Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Love as Consciousness, Will and Expansion

Love ... it is the solution to all things...but what is love? ...

Love is not desire or wanting, but it can be the action taken to close a gap set in place by ego and defenses. Love can come with feeling, but it is ultimately an act of consciousness... A willingness to step beyond unawareness into a more compassionate unifying stance...

Love is the song that stems from the heart. But it is even more so the desire to elevate the self into its highest expression, a form that always builds bridges, enlarges frameworks, steps outside of self to see with different eyes.

Love is the willingness to step into multiple perspectives and to hold them all as valid, beyond belief systems, beyond prepackaged notions of right and wrong. Love self examines and looks for the mutual way. As it does so it does not lose self to other, but expands self so that other is included and embraced by the expansion. Shadow aspects and all.

And when all is said and done, love is always a choice, a decision regrading the orientation of the will. At times this choice is natural, at other times it may take some stretching, but it always begins with an act of positive will. This decision alone at times can create an influx of insight and energetic support that moves mountains. The insurmountable can be tackled, new solutions flow.

May we always find the pathway to our own goodwill and the healing it brings...

Much love

Katie G. xx

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