Friday, August 31, 2012

The Dance of Love and Self -Love

Relationships can be a complex arena...we draw partners to ourselves to learn, to work out karma, to work through childhood issues, to make the unconscious conscious as well as to share the love and bonding we can experience with Soul group members.

And in this sense, even conflict is divine and purposeful, as through the relationship with other, we extract the juice of knowing self we need in order to evolve. There is after all no other, just different aspects of the grand divine self expressing.

However, even within the purposefulness of all, as atoms of the divine, there can be times where the learning and loving expresses as a boundary that says no more. In this sense the lesson of love of self may be the one that is reaching completion. An honoring of the self as Soul and a releasing of the other from the role of teacher through the vehicle of contrast.

At other times the journey is one of surrender, of drawing down the bridges so one way open, allowing the barriers to lessen and vanish, so as to expand the love within. The dance between opening in love and at times boundary setting in self love is an interesting one.

May we honor all players in the dance, as we complete our lessons and contracts.

Copyright 2011. Catherine Gallanti. All rights reserved.

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