Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dream the World Awake, Dream of Something New

This year I have absolutely zero interest in politics...I have always seen through the "game", but this year I cant even be bothered to waste the energy of witnessing the game. We all know at this point that the whole political game is a dog and pony show. Candidates are picked by the elites and then they put on a show that takes us to choose who they have already chosen. One candidate will present issues that are so indigestible that people will rally to the other side. And just in case that does not work, then we have electronic voting machines that can mess things up quite nicely, so as to produce the desired outcome.

The only way forward for humanity is to transcend the current system. Maybe ignoring it and depriving it of our energy is part of what will make it wither and die (the system). There are no solutions within the two headed Hydra that is the left right paradigm. Being against things does not work either. Maybe the solution is, as said above, ignoring and stopping the feeding of the beast and to focus on building something new. To let the beast be, but to start thinking of new models, new ways.

The world is ours for the taking. We need to claim it, energetically. We need to stop asking for permission to create and just get ready creating. We don't have to fight or destroy what is, but we do need to start thinking creatively of alternatives. Too much energy is spent witnessing the machine, critiquing the machine. But in some ways that is like giving our energy to a relentless and hungry black hole. Stop feeding the machine and remember your potent creator power. Step into your own resourcefulness. Step away from powerlessness. And begin to think solutions, future.

What exists does not need to be reformed, it needs to be tossed. The human spirit is the solution and one that needs to be reborn. The human Spirit is the answer. Do not be confined by past models. Ask Spirit to support us, humanity, to step out of the box and dream of something new.

Be the dreamers of the new world.

Dream the new world awake. Dream of something new.

Much love

Katie Gallanti

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