Sunday, June 24, 2012

The I am Poem

I create my own reality.
My beliefs are mine to change.
As I change my beliefs,
the world reflects back the new me
as faithful mirror.
And as I believe,
I am.

My first belief is in Joy.
My life is full of joy.
Life is easy.
It is.

It is easy for me to be centered.
I am a spiritual being of immense power and wisdom.
It is easy for me to be healthy.
I am.

My vibration is always high.
I radiate with the vibration of the divine.
I am the divine.
I am at one with the universe that created me.
I am love. I am joy. I am bliss.
I remember who I am at all times.
I am the light.
I am

I am one with the light.
I am the pure vibration of ecstasy.
I am God-filled.
I am.

I live in the light and the light is me.
My life is a reflection of joy, bliss and ease.
I am centered.
I am.

I surrender to the divine in me.
I surrender to the divine in you.
I surrender to the true nature of who I am.
I am that I am.
I am.

I am the light. I am the night.
I am the world and I am the clouds.
I am the raven that files in the high sky.
I am.

I am the children and I am the mother.
I am the children and I am the father.
I am vulnerable and I am strong.
I am the light. I am love.
I am.

I am male and I am female.
I am as old as the mountains and as wise as the Earth,
I am young and naïve as a child.

I am the dew drops in the morning sky.
I am the Moon echoing in a mother’s cry
I am the volcano erupting with molten fire.
I am the pulse in the even heartbeat of desire.

I am life that lives itself fully.
I am excitement that never ends.
I am love that gives itself wholly
I am the trees in the wind that bend.

I am power.
I am passion.
I am fire.

I am bliss
and thought forms
that inspire.

I am love.
I am cosmos.
I am essence.

I am joy
I am space
I am presence.

And I bathe in angelic light
Like a dove
Flooded with the silver beauty
of all love.
Copyright Katie Gallanti.2012.

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AarTiana said...

Awesome Katie! :-)