Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reconnecting to the Higher Path

I am at peace in the perfection of the higher path, trusting that all that unfolds is always for my highest good.

My highest good comes to me naturally and in miraculous ways. I am open to higher guidance and I always follow my gut feeling, as I know its inspired by the part of me that knows all.

I trust in myself and my connection to Source. I am always protected. The beauty of love and Source is always by my side, shining light on the road, guiding my steps to higher ground. I bask in the frequencies of divine love and my being is elevated by love.

And as I surrender to Source my trust is strengthened. All that I need is provided for me. All that I am is enhanced.

I discover more of myself: hidden light, hidden gifts, hidden resources come to light as I open to who I am in grace. My energy field is on fire with calm expanded light. My whole being is expanded in love.

There is no limitation, as I surrender the barriers of my being. And allow for more.I am a container of infinity. An instrument in the symphony of creation. My song is without end.

And as I surrender my will within the oceanic cosmic Source, I free myself. I am eternal, filled with bountiful peace. I know abundance, not out of want, but from the knowing of who I am. As I remember that I am all.

I am vehicle for beauty. Notes and celestial music color my breath with rainbows. I am an instrument of transmission.

I receive through my crown. I transmit through my heart. I reverberate as I emit a frequency of love. I allow myself to be played by its song.

I am one with my Source. We sparkle and radiate as one, surfing the infinity of a cosmic wave of being.

And so it is. And so it was. And so it always will be, as I reconnect to the truth of who I am.

All is as it was always meant to be.

And I honor my path, and I bless all footsteps past, as I ready for new ones to come. ., Copyright 2011. Katie Gallanti. All rights reserved.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Putting The Green Back Into The City

The last few days have been filled with synchronicity. I had just decided to start looking into growing my own food on my patio, mostly vegetables for juicing like cucumbers, carrots, lettuce and kale. Buying organic veggies in the quantities required for juicing every day is quite expensive, but I want to green juice every day now that I am on a raw food diet. So I am walking along doing my thing, not really thinking about juicing any more, running some errands and I just happened to bump into a guy at a local store, who was looking for lettuce seeds. We started chatting and he talked to me for a while about square foot gardening and how he has been eating out of his yard for the past five years all the veggies I listed above. He gave me great tips and ideas. Now in my whole 44 years I have never bumped into someone and struck up a conversation about lettuce ;-) lol... but that's how it goes nowadays lol

Then I get home and my neighbors at the back are digging up their yard as they are starting their own vegetable garden. All flower plants relocated to pots so they can grow tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers and salad and herbs in the flower beds. Apparently the girl, who has just moved in with her fiancee, is interested in herbalism and wants to grow her own medicinal plants. Liking this girl.We spent the whole afternoon talking about how to grow various kinds of veggies and herbs.

After which I go online to look at a raw food channel that I have been following and the episode of the day is about ...square foot gardening!! ... The next day, I am walking down the street to get some flea killing product for Missy at the pet store and I bump into a woman that is starting a free weekly yoga class. Just the day before I was thinking that I would love to do yoga at the moment, but cant afford it...tight budget right now...and class, every week, free. The instructor is launching a new business and this is her free promo class, to get people introduced to her new wellness center.

A couple of days later, I was visiting my neighbor to the front and she had a guest from Los Angeles. He, like me, has just started a raw food diet ( fancy that) and he came along with a gift of sprouted sunflower seeds planted in a pot of organic soil and gifted it to me... I have been eating these the whole week. Like me he has just discovered that eating lots of sprouted stuff is improving his health.So neighbor at the front now also wants to also grow her on food on the patio and eat

Neighbor to the side has been growing his own food for a few years. He is also very conscious about many other aspects of the bigger picture, including the dark ones. In fact we have been having amazing conversations about all that is going on in our world. We have been neighbors for ever and only now I discover he is a light warrior. What are the odds of living on a city block where EVERYBODY is on the same page in this way? One small city block and we are all 1- friends 2- conscious 3- soon to be organic own-food growers 4- all helping each other out to get this done. Amazing and obviously no coincidence :-)

I already had a really tight relationship with my neighbors, but lately this has been going to a whole new level. I had a vision back in 1999 that the New Earth was going to be a rural one. But I was not thinking it would be rural within a city block. I am sure we probably all have soul contracts to be together at this time, shifting this little piece of city back to nature...And I am sure many others are going through this same process all over the world.... It feels like we are starting the seeds of the new communities to come. I am buzzing from the energy of it all, the possibilities to come, the greatness of the human Spirit... and from the momentum I experience every day in my back yard.

So awesome!! :-)

And so grateful :-) xx

In love ~ Katie ., Copyright 2011. Katie Gallanti. All rights reserved. Feel free however to share this link as you wish, in its entirety and with authors name and website links included. Thank you! xx

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sing the World to a New Vibration

Things that raise vibration: love, beauty, uplifting sound, amazing art, smiles, laughs, raw food, seeds and sprouts, nature, sunsets and sunrises, trees, crystals, sunshine, heart connections, good friends, rest, fun, funny things, meditation, wallops of light in your field, self love, being one with Source and the infinite...all good stuff :-)

And if you really want to release your true self from within yourself...consider detoxing and raw foods.... clearing out toxins and injecting raw life force, pushes out all the emotional toxins and clears cellular memory...all of which is your past and your experience, yes, but all of which are not you or the definition of you...

As the last vestiges of baggage literally release from your body memory and the life force empower your spirit...the true you, the true Self, shines forth. Unhindered.

Beautiful Source-light unfolding in the unique pattern that is you. Beautiful Source-light expressing through the individualization of your expression, in harmonious notes and frequencies for all to hear. And together with others doing the same, a harmony unfolds.

Join the symphony of Source energies inter-twining and create works of art. Make your Self and the Earth plane itself the new art-piece of creation.

In love ~ Katie . Copyright 2011. Katie Gallanti. All rights reserved. Feel free however to share this link as you wish, in its entirety and with authors name and website links included. Thank you! xx

Friday, July 15, 2011

From Empath to Agent of Change

If you are an empath right now its vital that you shield... the collective emotional streams are vibrating very strongly with the energies of fear, reactivity, panic, anger, grief and loss as the collective self continues to purge on its journey to clear consciousness. And know that there are some man made and artificial electromagnetic and  toxic energies being poured into the collective field now also. Not everybody on the planet is encouraging our journey back to full light.

While feeling swamped by the collective energies and currents is perfectly natural at this time, feeling all of the "collective" emotion right now can be overwhelming and hard to manage, especially for empaths, who are finely tuned psychic instruments. Having an energy field tuned to subtle energies is useful and a great gift in a healing or counseling setting, but definitely backfires when the world at large is emitting high voltage emotions. Empath's energy circuits can literally get fried in these circumstances. Many empaths at the moment feel as if they are undergoing their own personal tsunami. The tidal wave of the collective purge is hitting them head on.

It is important to find ways to be clear, centered, and functioning, even in the middle of these big waves, so that the quality of our lives does not deteriorate. So that we do not slip into feelings of powerlessness. And so that what is occurring out there in the world does not impact our ability to hold light.

Here are a few steps that may help.
  • Ask that all emotions and energies that are not yours leave your field now. 
  • Ask that any energetic cords to people and situations that are not for your highest good right now, be cut.
  • Ask for your field to be repaired and cleared. 
  • Ask to be shielded and protected.
  • Surround yourself with high light, so that your energy field may be stronger and less porous. 
  • Ask for your chakras to be cleared, balanced and aligned to the frequencies of Source, to the degree that your energy system can currently handle. Remember that too much light can cause a detox of emotions. So allow for Source to determine the right amount of light for you at this time. Even too much light can fry circuits.
  • And finally, root into the Earth core, for a more solid and balanced connection to the Earth realm. 

Draw strength from the core of the Earth, the core chakra of the Earth at the center of the planet. And allow the Earth core to transmute any incoming dark energy from your field, on a continuous basis. Remember that you are feeling the energies of the collective, not of the Earth. And that the Earth is a natural transmuter. Make the Earth your friend and allow the Earth being to assist you with this task..

These simple steps will help lessen your heightened sensitivity. And you will find that you will be more effective in your compassion with this protection.

Also ask for higher guidance to assist with all aspects of the current planetary situation, from assistance in dissolving toxic collective consciousness streams, to assistance with any planetary situation you may feel is an issue right now. Especially ones that are effecting you. See these situations in the world that are affecting you, not as a curse, but as a call for your intervention.

You are a worker of the light, here to transmute collective consciousness. See your heightened sensitivity to any collective issue as a call to energetic action. When you feel negativity in the collective streams, take care of yourself first with the steps above, but then also ask for these energies to be cleared or transmuted at the collective level also.

And, while you are at it, ask for the energy of the solution to be downloaded into the collective streams now, so that all that are open to new and positive energies, to healing, to new ideas and new actions, may be able to absorb these energies and take new actions in the world. Be part of the solution by becoming a seeding agent of energetic change. Remember that you are powerful and that, in conjunction with your family of light, you can heal self and others in miraculous ways. Turn the suffering of empathy into a gift and a contribution.

And of course, rest when needed and regularly take a break to recharge your batteries. Even transmuting agents need time out at times ;-) Listen to the rhythms of your body and the voice of your Soul at all times.

Love, comfort, support to all during this time, wherever you are on the planet ~

Katie . Copyright 2011. Katie Gallanti. All rights reserved. Feel free however to share this link as you wish, in its entierty and with authors name and website links included. Thank you! xx

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Fine -Tuning Natural Rhythms

Its important to learn how to roll with the ebb and flow of life. There are natural cycles of activity and rest and our body-spirit knows when to do and when to be.

If we are constantly doing, we cannot truly hear the spirit within, no heal what needs healing, as self healing often requires self reflection. Or simply quiet time away from stimulation.

There are also times in which we need to be active. To be with others, to produce something of value, to engage in creativity and make our contribution to the world.

If we learn to become in tune with the inner rhythm, then we can do when its is the time to do and we can be when it is the time to be. Instead we often force ourselves to be productive when we feel like resting. Or force ourselves to sleep, when we feel like producing. Just because the clock says its time to sleep.

When however we follow the natural rhythm of both our body and of our spirit, both of which know about perfect timing better than our rational mind, and when we follow the flow of energy in the moment, our behavior may be less predictable, we may have less of a routine, but ultimately we will be both happier and more productive. Because the book cannot be written before the wisdom is born. And the painting cannot be created when the artist is tired.

Following natural rhythm, however, requires becoming attuned to ones inner self. And many of us are very much out of tune with our insides. Its called the modern lifestyle.

Learn to listen within and only act when the spirit moves you. And learn to listen to the signal of what your spirit and body need, to feel happy, healthy and whole. Because from food, to rest, to work, to play, you always know what is needed and what is right, once you clear the windshield of the debris that prevents you from seeing clearly, inside.

Experiment today: clear your windshield, practice inner listening and act on the small whispers...

Much love


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