Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wealth and Soul Path

While it is necessary at times to promote self and mission, if one's emphasis lies mostly and solely on building self/wealth/outer success, one has missed the boat. Any true divinely aligned mission is always focused on service, and divinely aligned wealth is often something one may create, not for its own sake, but to the degree that it furthers that service. For example, one may need wealth to reach a wider audience. Or to support a project. Or to support other people's projects. Some degree of comfort is also necessary to prevent burnout. And we are not required to go without basic needs.

And while wealth abundance can be a fun experience, it should be the icing on the cake, rather than the primary goal. Too many lightworkers make this the primary goal, encouraged by distorted teachings, which, might I add, are distorted on purpose, so that you may lose sight of your mission, while pursuing the material world. Be mindful of what you embrace as true north in your world.

This is not to be confused with sacrifice or abnegation, as we are talking here about a proper priority of values and about a divinely aligned direction of the personal will. When this alignment is present, we may indeed experience great abundance, as true service very often spontaneously draws to it its own reward. As he that gives also receives, if the giving is given in service and not from a place of low self worth. As usual, all is in the balance, which also often includes fair exchange.

Some, however, may be tested through sacrifice, especially if they walked the path of ego and service to self in past lives. In which case this would be a self-test, to make sure that one has matured enough before commanding more spiritual responsibility. Others may need to experience scarcity, just so as to walk a mile in the human's shoes. This scarcity is not a failure to master the law of attraction, but a fulfillment of contracts made by the self at the soul level behind the veil. Its usually a temporary contract that is shed as soon as the experience and learning linked to it have been acquired.

Beware of teaching that teach that its all about prosperity and comfort of the self. And especially beware of teachings that omit the Soul, Soul path and Soul contracts. Always strive to be the contributor to the whole and to understand why you are here. Then get busy doing what you came here to do and allow the rest to flow.

Much love

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