Friday, August 31, 2012

Working towards Pattern Completion

"Nothing ever goes away, 
until it teaches us what we need to know" 
 ~ Pema Chodron ~

This can be a tough one to accept sometimes... but its true... if there are patterns repeating in your life and the same relationship/money/work/self worth/family issues are coming up over and over; somethings about this patterns is still unconscious or unresolved...all the juice has not been extracted from the lesson at hand.

So how does one proceed? Time for inner work.

Forgiveness work is a first, as resentment is like a boomerang. Everything in the universe wants to be loved, so if we hate it, it comes back until we love it ;-) - It sucks but that's how universe works lol

Or childhood stuff/ old beliefs / something karmic still needs to be addressed. Get your inner research hats out to dive into what still remains unexploded in your energy make up.

Often the pattern just needs to be seen. Some patterns are insidious and out of our view, like in a blind spot. If you have a sneaky feeling your inner rear view mirror is fogged up and not clear, ask Source to help you see the unseen, drop the veils of illusion on your pattern, so you can see it clearly. And then stay open to guidance and synchronicities as to what that may be.

And throughout this be gentle on self. Repeated events that reflect die hard patterns can make one want to scream and give up. Don't give up. You may have a pattern that has been around lifetimes. Its ok that it takes a while to shift it. Just be patient and open to solutions, while maintaining an attitude of defenseless and fearless self-honesty.

Happy trails with your inner search... and may Source be your lantern in the dark tunnels.

Much love

Katie G. x

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