Sunday, April 22, 2012

Embodying Full Energy

Embodying ones full energy, stepping forward in one's full being, often means stepping out of old blocks and energies, which includes stepping out of bonds with people that no longer vibrate in the same energy band.

As we step forward into full energy, people will feel us pulling out of these bonds and will often attack or do what they can to keep us where we were. This can happen in relationships, with family, with friends and even anonymous online people.

On the one hand this is a test of our resolve to be in the higher energy. On the other hand it is just the energy system trying to preserve its equilibrium. Consciousness is energy and energy systems always try to preserve the status quo, initially.

Do not allow this to hold you back. Continue with your evolution and keep your energy high and steady. By doing so you hold a high energy field and you become an anchor for a higher consciousness stream for the collective. In time, people will either join you at your new level (and harmony will be restored) or they will fall away from your timeline.

Allow for the falling away to be ok, as every soul is on its own journey. Part of evolving is also developing compassionate detachment and understanding the nature of free will, which is the biggest gift of the earth plane, even if sometimes why this is so may not seem apparent. Follow your free will to evolve and allow others to do the same. Give them the gift of their own path and timetable, without interference. Teach through example rather than through persuasion. Allow for things to naturally take their course, trusting that, when we act in alignment with Spirit, all is exactly as it needs to be at all times.

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AarTiana said...

This is SO what happens, the energy that sort of acts like a homeostasis process, you can feel the resistance to change - and you are right, this is actually a good thing because when we get to the new level (despite the initial resistance), it is good that it won't easily fall back down. We reach a new level of homeostasis that vibrates higher than before! :-)