Friday, March 07, 2014

Maintaining Balance and Health in the Energy Rapids

This is a time of big changes. If the changes are all happening at the same time, energy fields may be a bit worst for wear. We have not recovered from one thing, that right away another challenge/change/issue comes along. This can feel a bit overwhelming and can have an effect on energy field and physical bodies. Energy fields can become frazzled. Physical bodies can become worn. It is therefore important to do as much physical and emotional/spiritual maintenance, as we weather the rapids and tumultuous energy streams.

For the bodies - drink lots of water. Eat green, raw and/or sprouted. Avoid sugar and processed food. Supplement B complex for nervous systems and adrenals, C for immune systems and magnesium for adrenals. Get lots of sleep.

For the mind - stay positive. Find a mantra that works to redirect gloomy tired thinking. "I trust that all always turns out as it should". "I surrender my decisions and outcomes to Source and I trust that all is and will be well". Ask for support, both on the Earth plane to friends and family, and to the universe. To receive you have to ask. Be open to receiving help and support. Some of us have a harder time receiving than giving. Visualize your heart chakra opening and good coming out from your heart and then returning to your heart like a loop. Anything specific you need, visualize it as a symbol coming into your heart on the back of this healing energy. All in alignment with highest good of all, of course.

For the emotions - keep the emotions flowing. Old traumas pop under intensity. There is nothing wrong with releasing trauma and in fact now is a good opportunity to do so. Trauma can literally be stored in the body as energy packages. As the galactic solar field hits, these packages are released, often as emotions. Allow the emotions to consciously exit if you can. And visualize the trauma packages following suit. When it comes to trauma, better out than in. Nurture self as you release. Us cancerians like to cocoon under the blankets lol. Find something soothing that works for you.

For the spirit - The Universe is your friend. One of the main setbacks of humans is that we have been disconnected from our Source and true multidimensionality. Many of us wonder around stuck in our lower selves devoid of direction, toughing it out in our own 3D body suit, thinking we are all alone and this is how things need to be. Times of challenge can be times of testing. But they can also be times in which to consolidate the connection with our higher selves and higher dimensional aspects. Or times in which we can snuggle closely to primary creator. Even the hardest of tests is half as hard when plugged into authentic higher consciousness.

In general, fluff up your energy fields. If they have been worn down, visualize them mending, healing, repairing and then glowing. As you download the golden glow of Source, your glow becomes your protection. Your field repairs, your energy replenishes and, in an instant, perspectives are changed and energy levels restored. So that we are ready for another step in the journey.

May you walk in beauty am amongst the turbulence. May you float swiftly and gracefully with the rapids. May you land, unscathed, where you are meant to land.

Much love and blessings

Katie G.

There are times in life in which we change tracks, moving from one way of being to another. This happens especially if we are on a path of evolution and growth. As we evolve and grow so do the forms around us. Our energy may require a new container. If the energy is bigger and higher, old forms may no longer be suitable vehicles of expression. People, situations that once suited us, drop away to make room for higher forms that are a better match for our current energy.

This happens in our personal relationships, but can also happen in our work and careers. And when this happens, it can feel like a setback. Temporarily clients drop off, sales may slow down and a business that may have been successful stalls. It is important at these times to understand that all that is happening is a shift in form and that the stalling and drop in energy is not a sign of something not working, but of something moving upward to a new place. The business may need to be changed slightly or altered all together. A new part of one's life and mission may be opening up, but to do so the old one may need to be pruned or left behind. Or there may simply be a pause going on to prompt self-reflection.

Times of void can bring up uncertainty, doubt and hesitation. A vacuum needs to be formed, so that it can be filled with something new, but the void, can feel like emptiness and failure, rather than a blank slate filled with potential. An antidote to this is that of entering a consistent space of dialogue with higher power and open ended intention setting.

" I surrender and trust in the higher power and in that within me that is seeking to be born, as for the highest good and from the will of my higher self and soul. May the highest version of my own Soul blueprint and potential actualize now and may all that is required for it to manifest be set in place, in perfect sequence and timing, with grace, miracles and ease".

Voids can feel a bit disconcerting, but they are the pregnant pause before the birth of a new stage of life. In a time of fast track evolution, parts of us are dying and being reborn in regular succession, as we shed skins we have outgrown in favor of ones that better serve our new energetic stature and size. The more we learn to surrender to these transitions, the more we can get out of our own way and let the universe bring what is meant to be born.

Do not be afraid if the quiet growth within, that unfolds in the winter spaces between times. Anticipate the unfolding of a new spring.

Much love and blessings


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Potent Gateways and Energy Shifts

The current energies are very powerful, offering the possibility for unbelievable amounts of transformation over a very short period of time. Venturing here is a choice. If you choose, be ready for the stripping - but if willing to face self with 100% honesty - watch the miracle shifts occur.

We have become a bit weary of all this talk about energy and shifting - maybe waiting for a 2012 new world that never came - remember that these dates too were programming. In truth we are in a shift in which the timing is determined by our collective choices, coupled with a solar-galactic field timed window of opportunity, mixed with the usual ticking of the solar system's planetary clock (what we refer to as astrology). There are many variables present in our evolution. And each one of us is also ticking at the sound of our own internal clock. But the shifts, personal and collective, are undeniable to those who listen and seek. And never has the clock been ticking louder than now.

We are here to free a world in shackles from chains that have been in place for eons. Our light however soon will go beyond what can be contained. With each tick of the galactic clock we reclaim another atom of being. And at times a whole chain of molecules and DNA sequences comes back online, as well as large chunks of our soul. We are gradually landing, full bodied. We are here, in all our multidimensional glory.

Our integrated being, with all the soul pieces re-patched and all wounds healed, is beyond the glow of one thousand suns. The light of humanity knows no bounds when reconnected with the original pure light of Source. Energy and healing and love in motion transfigures and transmutes all. Even matter is coming back into its soul. As all is conscious and alive and beautiful, when glowing within the pulse of transformative love. Energy in action that we are being blessed to witness, integrate and then transmit to all.

Love in action is a potent force, more potent that a million Fukushimas. Its the force that births universes and the power that gives galaxies their spin. And this is why some are afraid of love. As true love digs deep. It digs until it finds the nugget of gold. As love knows our potential and our breadth and does not give up, until it has reclaimed us whole.

Allow your self to be excavated. Allow for the process to carve you until you are gloriously chiseled and golden. Surrender to the love that moves through you and brings you home.

Much love to you all ...

Katie Gallanti

Copyright 2014 Katie Gallanti., . Feel free to share as a link to this blog post or with author name, websites and copyright byline included.

Moving through the pain

To truly heal, we must sit there with our pain and with our fears and get comfortable with them. Mastery comes when we sit toe to toe with what hurts us the most and what we are most afraid of and we recognize that we are stronger than all of it. There is nothing one can't withstand, as we recognize the transient nature of circumstances and the the fact that, after all, the Gods are always working in our favor.

Even in the darkest hour, all is happening as it is supposed to. And we can accept it, transcend it and let it be exactly as it is and let it go.

As Meryl Streep said in Out of Africa - "When I feel that the pain of the memories is so great, that I cant take it any more, I stay there one more moment and push things one step further. And then I know I can deal with anything".

We are vast and resourceful creatures and Spirit always has our back. Even when we cant see the forest for the trees, there is always a path that leads us home.

~ Katie G.