Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Paddle Towards the New

Sometimes we need to accept the defeat and the endings of the plans we had set out to achieve at the personality level. To accept that certain doors truly are closing and not even a magic "Open Sesame" will allow us further access to a path that our higher self has decided needs closing. Even if, at this level of being, we may not understand why, accepting that there always is a why. Even if we may only understand the full picture of that why, but in time.

In the meantime, one can resist this process or co-operate with it, embracing the yet to be born new, with a leap of faith. The door is closing because a new one needs to open. Sometimes it can be best to just drop all energy attached to the old path and ask for the new path and all that is needed to actualize it, to start showing through. And then walk forward without looking back. Dropping all resistance, embracing the change, even if not consciously self generated. And consciously choosing to take the bull by its horns.

These are times that are very higher self driven. The energies are building and racing forward and so are our lives. All that is not in alignment at some point, needs to be left behind. We need to let go of the old, often representative of patterns we have outgrown, to get to the next level of being. We cant walk in two vibrations simultaneously. Sometimes there truly are forks in the road.

During these times it is wiser to align ourselves with where the river wants to go. We are being called to stop holding on to old twigs and tree trunks with no more life at the edge of our known but dying world, and not only let go, but buy a canoe and ride the current to its destination. Adding our energy towards the process rather than resisting it, trusting that the river knows its destination and our place on the new shore.

Let go of dead wood and anchors. Get out your paddles and align with the flow ;-)

Much love x x

Katie Gallanti

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