Friday, August 31, 2012

Relationship Cleansing and New Beginnings

A little "Blue Moon" Ritual

"Relationship Cleansing and New Beginnings"

At times we can be around people who are so energetically chaotic, that we begin to take on their energetic imprints and start thinking they are our own. This is especially true for empaths.

Returning to solitude and our own energy can make us realize how much of other peoples energy we were actually wearing. Especially if the relationship is a close one, and even more so if its an intimate one, energy cords are established that blend auras.

When those relationships are complete, its a good idea to cut the energy cords as well and to call back, cleansed, all parts of our energy, and give back, cleansed , all energies that we have taken on from the other person(s). Ask for your energy field and being to go back to being just your own energy and for all that is not you to go back to its rightful place. You may feel an instant lift.

Intimacy, also, establishes strong sexual and heart cords, which can linger even for years after the fact. It can be a good exercise to ask that all sexual cords and heart cords that are no longer for the highest good and current to be cut, for the energy to leave your body and field, as well as any imprinting past lives and for all residual karma to be cleared. Then bless all parties and ask, to the degree that is for the highest good, that all bonds be closed and sealed on all levels, that the soul and karmic contracts be erased, and that all energetics and karma be cleared to completion, to the degree that is in alignment with your souls plan. This will help clear your being of past entanglements, so that you can begin the preparation for a new chapter of life.

Ask also for all past imprinting of your childhood and past lives, that are still affecting you and your relationship patterns to be cleared from your being and/or healed. Including physical body, emotional body and mental body trauma imprints, from past experiences that may not have been so pleasant, that may still be energetically effecting your being in damaging ways. Ask for all experiences that have imprinted and are still having a negative influence on your relationship life, to be cleared. May all chakras be cleared and aligned.

Then visualize a circle of light and within it plant the seeds of new beginnings. Visualize yourself in front of a large being of light, the Keeper of the Scrolls, one of beings that hold the records of your own pre birth and current life agreements. Ask for the symbol of the highest path that you can currently take to be shown to you. The one that has the most potential for joyful progress and light-filled outcomes. If this also includes a new relationship, ask that the symbol contain that also. Take the symbol in your hand and plant it in the circle of light, like a seed. Fertilize it with love and angelic dust. Revisit this circle often to see how your seeds is growing. Know that you can revisit the Keeper of Scrolls here at any time.

Wishing you great cleansing, great progress and new beginnings and a great blue moon and labor day weekend.

Much love

Katie Gallanti 
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