Thursday, August 29, 2013

Calming Emotional Turbulence

When the energies get very intense, our emotions can get very turbulent. This is because our energy field and DNA contain within it the energy patterns of all of who we are, including those of our unresolved issues, blockages, etc. When the energy hits the energy field/DNA, those patterns are "switched on" and start talking to us. And as this happens, our emotional body can also become a little overwhelmed by all the releasing. As can inner child aspects that are not yet fully integrated (which is the case for most of us ;-)).

Some tips for re-balancing the turbulence ...

  • You can release the emotions - cry, vent, punch a pillow     
  • Sometimes the energy is not just yours its collective - turn down the dial on what you are feeling that is not yours - imagine a dial in your head and ask for it to show you how much of the energy you are feeling is actually yours. If its 20%, see the arrow of the dial sweeping the 80% that is not yours off your dial, knowing that, as you do so, it will leave your energy field.

For what is left that is yours ...

  • Spin it out of your field. Literally imagine your field spinning and releasing, like a washing machine on the fast spin cycle, until its gone.
  • Flood your energy field and nervous system with cool blue light. That will sooth things and tone the "heat" down a notch, if your nerves are frazzled. You can do the same for your endocrine system, if its acting out with Cosmic PMS. 
  • Raise your vibration - literally - take your energy field/being and lift it so that it merges with your Soul Self and Soul light. All that is lower vibration will begin releasing naturally and your energy bodies will smooth out. 

Some of these tips will be sufficient for giving some reprieve to your emotions from the edgy grand-crossness. (new word ;-))

Sending love


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Abundance Affirmation and Energy Workout

The Universe is a friendly place and it cooperates with my Soul And Vision. It brings me what I need, when I ask and intend it. I am confident in my ability to create. I am a Source of creation energy. I put out my intent in alignment with the highest good of all, and the universe responds to my call with dance in its step.

I create with joy. I release stress and worry and I embrace trust and faith. I release all stress from my body and energy field. I replace it with the energy of trust. I have faith in my ability to create and receive all that is required for my well-being, sustenance and unfolding.

I focus on the now. I notice how I am already abundant now - I am fed, clothed and have enough for today. Today I am abundant. I trust that in each moment, my needs are met and that I will continue to be abundant in every Now moment. I am grateful for what I have and that draws more into my being. As the Universe gives more when we say thank you. That's just how the Universe is wired lol

The Universe is a kick ass being. Miracles are its favorite thing. The Universe is bursting at the seams to deliver miracles. I get in synch with the miracle making nature of the Universe and I allow it to play in my field.

The Universe has a sense of humor. It gives more to those that find a way to chuckle and laugh through the turbulence. I lighten my energy today and find something to chuckle about. And as I do so I increase my flow.

I visualize what I choose to create in my life. Then I send it into the universe that delivers it too me. I allow the Universe the perfect time to bake my manifestation cake. And I let go and sit in full faith during the process.

I visualize all in my life being abundant and happy. As I do so I bake lots of happy juice also in my own being. I see all in the world abundant and happily giving and receiving. Grateful that they are able to give and grateful that they are able to receive. All in the world is in balance. All flows in harmony and love.

I hold high images of myself and of humanity. And I broadcast them wherever I go. I hold the space for the best that humanity can be. And as I do so I anchor that vision into the world.

I am rewarded by the Universe for my path of service. I serve in balance in ways that bring me joy. I let go of self sacrifice and abnegation. I always find a way to give that is honoring to both myself and others. And as I do so I thrive in a community of love.

I am grateful for my life, my path, and those I love. Love comes to me from all corners of the world. I am grateful for my continuous unfolding in the grand symphony of love.

And so it is.

Katie x x x

Copyright 2013 Katie Gallanti. , . Feel free to share if including this copyright, auhtor's name and websites.