Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Corridors, the Void and the New Spring

Once in my late twenties I lost partner, job and home all in the same week. This is after I did a focused session in which I asked Spirit to take away from my life all people and situations that were not for my highest good NOW. I was just learning about decrees and I was a little enthusiastic ;-) lol. I learned that sometimes we may want to follow such requests with gently, easily and at a pace I can handle. Some requests can be the equivalent metaphysically of going through a water fast with no prep. A bit much. Spirit does not need us to grow through trauma.

I thought I was quite happy at the time, so I was not expecting the stripping. In the following six months one by one I also lost every single on of my friends, including one of my best friends who died unexpectedly and quite tragically.That's how rough a Saturn return can be sometimes. So I moved from one life to another very forcibly.

It was a painful time during which I learned how to be alone, as there was no other option. I was alone for 18 months, living for most of that time in very substandard studio in East London. The only company I had most days was a big black tomcat, who came to visit me every night. He would tap on the back door and ask to be let in and then he would sit with me in front of the electric fire. He was for a long time my only buddy. I always felt he had been sent to look after me.

During this time I developed a crush on astrology, which I studied kind of obsessively. And during which I also found the light body meditation, sometimes meditating several hours per day. Eventually through both these activities, new friends came. Spring began to blossom after the long inner winter. And a new phase of life began. But first I had to walk through this alone corridor, during which at times the silence was so intense I could feel my thoughts echo. And there was no internet at the time to fill in void.

This was a very challenging time in my life, however it was extremely formative. It taught me an inner resilience and self reliance that before I did not have. There were no friends to bounce my thoughts off of. Nobody to ask for guidance. And no distractions from my inner world.I learned how to manage my own emotional world and my inner voice became, eventually, very clear. My psy-skills also kicked in at the end of this time. During this time I developed qualities that are the backbone of all the work I have done during the last 14 years.

So, if you are currently going through a corridor between doorways, what metaphysically is called "the void", the gap between the old and the new; or if you are going through a time of stripping, a time during which all seems to be falling away; try not to judge it. As challenging as it may be, you may find that there is value to the process. You may not understand it right away, but you may find that, one day in the future, it all makes perfect sense.

Sometimes Spirit pulls away a little further, so we may stretch to reach it. It does so, so we may develop divine muscles, angelic wings and broad shoulders.

As we move into the collective void, as we transit from one world to the next, hold yourself in love and gentleness. Remember that despite the appearance of stripping, the whole world is developing wings, ready to fly soon into a new spring.

Much love and beauty


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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Visions of Transformation

Every time we judge and separate a part of ourselves, we create disharmony and shadow, which then emerges in distorted form. Old religion used to repress sexuality, creating many a closet perv, psychological illnesses and disease.

Religion and spirituality, in the lower form, always seem to want to section out something about being human. New age thinking has its own version of this, sectioning out the ego and all that is not "positive". All parts of the self are worthy of love, and when manifesting as "ego", evolve when cared to with love.

Much talk about ego is judgement towards self and others that leads to separation and rules rather than healing. Berating and separating a part of the self is not a good idea. We don't evolve by sectioning parts of self, we evolve by healing, integrating and understanding the parts of us that pull in unhelpful directions. There is always a reason for behavior. And most often what many call ego, is a young self, most often a child self or adolescent self, trying to get its needs met in dysfunctional ways. Find a way to meet the needs of this young self and the behavior evolves.

Love self in all its forms, even the parts that are wounded and that behave with dysfunction. Listen and care for these wounded young parts of the self and you will observe that healing begins to occur naturally, working its way towards balanced expression.

I envision a world in which there are healing centers rather than prisons and psych hospitals. A little further down the line, I envision a world in which nobody is wounded to the point of acting out pain through psychosis and narcissistic/ sociopathic behavior. Where all children are cared for and nurtured, encouraged in their natural blossoming into the natural blueprint of who they are, so that one can use life as a path towards fullness, creativity and abundance of spirit/life force expressing, rather than spending years acting out or healing early wounds.

While it is and has been part of learning and evolving on planet Earth to encounter catalyst for growth, a form of initiation through challenge that many have had Soul contracts to experience during this wrap up at the end of time (as a method for planetary healing, as one can only heal a planet in the free will zone from the inside), I hold the vision that once our work is done, that we no longer need this method of evolution. And that we can explore the second pathway to growth: the path of creation. May we find way to express the infinite light that each of us is conduit for and manifest that light through the transformational pathway of creativity and beauty.

Our planet is a beautiful planet. Filled with luscious nature and flowers and gorgeous animals of all kinds, it is a planet teaming with life. From the macroscopic to the microscopic, every inch of our reality is filled with life. We are not trained to honor this life or to look for the beauty, nor are we trained to create it. Art is often considered a lesser form in education, like a few leaves of salad to garnish the main dish. And even so art is still seen as a product rather than a process. And yet it is the essence of being human to be creative. And the act of creation is inherently healing. Even when used as a way to purge the ugliness of trauma, the art process heals and the results are often turbulently beautiful.

Imagine what our world would look like, just a few generations down the line from now, if healing, love, the creative process and beauty were the cornerstones of our society. Our cities would look very different. Our homes would be playgrounds of expression. The whole world would be a canvas filled with metaphorical gold. I often have visions of this world to be. A world in which the pinnacle of human expression is made manifest, unhindered by the trauma and distortion that has collapsed most of the human Soul.

I have said this many times, but it bares repeating. We have not even scratched the surface of what it means to be human. We have no experience of a humanity without blockages, programming, pain raised in a functional and Spirit centered love based world. We have been manipulated for functioning at 10% capacity for thousands for years, swimming amongst the most toxic energetics. But as the wave of heightened consciousness permeates all, increasingly each day, the artificial blockages to full expression are removed, like a flood of water crashing a dam. And as the water of consciousness flood all, the vision of a new world nears.

Join me in holding a healing vision of beauty for our world. May we radiate our creative essence like stars and shine all colors of the rainbow and more in every aspect of our lives, as we expand into a burst of life force. And may the world be instantly transformed, as it is bathed in streams of colored light and healing sound. And may the new humanity be born.

Much love to you all as we dream the next phase of being human into being

Katie (feeling very strongly Neptune In Pisces approaching)

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gluten Free Thoughts at the End of the World

Detoxing from gluten at the moment, as I go gluten free once again, as per doctor's orders. And I am reminded once again that gluten functions very much like an opiate for people with gluten sensitivity and when going gluten free there can be serious withdrawal symptoms, from dizziness to depression. This may be why many people who have trouble processing trauma turn to bread and cookies for relief. It literally numbs you out at the neurotransmitter level.

My experience in withdrawing from gluten is that it also brings up a bunch of old stuff to be processed. I find this in general with cleansing and deep detox. I remember during my first intense detox, I was also doing my advanced counseling skills training intensive for my masters in Transpersonal Psychology. I did not plan it that way, the two just "happened" to overlap. We were doing group processes all day and I cried at the drop of a hat throughout. It was like I had no filter, no barrier between myself and whatever triggered my emotions. A barrier that was usually well in place. I realized then that something about the food I was eating was acting as an emotional shield. But I also had many breakthroughs and memories of things I had forgotten coming very close to the surface during those two weeks. As a trauma survivor, some of those pieces were important for my own healing.

Physical detox can be a very effective way of accessing the parts of the emotional body we usually silence with food. Gluten and sugar being the two main food drugs of choice for many. There was a therapy center when I was living in London during the 90s that dealt with survivors of serious trauma, not just childhood trauma, but war trauma and torture- serious end of the spectrum stuff that survivors usually shut off. One of the ways they used to help people get in touch with repressed trauma was sleep deprivation. They would run a week long therapy group, during which they did not allow the willing participants to sleep much and around day three "stuff" began to pop out of people's psyches. A die hard approach and not for the faint of heart, but same concept. The idea is to take away some of the ways in which we naturally defend ourselves from challenging and psyche-splitting material. Not suggesting anybody here tries this at home without psych-support from a trained professional, but sharing as this is often the opposite direction we go in as a society.

As a society we are sitting on humongous amounts of pain. Pain from faulty child rearing practices, starting from the very first time we are hang upside down and slapped at birth, to school systems where grades count more than true soul development. Work and economic environment of an increasingly corporate world, in which the psychopathic and the narcissistic are promoted and rewarded. Unstable family units often split by divorce, from which more pain is generated. Not trying to be depressing, but just pointing out that, for many reasons, especially at the level of mass consciousness, we are sitting on an avalanche of unprocessed emotional material, which, as a society, we are constantly engaged in keeping at bay, with things such as sugar and gluten foods, alcohol, cigarettes and psychiatric drugs- and encouraged to do so, as happy slaves make good workers - the fact that its all artificial happy does not seem to matter for the functioning of the "machine".

Wearing one's pain is also seen as a negative thing. People in pain are often judged, marginalized and told to get a grip or get medicated. We are not given the time to process grief , loss, sorrow and setbacks. Even the new spirituality does nothing but point fingers at people who are not smiley happy at all times, which can result in even more isolation, because even sharing of difficulties with spiritual people, often leads to being judged or lectured. I dare to say that much of the new spirituality is nothing but a quick fix approach to a "produce - be happy- be successful" route to consumerist based goals.

But this is not a post on new age bashing. Nor a gripe about the ills of the world. More instead an observation of where we are at, as a collective, as the dysfunctional ethos upon which much of our current world set up is based is coming to a close. Our world as we know it,  is collapsing in many ways, and with the death of the American dream and so many people going belly up financially or having huge difficulties holding it all together, many are no longer able to self soothe with externals. We are being brought face to face with our pain, sense of loss, sense of failure in a world that has trained us to think that the only thing that counts is an external form of success. And this is true also for the spiritual people, as so much of our current spiritual mindset of late, has been transformed into the spiritual equivalent of a get rich quick scheme, where what one creates counts more that who one is.

As the props that keep our inner pain together vanish under the tidal wave of change, we will have to dig deeper for our true sense of worth. There will be no more hiding from our inner shadows and for that which lurks under the surface, unhealed.

We are all together wading through our own version of collective sleep deprivation trauma healing workshop. And together we are challenged to let go of the dysfunctional ways of judging ourselves and one another which we have picked up from a society that teaches us to be separate and to prove ourselves to one another through what we have achieved. We are being challenged to move into a new paradigm, that is all about being authentic, frailties, failures, warts and all, where who we are counts more than what we can show in a portfolio or a resume. We are moving into a time in which the inner quality of who we are is the only currency. 

This is the stage of our life as humans on the planet, in which we learn about collective compassion. Where we learn to hold our own and each other's journeys in the heart, with all its ugliness and with all its beauty. It is a very Plutonian time, where no stone is left unturned.

The end result is ultimately a coming into oneness, where all journeys are one journey, that we travel as one. A journey into self love and the acceptance, knowing that all the externals are just props on a stage we set up for our own self exploration into meaning. But props that don't define us and that we can shed at any time. Just the container for a Soul story that wanted to be told.

Wishing you well on our shared journey into the next phase of our world :-)

much love


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Monday, January 02, 2012

A Time for Unconditional Love and Self-Love

Contrary to popular new age belief, a lot of the issues in our lives, especially right now, as we travel through this intense wrap up phase brought on by the acceleration in the galactic energies, are not the result of law of attraction and negative thoughts, but the result of karmic and soul contracts.

In fact for some people the karmic factor is so huge, that there really is no way of "manifesting" ones way out of it. But you balance out the karma and poof - issue gone.

We are souls who travel through thousands of lives and we are here for very specific reasons. Creating shiny cars , beautiful houses, perfect health, perfect relationships and the perfect life is sometimes part of it, mostly as the goals that lead us forward in our quest for wholeness and self betterment, but lets remember that these are ego desires.

Very often we will be brought to places where we have to let go and be tested and stripped bare and this is not due to our negative thoughts, but it is because this is where our Soul is calling us to so that we may dig within to find something new.

The Secret and many other current new age teachings, instead of teaching us to honor these times of challenge and stripping, teach us that we are somehow defective for not "having created it right". These are teachings focused very much of the material plane and they create a lot of new age guilt in people on the one hand, and judging smug know it all lightworkers on the other hand.

Remember that appearances can be deceptive. In fact, it is often the older Souls that are encountering the deepest challenges, because it takes more to test and stretch an older Soul. Challenges are not a sign of failure or negative thinking, they are just...challenges. And they mean something different to each person, within the context of their own unique Soul evolution.

We need to stay in the moment and be compassionate, as our journey is not another's journey and none of us has walked in another's karmic shoes, nor has the understanding of another Soul contracts and chosen path. We are all exactly where we need to be , learning exactly what we need to learn, wrapping up multi-lifetime issues, as we move into higher light.

As the intensity on planet Earth increases, it is very important that we keep this in mind, both with regards to self and when observing the issues of others, as there is going to be a lot of stripping. And we need to be very gentle with self and others, as this may be a very raw time for many people.

A time for open hearts and unconditional love and self-love ♥

Much love to you all :)


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