Monday, April 02, 2012

Monday Affirmation and Chakra Workout

Monday Affirmation to begin the Week on a good footing....

I am grateful for the most awesome week that is about to unfold. A week filled with love, joy, blessings and much abundance is coming to me now and to all those around me. Humanity as a whole is moving into a deeper and wider state of love and abundance. I notice the blessings around me and they magnify. The more I notice what is good, the more good comes to me. I am open to receive and I give of what I receive. I give of my time, of my love and of my joy. And I share what I have with others. As I give, I open and as I open, I receive, as this is the nature of the flow.

I allow for my energy centers to clear and align. I allow for the light , love and pulse of creation to flow through me and I release blockages gently and at a pace I can handle. My energy field and chakras naturally step up to match the incoming vibrations. And I resonate easily, like a tuning fork to the higher energies around me. I step up into the higher energy streams and become anchor for the higher currents within the collective dream.

New ideas come to me as I raise my mental body to match the higher mind. My third eye is open and clear. New inspiration comes to me as I match the cosmic energy. My crown is open and receiving. Renewed compassion and willingness to love come to me as match the cosmic heart. My heart chakra is open and beaming. And I speak my word of love and communicate the wisdom of Soul, through my open and clear throat chakra.

I am rooted and secure in the ground, as I anchor into the earth with my fear free root chakra. I feel through my root the pulse and the humming of the Earth Being, who holds me and protects me and grounds and transmutes the energies that are discordant via her Core. I anchor into the Core of the Planet and resume my role as Guardian and Protector and Steward, which was given and then usurped and is now returning, as we reach the tipping point of graduation.

I am, from this rooted into Earth and connected into Cosmos starting point, divinely aligned creator, through my warm orange creation center. I create through warmth and love via my clear and beaming sacral chakra. Universes of color and sound are born from this point of generation.

And last but not least, I align my personal will with divine will, through my sacred solar plexus. My solar plexus is empowered and at service to the heart, the root and the Soul. It directs my journey and it powers my intent and I consciously align it with the Source of All. And I radiate the energies of my Soul.

My energy field is on fire and alight.
All my chakras are ablaze.
I radiate love like a star in the night.
And all the planets are amazed ;-) lol

Pulsing into the starry night
I send signals into the galaxies afar
transforming like a beacon of light
all the darkness from here to Mars ;-) lol

All joking aside, nothing is more powerful than a fully lit up energy field and chakra tree.... we are indeed beaming stations and transformers. Bogged down into the thirtd density, we do forget that we are sitting on an untapped instrument of potential. May we all awaken and actualize potential now, as the solar and galactic field tweaks our being and clears the energetic road for the next level of awareness. Because it is from this place that energies and situations are so easily transformed.

May you breathe and exhale beauty :-) And paint the world with the color of your light :-)

Happy Monday to all of you :-)

Much love


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AarTiana said...

So beautiful Katie - thanks for sharing this (and it is shared on my Facebook and Twitter too)! Let's catch up one of these days OK?