Multidimensioanl Healing

 Katie is an intuitive personal growth reader and consultant, with two Masters Degrees, one in Physics and the other in Transpersonal Psychology; various certificates in counseling, energy work and astrology; and wide experience in the alternative psychology and meditation field, who assists people in dealing with the following:

Assistance with things Present
  • relationships
  • life direction
  • work and career
  • spouses/children/divorce
  • money
  • health

Assistance with things Past

  • resolving blockages from their past and childhood via inner child and sub-personality work;
  • reconnecting people to their higher self, multidimensional aspects,  Soul and higher dimensional helpers of positive polarity;
  • the exploration of personal past life history, Soul origins and with the healing of past life issues;

 Assistance with Energy Field and Chakras

  • energy filed  and chakra clearing, repair and upgrade;
  • help with clearing spaces, houses, etc of dark energy and entities, setting  high energy anchors in the home;
  • assistance with entity possessions, entity releasement and removal of departed loved ones;

Assistance with Dark Energy and Extra-Dimensionals

  • integrating and healing issues such as psychic disturbances, psychic attack, entity possession, peak experiences, rapid awakening, abduction experiences, extra-dimensional contact; psychic phenomena
  • clearing and healing of a host of energetic disturbances associated with these experiences and that are specific to those who are awakening to their multidimensionality and higher levels of consciousness


Assistance for the Metaphysical

  • help with meditation and metaphysical knowledge and technique;
  • assistance for healers and psychics that need help with clients and their practice;
  • assistance with distinguishing between interactions with positive or negative beings

Assistance with Truth Related Topics

  • help with navigating what is true or not true in the journey we are are all undertaking as we see through the veil of the powers that be;
  • help with clarification of conspiracy information of all kinds
  • and more…

Astrological Assistance

  • Birth Chart
  • Transits and progressions for the year ahead
  • Synastry- Relationship Compatibility Analaysis

Feel free to write with inquiries regarding any issue you are dealing with from the mundane to the esoteric, so that I can determine if I can provide the assistance that you are seeking. Address your inquiries to




♥ Katie dear ♥ You are a tremendous luminescence for so many of us here and we’d be in the dark without you. Your obvious very hard, unending work and incredible talent shine like bright, beaming beacons. I know that I am not alone in thanking you from a heart-felt place in many dimensions. ♥ ♥ - M.T., New York, NY 

Dearest Katie – on behalf of all my multidimensional selves, THANK YOU with oodles of LOVE for the PHENOMENAL reading today!! You have helped me understand things and answered questions for me to a level that no one person has yet beenable to do! Blessings and thanks to you for the work you do, my friend!L. M., San Diego, CA 

Dear Katie – I must say its been an honor working with you the past few years. My inner guidance led me to you with the intention of clearing some major core life issues at the soul level. Over these years, you have consistently worked with me at the highest levels I have ever experienced in clearing these blockages. And your ability to be a clear channel and guide for me throughout this has been quite remarkable. I am very grateful to have traveled this special part of my path with you… -W.W., London, UK 

I have known Katie for many years and she has truly had a profound impact on my life and work. Katie has always been there for me as a clear intuitive and helper for my own psychological as well as spiritual process. She is gifted as a therapist and her spiritual awareness far outreaches anyone I know. As I have reached higher levels of light and consciousness, she is always there to expand and deepen my awareness of the planetary interplay we are all involved in, shades of dark included. Through her clear vision, I see the divine plan unfold and my part in it. She is an extraordinary lightwarrior and defender of the souls who are called to be in her spiritual circle. I am extremely grateful that she is in my life. - Donna Davis, healer and psychic 
For the past 10 years, Katie has proved to be an exceptional resource to many of us, with her high dimensional reading and understanding of planetary conditions. Through her extraordinary gift of seeing the big picture from all levels, she is able to offer perspectives and information like only  few can. She possesses a keen, highly educated intellect which has been informed by her several years in the science research trenches. Her information comes from a high dimensional level which uniquely integrates with her understanding of our global and galactic position. She is one of the few spiritual guides out there who courageously walks the razor’s edge of commitment to the truth on the one side and commitment to the raising of the light of consciousness on the other. Certainly our planet would be further along in its evolutionary journey if more followed her example. - M.L., former radio producer/Hollywood executive – Austin, TX