Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Affirmation Time

As the energy shifts, a good idea to keep the energy focused on positive and expansive affirmations that help us maintain center ... here below a re-post of an old affirmation I wrote last year, which still feels current and relevant... 

 ~ Affirmation for Love and Radiating Center ~

I am beautiful, powerful, loving, focused, in service to my path. Love comes to me. Money comes to me. Miracles come to me. And to everybody around me. In Ways that are easy , flowing and for the highest good of all.

I learn my lessons with ease. Solutions pop up in the most unlikely places (including FB status messages). Knots are easily untangled, within and without.

I am a love magnet. I love me. The Universe loves me. My friends love me. My partner to be ( spouse or mate for those that have one) loves me. My animals love me. The trees love me. Even the stones love me. And I love them too. Love circles within and without, circling like the in and out-breath of the divine.

My life flows. When I am tired I rest and pause. I stop pushing and I start breathing. I allow for things to develop naturally. I trust.

My health is great. I feed my body good food and good thoughts. I praise my body. I praise my legs for walking me. My lungs for breathing me. My eyes for my sight. My ears for my hearing. My fingers for typing. My back for sitting me straight. I praise my nervous system and my adrenals, for helping me walk through a fast paced life. I rest often, even throughout the day, when I need to recharge.

I am a joy magnet. When I am down in the dumps, I walk outside and I find something to appreciate. And if I need to cocoon I allow that too. I understand that it cant be sunny every day and that days of bad inner weather can be used to cocoon with a cup of tea. I praise myself for staying with my emotions and being true. I process, deepen self knowledge and then move on.

I teach what I learn. As a cell of humanity, I share with others my journey. Others share their journey with me. We share with each other openly. We are respectful of each other. We do not preach to each other, we just share. We understand that, although on similar paths, none of us have walked in another's shoes. We listen, with an open heart.

We sing as one, as one human family. We love each other. We hold space for each other. We evolve together. As best as we can. We aim for what is best in being human. And we aim to forgive each other when we fall short. We are perfect in our imperfection. Evolved in our quest for evolution. Even as we reach for wholeness, we are whole.

We are the atom and the planet. We are the small and the all. We are the detail and the bigger picture. And we breathe life into stars, as stars weave into us with strands of gold.

Much love to you all

~ Katie Gallanti ♥♥♥

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