About Katie

Katie Gallanti is a writer, teacher, metaphysical counselor and multidimensional healer with more than 50 feature articles published in print in magazines in the US and in the UK, with topics ranging from esoteric knowledge and metaphysics to contemporary psychology, science and current affairs. Katie’s mission is to assist with the evolution of the Earth plane’s collective consciousness through her writing, healing and planetary work.

Healing Work

Katie has been a practicing intuitive and multidimensional healer for close to  twenty years. Articles about her work have been published in several magazines worldwide since 2004 and for several years now she has been serving people all over the world, helping them clear entities, repair energy fields, clear blockages and raise vibration.

She specializes in soul level work and trauma work, assisting people in clearing trauma energy and resolving lingering trauma based blockages - from childhood, to past lives, all the way back to the birth of the Soul. She assists people in bumping up the energy of the chakras, connecting them to their higher dimensional aspects, such as their Soul and their guiding teams, so that they can be more effective light holders during this time of great transformation.

Katie often also wears the exorcist hat, assisting with the integrating and healing of issues such as psychic disturbances, psychic attack, entity and possession issues (including our scaly friends), peak experiences, rapid awakening, abduction experiences, extra-dimensional contact/breakthroughs, and clearing and healing of a host of energetic disturbances associated with these experiences and that are specific to those who are awakening to their multidimensionality.

Teaching Work

Katie is the creator of Warrior Visionaries project and “Riding the Financial Crisis: Metaphysical tools for creating abundance during turbulent times” and other recorded MP3 series , such as the Awakening Consciousness series, (still in progress).Katie taught metaphysical techniques and meditation extensively from 1999-2004.Workshop topics at the time were mostly centered around Soul work, Manifesting, Multidimensionality, Higher dimensional awareness, Soul Relationships, Planetary Healing and Light Body Activations. Katie is currently more focused on healing, writing and radio and is gradually assembling her metaphysical knowledge in book form.

Writing Work

Katie has published many articles as features in magazines such as Vision Magazine, Paradigm Shift, Children of the New Earth, Inspired Parenting as well in various blogs. A sample of article topics: "ADD/ADHD: Why are we drugging our kids? " ;  "The power and Influence of Myth";  "Science and Metaphysics: a Journey in Consciousness"; "The Astrology of Technological Revolutions"; "Cries in the Dark: The Teen Suicide Epidemic"; "The Chemical Solution: How your Child may be affected by Current Trends in Mental Health"; "A Case for Psychological Astrology"; "Collective Manifesting and Enlightened Activism"; " The art of Manifesting"; "Opening a Clearing Vortex"; "Behavior Genetics and the 21st Century Parent", etc.For more articles you can check this blog and also Katie's Papers, my more academic blog.

Radio and Planetary Work

Katie also appears frequently as a guest on the radio, mostly in relationship to her planetary work, which has a more lightwarrior slant, aiming to reveal the behind the scenes not always so pleasant workings of this world, with a particular focus on the shifting of the dark energy influence operating on this planet. You can find the archive to her interviews here

For further details about consultations, to book Katie for a radio appearance or for any other inquiries feel free to email here .