of  "syndromes" such as fibromialgia, chronic fatigue, hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, etc., which are often the sign of a gradual break down of body functions in an overloaded and deficient system, struggling to keep up.

Very much modern degenerative illnesses, they can be reversed with patience and time once we understand how to properly care for our bodies. A lesson in self care and self love, which is in itself a form of healing. For example, if there was childhood neglect, learning to care for the body and the self, can be a journey into re-parenting the self, which can be very valuable and rewarding, after the initial resistance.

Also many women now have a terrible time with perimenopause. I am convinced this is just another sign of the imbalances of our times. I have a friend who is super healthy, who entered menopause without one single perimenopause symptom and without one single hot flash. Some women instead suffer even as long as ten years in the periomenopausal stage, often because their system was already taxed before the beginning of hormonal changes. If the adrenals are fatigued they can literally crash with the additional strain of perimenopause, creating a nasty hormonal cascade, in which estrogen, progesterone and thyroid hormones go crazy. This can be very difficult to manage.

Women's bodies have a much more delicate hormonal make up than men's bodies, where even small imbalances can create big messes. This is because hormones regulate many aspects of being female. From cycles, to pregnancy, to menopause, a woman's life is punctuated by a delicate balance of hormones throughout most of her adult life. Stress and toxicity tax the liver and create problems with this delicate balance. Hence why many women feel this more in our present stress-filled toxicity laden world.

The degree of difficulty some women experience is no laughing matter, with suicide rates in women aged between 45 and 55 being the fastest rising suicide category at present. Chronic pain, chronic fatigue, hormonally induced mood disorders and the financial stresses  incurred when not well enough to function can take its toll.

Extending therefore here some compassion to all women on the planet going through these kinds of difficulties. This is a healing blog post, in which I am feeling guided to ask Spirit and my healing councils to extend healing to all women on the planet who are suffering in silence (or screaming loudly ;-)) as they work through healing imbalances and changes. Asking for a planetary healing of all women's endocrine systems, detox organs, and bodies  and minds. Visualizing full and perfect health and balance for every woman who is open to receiving healing, a healing to the degree that is for each woman's highest good. Also asking that new knowledge and information be made available so that we all, male and female, can return to balance easily and effortlessly in a more natural world.

Asking also for a download of  this information as well as new energetic patterns for health, well-being and self love on the planetary grids. May this information  and healing templates be readily available for all who seek it. Visualizing rapid  and full healing available on the grids for all :-) Visualizing men and women balanced in spirit and mind. And visualizing love and compassion aplenty, for self and between males and females.In balance, may we experience the beauty of one another, in harmonious co-operation and blossoming.

And I also visualize the end of surface ideals of beauty and obsolete standards that belong to the old world. Seeing the old templates based on externals dissolve, so that the beauty of the Soul may shine through. May we channel and see the beauty even through the wrinkles and the imperfections. And may we value and honor all polarities. I feel a particular resurgence of the male in its role as protector of all that is alive and beautiful and even fragile, rather than in the old standards of providers of cash and material possessions. Visualizing a world in which all thrive in their more spirit aligned roles. Where the male energy holds a space for the female energy which blossoms in its care, both filling out into their true shades of beauty and power. A power fulled only by love.

And as the duality between male and female polarity heals, so does the duality of our world, as new generations born in love, create love. As new generations born in the honor of beauty, create and honor and respect life. And in this new honor, the world regenerates, as life thrives when we stop harming it, with even just a tiny bit of encouragement. As healing is the natural state that all gravitates to when held in a space of love.

Wishing you a great Saturday


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