Friday, August 31, 2012

The Dance of Love and Self -Love

Relationships can be a complex arena...we draw partners to ourselves to learn, to work out karma, to work through childhood issues, to make the unconscious conscious as well as to share the love and bonding we can experience with Soul group members.

And in this sense, even conflict is divine and purposeful, as through the relationship with other, we extract the juice of knowing self we need in order to evolve. There is after all no other, just different aspects of the grand divine self expressing.

However, even within the purposefulness of all, as atoms of the divine, there can be times where the learning and loving expresses as a boundary that says no more. In this sense the lesson of love of self may be the one that is reaching completion. An honoring of the self as Soul and a releasing of the other from the role of teacher through the vehicle of contrast.

At other times the journey is one of surrender, of drawing down the bridges so one way open, allowing the barriers to lessen and vanish, so as to expand the love within. The dance between opening in love and at times boundary setting in self love is an interesting one.

May we honor all players in the dance, as we complete our lessons and contracts.

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Relationship Cleansing and New Beginnings

A little "Blue Moon" Ritual

"Relationship Cleansing and New Beginnings"

At times we can be around people who are so energetically chaotic, that we begin to take on their energetic imprints and start thinking they are our own. This is especially true for empaths.

Returning to solitude and our own energy can make us realize how much of other peoples energy we were actually wearing. Especially if the relationship is a close one, and even more so if its an intimate one, energy cords are established that blend auras.

When those relationships are complete, its a good idea to cut the energy cords as well and to call back, cleansed, all parts of our energy, and give back, cleansed , all energies that we have taken on from the other person(s). Ask for your energy field and being to go back to being just your own energy and for all that is not you to go back to its rightful place. You may feel an instant lift.

Intimacy, also, establishes strong sexual and heart cords, which can linger even for years after the fact. It can be a good exercise to ask that all sexual cords and heart cords that are no longer for the highest good and current to be cut, for the energy to leave your body and field, as well as any imprinting past lives and for all residual karma to be cleared. Then bless all parties and ask, to the degree that is for the highest good, that all bonds be closed and sealed on all levels, that the soul and karmic contracts be erased, and that all energetics and karma be cleared to completion, to the degree that is in alignment with your souls plan. This will help clear your being of past entanglements, so that you can begin the preparation for a new chapter of life.

Ask also for all past imprinting of your childhood and past lives, that are still affecting you and your relationship patterns to be cleared from your being and/or healed. Including physical body, emotional body and mental body trauma imprints, from past experiences that may not have been so pleasant, that may still be energetically effecting your being in damaging ways. Ask for all experiences that have imprinted and are still having a negative influence on your relationship life, to be cleared. May all chakras be cleared and aligned.

Then visualize a circle of light and within it plant the seeds of new beginnings. Visualize yourself in front of a large being of light, the Keeper of the Scrolls, one of beings that hold the records of your own pre birth and current life agreements. Ask for the symbol of the highest path that you can currently take to be shown to you. The one that has the most potential for joyful progress and light-filled outcomes. If this also includes a new relationship, ask that the symbol contain that also. Take the symbol in your hand and plant it in the circle of light, like a seed. Fertilize it with love and angelic dust. Revisit this circle often to see how your seeds is growing. Know that you can revisit the Keeper of Scrolls here at any time.

Wishing you great cleansing, great progress and new beginnings and a great blue moon and labor day weekend.

Much love

Katie Gallanti 
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The Energetics of Conflict

Sometimes people will decide that we have done something very wrong, even if it is not true. And when this happens, they may project onto us, both with words and with energy, images that are a collation of all their past hurt.

When this happens we may own those projections and our self esteem may start to plummet. We will

be particularly prone to accept those projected images of ourselves as real, if we have within ourselves some of those same images, from our own past hurts. Like, if we were raised by a verbally abusive parent which told us we were bad, selfish, always wrong and as an adult someone calls us bad, selfish, wrong, there is a tendency to accept this reinforcement of the false self we already have within us. This is in part why the universe brings people with similar patterns together. The triggers set off blame and projection. And then we have an opportunity to choose if we want to own those projections/ accept those images or not.

The projector is not bad by the way. People with similar patterns often switch. One time one person projects. The next time its the other. The victim perpetrator thing is just a game with interchanging roles. The game only stops when we stop playing the game.

If we get stuck in anger/blame, we have to start owning what we are projecting. Realize how much of this energy has nothing to do with the other person, but more with our history of past disappointments and hurt. Then we can get busy healing those directly, instead of throwing them around onto whoever triggers us. We need to let go of all the molecules of hurt we still carry inside us, so we can come back to present time awareness, seeing the person in front of us for who they really are. Energetically, we can ask Source for a clearing of those energies, even as they emerge. It all helps.

If we are stuck in the role of receiving others images of who we are, we need to step back and reclaim our Soul. Stop accepting the projections. Simply state, this is not me. Visualize a energy barrier between you and the images that are not you. And reach for the parts of you that are eternal. Bring your highest self and Soul into your being. And be that. Allow the old images to dissolve. Not just the ones being projected onto you. But also those of your past. Let go of all shaming and diminishing images that were ever super-imposed onto your being. And reclaim yourself as free.

Sometimes it can be really challenging to come back to present time awareness. The triggers and the projections can get overwhelming. This is usually what happens in big arguments. We can build a head of steam that takes forever to dissipate. And we lose our objectivity. And most importantly, we loose our ability to see through the eyes of love. Only right or wrong will do. And the love is lost in the battle.

If this happens, it is wise to take time out of the picture. And to ask for source to a return to what is true. And for a clearing all of the negative energy and projections, floating around. Use your positive will to find a way back to love, knowing that you will always be supported in returning to center, if the intent is sincere. Nothing is more powerful than the intent to love. As Love is the true language of the universe. And the Universe always supports those who align with its song.

May we always find a way back to love and present time ...

Much love

Katie G. x

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Working towards Pattern Completion

"Nothing ever goes away, 
until it teaches us what we need to know" 
 ~ Pema Chodron ~

This can be a tough one to accept sometimes... but its true... if there are patterns repeating in your life and the same relationship/money/work/self worth/family issues are coming up over and over; somethings about this patterns is still unconscious or unresolved...all the juice has not been extracted from the lesson at hand.

So how does one proceed? Time for inner work.

Forgiveness work is a first, as resentment is like a boomerang. Everything in the universe wants to be loved, so if we hate it, it comes back until we love it ;-) - It sucks but that's how universe works lol

Or childhood stuff/ old beliefs / something karmic still needs to be addressed. Get your inner research hats out to dive into what still remains unexploded in your energy make up.

Often the pattern just needs to be seen. Some patterns are insidious and out of our view, like in a blind spot. If you have a sneaky feeling your inner rear view mirror is fogged up and not clear, ask Source to help you see the unseen, drop the veils of illusion on your pattern, so you can see it clearly. And then stay open to guidance and synchronicities as to what that may be.

And throughout this be gentle on self. Repeated events that reflect die hard patterns can make one want to scream and give up. Don't give up. You may have a pattern that has been around lifetimes. Its ok that it takes a while to shift it. Just be patient and open to solutions, while maintaining an attitude of defenseless and fearless self-honesty.

Happy trails with your inner search... and may Source be your lantern in the dark tunnels.

Much love

Katie G. x

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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Love as Consciousness, Will and Expansion

Love ... it is the solution to all things...but what is love? ...

Love is not desire or wanting, but it can be the action taken to close a gap set in place by ego and defenses. Love can come with feeling, but it is ultimately an act of consciousness... A willingness to step beyond unawareness into a more compassionate unifying stance...

Love is the song that stems from the heart. But it is even more so the desire to elevate the self into its highest expression, a form that always builds bridges, enlarges frameworks, steps outside of self to see with different eyes.

Love is the willingness to step into multiple perspectives and to hold them all as valid, beyond belief systems, beyond prepackaged notions of right and wrong. Love self examines and looks for the mutual way. As it does so it does not lose self to other, but expands self so that other is included and embraced by the expansion. Shadow aspects and all.

And when all is said and done, love is always a choice, a decision regrading the orientation of the will. At times this choice is natural, at other times it may take some stretching, but it always begins with an act of positive will. This decision alone at times can create an influx of insight and energetic support that moves mountains. The insurmountable can be tackled, new solutions flow.

May we always find the pathway to our own goodwill and the healing it brings...

Much love

Katie G. xx

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