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The Grand Initiation

Here we are, approaching one of the most anticipated dates in our modern times: the winter solstice of this year, December 21st 2012. Movies have been made about this date and authors of many fields, conspiracy people, new age people and metaphysical people of all kinds have speculated on what is about to transpire. 

For some years now, I have been talking and writing about my idea of what the whole 2012 debacle is all about. I have never viewed this as a time in which catastrophe hits, movie style. Or in which we "ascend and leave our bodies behind", new age style. I have however always seen this time/date/event as symbolic of the apex point of an ongoing and multi-decade long shift in consciousness, with a definite energetic/physical component to it. And as a time holding both individual and collective level significance.

The Physical Level of The Shift

The physical component of this shift has became clearer to me, in the last few years, after several experiences of out of body travel to the Sun. Over the last few years, in fact, I have found myself frequently taken, in out of body state, to the center of the Sun while carrying out various kinds of planetary work or healing work. I have written about these astral travel experiences in previous newsletters, so I will not go into the details of this again (do check my newsletter archive for further details). The result of these out of body journeys is that I began to understand that the shift of consciousness we are undergoing is intrinsically linked to a physical shift within our solar system, governed by a pulse wave transmitted from the center of our Galaxy.

The center of the Galaxy, for those that are not so familiar with astronomy, is a black hole. And it seems that there is more to black holes than meets the eye. Scientists know that black holes, represented as mathematical singularities in the fabric of space, are places in which, at least from a traditional physics point of view, gravity goes rapidly to infinity. The gravitational pull is believed to also creates an exponential increase in the density of matter and of the suction effect of the black hole on all matter around it. The gravitation field in black holes is so strong that they are believed to suck in even photons, i.e. light. From my own experiences of astral travel (I have traveled several times into the black hole area at the center of the galaxy), black holes seem to be also doorways through which one can travel into other realities. I have slipped through black holes and found myself hovering over the center of other galaxies. and I have also felt the energy of center of our Galaxy, which felt very conscious and powerful.

Just as the stars and planets and galaxies in this universe, in fact, black holes are conscious and speak to us through transmissions of energy. The black hole at the center of our galaxy has been transmitting an ever increasing pulse consciousness/pulse for the past sixty odd years and many have believed that this pulse of consciousness/energy should be reaching an apex around December 21st 2012.

While I believe that the date has some significance as the solstice of an important time in the shift, I have intuitively always felt that the apex of the shift is more like a window in time, shaped very much like a Gaussian bell curve, beginning around 1940, peaking around 2012-2013 and that will continue to pulse, although progressively and gradually decreasing in intensity, for several decades from now, but in reverse order, most likely for as many years as there were prior to the shift. Now that's a thought ;-)  Seems our work is not done yet ;-)

The Consciousness Level of the Shift
At the consciousness and spiritual level, the highly activating energies steaming from the center of the galaxy are causing us to clear energetically very rapidly. This manifests on the Earth plane as spontaneous clearings of chakras, cells, bodies, energy fields and as the acceleration of our karma.

Accelerated karmic clearing takes the form of intense experiences, relationships, illnesses, situations that are repeats of past life experiences seeking resolution. And that only resolve when either the lesson behind these experiences is understood and integrated, when the past life is recalled and cleared energetically or when the life is resolved on the inner planes, via hypnosis or inner dialogue regression work.

While there are indeed beings that oversee the amount of karma we bring into each incarnation and the mechanisms and degrees via which we transmute such karma, the experience of karma in many ways is an energetic phenomena, as past life experiences are stored as energetic imprints inside the cells, specifically within the DNA. And since the DNA generates the patterns within the energy field and chakras, we can also say that karmic imprints are stored within the energy field and chakra levels too. 
As the potent energies from the Galactic Center and Sun enter our energy field, they encounter these karmic and energy patterns stored within us. They stimulate these patterns with light and "activate" them. This means that the energy signatures that were dormant are now awake and switched on. And, depending on what these energy signatures are - a karmic blockage, a childhood blockage or a positive attribute - they will manifest in different kinds of experiences. Some of these experiences can be very challenging, such as re-experiencing of old patterns or re-magnetizing past life scenarios; others can be very positive activations, such as higher levels of our multidimensional being coming online or an increase in psychic abilities and awareness, etc. All of these experiences are a big part of what is and has been happening during the collective shift that we have been undergoing, in an ongoing and increasing way, since the fifties.

This has been in many ways a grand multi-decade initiation, in which brave multidimensional beings, who wanted to both assist in the evolution of a large group of Souls and face the challenge of clearing and resolving all that was left open ended from all their own multi-lifetime soul  record, have incarnated here to experience one of their most difficult and testing lives.

From the Soul's perspective the "Galactic Consciousness weather of the Shift" has been seen as a great opportunity to make an unprecedented leap in soul light all in one go. If you have felt that in this life you have lived multiple incarnations in one body or that you have experienced what seems like never ending intensity, especially during the last fifteen years or so, know that you are not alone. We have managed to cram an unprecedented amount of experiencing in just a few years. Many at this point are reaching the core of their release process and are also getting very tired: this has not been a walk in the park. As we move forward, the next few years will be more about integration and rebuilding. You will be happy to know that the karmic fast track spin cycle is not going to last forever and will be coming to a close . 

The Transmission's Effects
The pulse of light is being transmitted from the black hole at the center of our Galaxy to our Sun, and from the Sun to the Earth and all beings that inhabit it, has also been triggering a gradual wave of collective awakening, which in many ways is a direct result of energy clearings and activations that have been spontaneously occurring at the individual level.

While " The Collective shift" may not be as dramatic as some people anticipated - ascension, losing bodies, moving into different dimensions in a very noticeable way- I don't think any of us can deny that the collective has been gradually awakening for many decades. We have had changes in a number of fields, both positive and negative, but overall there has been an increase in awareness across the board in the fields of physics, metaphysics, spirituality, health, psychology, etc. And human consciousness and psychic awareness is at an all time high for our modern times. I say modern times as there have been many times prior to this one in which high consciousness reigned on Earth. Just not in the last 15,000 or so years. We have also become more and more aware of dark agendas and corruptions and all the dark secrets and buried skeletons have been popping out of closets. Its been a time of intense revelations.    

Light Dark Polarity and The Shift
The shift we are undergoing is a window of opportunity for a dimensional change from one level of collective being to the next. The leap however can be made in different directions, not just towards a higher dimension of light: the shift point itself is neutral, just a window opening allowing for a leap. The quality and direction of the leap is up to us.  

Apparently these dimensional shift points do occur regularly throughout the multiverse and through time, creating windows of acceleration during which there is the potential for rapid change and for a transmutation of the energy at the base of the collective reality.

This shift can go both towards higher levels of light and higher levels of dark. It is what is referred to in The Law of One or The Ra Material as "The Harvest", a time in which souls both individually and collectively, and Souls of both light and dark orientation, have an opportunity for graduation.

Whilst individually every soul can graduate to its own next level, as far as the collective reality - the canvas on which the outer world unfolds - majority rules. Or at least lets say "each majority rules", as it is possible to create more than one reality, each matching a specific level of consciousness. Now get your mind to wrap around that one ;-) The percentage of soul that are light or dark orientated and the group within the collective matched by our own consciousness determines the reality that we will inhabit on the other side of the shift. However know that this is a seamless transition: you will not notice anything different. In fact many have already made this leap, without knowing it. Witnessing events but no longer resonating or participating in them can be a sign that one has shifted to another reality current (or timeline) within the collective reality stream.

This is why, as I have been explaining for several years in some of my radio interviews, the battle between the polarities has been increasing during the past years. And why, especially in the last 2-5 years we have also been experiencing what I call the "Externalization of the Dark Ritual", with many of the dark polarity holders of this planet making a very clear attempt at darkening the flavor for us all, so that more Souls are "harvested" towards a higher intensity dark stream of being, over which the service to self agents can continue to rule.

Dark rituals in music, dark and/or traumatizing events in the outer world, false flags of various kinds, increase of dark themes in movies, video games, etc, have been and still are attempts to recruit Souls  and energies towards the dark side of the "Harvest". If you are aware of what I am speaking of, you will notice several events this year aimed at precisely this purpose. You can listen to my last two radio shows for further details about these topics - Truth Frequency Radio Interview with Chris and Sheree Geo and Wolf Spirit Radio Interview with JayPee/ Ever Beyond).

Good News

The good news is, that as far as I can see from the planetary work I have been doing on the inner planes of the Earth since July, the reality for this planet has already shifted dramatically towards the light polarity. Various energetic layers of the planetary grid that had been switched off during the last shift and that allow for the light to take hold on this planet at a deep energetic level, are now switched back on. From a planetary energy standpoint, at the very least, we are in a better position now than we have been in since the fall of Atlantis.

This does not mean that it is time to rest on our laurels, but it is important to mention this, especially in light of recent events of this past week, so that we do not become discouraged by influxes of dark and perturbing energies such as the recent shooting that has occurred in Connecticut. Although this is a terrible event- and with many layers for the aware observer - it is still ultimately yet another attempt to subvert the natural unfolding of the harvest, which I predict will continue to move forward, however, in a light orientated direction undisturbed. 
The Reconstruction

So in closing, what to expect on Dec 21st 2012? Aside from the various ceremonies and radio shows around the world, it will most likely be business as usual from a metaphysical point of view, as The Shift was never about a day, but about an ongoing process. And this process, although about to reach an apex point at this time, is far from complete. We have at least another two to four years of intense energy descending from the apex and probably another several decades of gradually diminishing energy reaching us after that. And whatever shifts we will experience in the outer world, they will happen gradually, one year, month, day at a time.

In a vision I was given in 1999 I saw a whole section of time, several years, labelled as "The Reconstruction", the time during which we would rebuild on the ashes of the old paradigm. Maybe this solstice of 2012 is the marker for the beginning of that very Reconstruction, a process of integration and rebuilding after much dismantling and releasing, on the inner and outer levels of being.  Or maybe we still have a couple more year to go. Astrologically I feel that we will not be fully done with the dismantling of our world and paradigm until the end of the Pluto Uranus square in 2015.

We may not have a big bang effect this Friday,  and we may even have a few more years to go yet in our shift, but changes have been happening and will continue to and they will be gradual but very real. We and our world are changing and we are the ones creating the change, through every moment of increased awareness and love. May you be honored and blessed for your contribution, sometimes achieved at great personal cost, to the grand initiation that we have been all been involved with in the past years. Know that you were never alone and that your lives have had meaning beyond what you can perceive from an Earth based perspective.

Each of your contributions is and has been essential to the weaving of the collective tapestry. Receive now a transmission of love and gratitude from Source for all that you have given and for all that you have become. and embrace the fullness of your being, as one of the effects of clearing karma and blockages is that the highest aspects of our selves can begin to descend into our being. It can be a time for great multidimensional expansion.

Alright...that will be all for now. May you have great love and great revelations during this December 21st 2012. And may you feel much love and joy during this holiday season x x x x
Until 2013 x x x

Love and blessings


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