Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Collective Heart Initiation

My guides have been telling me for some time that the time of the lone individual is coming to an end and that the only way forward in the new world is to operate as community. Alone, each one of us has power and voltage, but together, we are a huge force of change. This not just as meditators transforming collective energy systems, but also as support system for one another in a time in which external structures of the world are rapidly changing and even collapsing, creating wobbles in economies and businesses and in the usual way we live practically in the world.

Structure collapse as lone individuals is a scary thing, but as collective family its a breeze. We just need to stick together and with each contributing to each others lives, we can create support, shelter and safety for each other, as we prepare to build the new.

This is going to be the lesson for humanity in the coming two years...Will we learn to operate from the heart in heart based group consciousness? Illusion has us separated, but the heart has us united. The secret to the next phase of change is finding the heart and in that heart the link to all others. We are going to be called to let go of ego and separation. The ego that says "I can do this alone". The ego that says "your problem is not my problem". The heart says, whatever you feel I feel, and here is my compassion and support.

As society transforms, this is the initiation that we as a collective will be undergoing. And it is a necessary initiation, as the new structures of the world can only be birthed from the heart. On a practical level, they will be born of the cooperative efforts we each make during this time. And from the inner shifts we internally will undergo, as we surrender to this process. As we experience being there for one another or being supported by others; and caring for each others needs as a group rather than as individuals; the new consciousness, which has been seeded during the last few decades, will be able to truly root into the world and bare fruit.

Many of you are dedicated gardeners for Spirit, delighting in planting seeds and nurturing growth even in the most barren of soils. And as such you are here, ripe for the contribution you will give during this particular phase of the collective shift. Ready to model the new templates of cooperation for all to see.

May you all be blessed as you travel this journey and reap the many rewards that are to be found in this deep process of transformation, as you fulfill your volunteer contract as agents of change in a system that sorely needed your bravery, courage, commitment and deep love. The love you have for each other and also the love you have for the process of bringing love.

May you all be blessed as you enter this time of initiation. May you always have beauty in your heart.



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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Celebrating the Human Soul

We take the web for granted, but it is quite an amazing thing. So many people sharing their expertise and wisdom. Any issue you are working on, you can search on the web and find a ton of people sharing about how they got through their obstacle. Its like a 24/7 support group at ones fingertips.

It is also a good reminder of the essential good nature of human beings. Why bother writing about ones trials and tribulations for all to see? Why bother write about what one knows for all to learn? It is because essentially a healthy human being likes to give, give back and contribute. Because without giving and sharing there is little meaning.

We have been conditioned of late to believe that human beings are bad, selfish, pollute the Earth, hurt children, are run by greed, etc. And while this is unfortunately true in several instances, this is not what a healthy human being is about. It is just a byproduct of a societal sickness which is, if one goes digging, encouraged by design by the top down. But this is a corruption of true human nature, not the truth of who we are.

Human beings in their true and healed form are wonderful beings. Human beings, when nurtured from childhood in appropriate ways and without current societal brain washing, spontaneously create art, beauty, music, poetry, love, laughter, care for children, cherish animals, relish in the grace of nature, help one another, bond in community and more. When also plugged in spiritually, with all their chakras and energies in proper alignment, they become an instrument and conduits of light and stars.

It is time for us to celebrate our humanity. To value its light and actualized potential. Vehicles for beauty, it is time we celebrate the vastness of the human Soul.

Let the healing begin, as humanity returns to its original splendor. Let the corrupt energies fall away as we all return to purity once more. And lets us rejoice in the rebirth of the collective human Soul.


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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Dance of Love and Self -Love

Relationships can be a complex arena...we draw partners to ourselves to learn, to work out karma, to work through childhood issues, to make the unconscious conscious as well as to share the love and bonding we can experience with Soul group members.

And in this sense, even conflict is divine and purposeful, as through the relationship with other, we extract the juice of knowing self we need in order to evolve. There is after all no other, just different aspects of the grand divine self expressing.

However, even within the purposefulness of all, as atoms of the divine, there can be times where the learning and loving expresses as a boundary that says no more. In this sense the lesson of love of self may be the one that is reaching completion. An honoring of the self as Soul and a releasing of the other from the role of teacher through the vehicle of contrast.

At other times the journey is one of surrender, of drawing down the bridges so one way open, allowing the barriers to lessen and vanish, so as to expand the love within. The dance between opening in love and at times boundary setting in self love is an interesting one.

May we honor all players in the dance, as we complete our lessons and contracts.

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