Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Finding your own Energy and Energetic Communication

Sometimes to find your own vibration, you have to isolate your vibration. That is, we need to withdraw, cut all cords and connections to other people and other situations (even if just for an hour or two), so we can find our own original light signature and feel it.

A few months ago I had a very turbulent and difficult day. Planetary energy storms and my own personal process aside, I was also holding space for two friends that had been going some major challenges and shifts. By the end of that day, I found myself feeling so much emotional pain inside me that I was literally hyperventilating. I dont drink alcohol and I dont use pharmaceuticals, but if I had, it would have been a medicate moment. It was that intense.

I decided to get my pendulum out and to do some dowsing on myself, as if I were my own client. And I found that I was corded to several of my close people who were hurting. So I literally was feeling everybody else's stuff as if it were my own, on top of what I was already feeling myself. I saw that I was corded to at least three people and that one of the cords was very big. I cut the cords and repaired my field and within minutes I was back to peace. Still going through my own process, but now at peace and not spinning out of control in turbulence and confusion.

I also realized that I had been thinking of one of these people all day and that most likely by doing so, I had synched myself to their field. A good thing to remember is that when we focus on people or they on us, our energies begin to talk to each other and merge. In fact in many ways the energy talk between to people's fields is more real and authentic than any letter we may write or words we may speak. If we are clear on how we are feeling originally and then focus on another, we immediately have accurate information about how they are feeling. We can tell if they are open or closed to us, peaceful or angry, just by how our energy shifts when we think of them. But if we are not conscious of this, we may begin to feel what they are feeling and think it is our stuff. Which at times can be very confusing.

The good thing is that we can also find resolution at this level. First of all, once we realize its their stuff, we can cut the cords, send the energy back to the person it belongs to and send them healing (if they are open to it) and then return to our own energy. Or we can work on resolving the issues at hand on the inner planes. We can get very quiet within and send soothing, feelings of love, as well as important communications through the ethers. They are almost always received.

Even when the bonds are permanently severed between people on the physical plane, we can still find a way to bring love to a situation, so that we may resolve or close up situations in a more healing way.

I remember when I was studying the light body in the late nineties and I was working on the heart vibrational center. I toned the heart center for three days straight until I could hear the tones replaying in my mind on automatic, even when I was sleeping. Deep trance ;-) During one of these long sleep and tone nights, I found myself out of my body sitting cross legged, in front of my ex. We had had a bad break up about a year and a half prior and many of our meetings since had been difficult, painful and kind of awkward, as we tried to move on, while sharing a large mutual group of friends and social life. It was not easy and for the past year we had tried to avoid each other when we could.

But here I was cross-legged out of my body, in front of my ex, also cross-legged, out of body, right in front of me. I communicated my sadness at all that had transpired between us and about us no longer talking and how much I missed him even as a friend. He told me he felt the same and that yes we should indeed be friends, it was time. After which I was back in my body and woke up. Five minutes later the phone rang. It was my ex. He had not called me in over a year. He said that he was calling because he felt that it was sad that we did not talk any more. as he missed me and wished we could be friends. I agreed. And from that moment on, we released our previous bond as mates and became friends in the real world. And we are still friends to this day.

We have so many tools at our disposal once we make the leap into the world of the Soul and energy. And these tools become magnified and all healing, when we add the magical ingredients of surrender and love to the mix. When we work energetically from the true heart, a heart that is surrendered to what is best for all involved, knowing that what is best is ultimately the only thing that works long term, we can find true communication and true healing. The healing may occur only in the subtle worlds at first, but eventually it often trickles through into the "real" world too. And if we are motivated by love, what happens is always what needed to occur.

Wishing you a happy and peaceful week ...

Katie Gallanti

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Natural Flow, Dark Residues and the Test of Self-Fascination

Lesson in Life

- You cannot force the river, sometimes the river just need to flow back to Mombasa -

One of my favorite scenes in one of my favorite movies, Out of Africa, is when, after years or trying to contain the flow of the river, so that it would water their fields, the river banks crumble and the river breaks free. And Karen's wise assistant says: "This river, M'sad, this river always belonged to Mombasa". And they surrender to the fact that the river, just had to go home.

  It is not wise to go against the natural flow of things and if we do there often is a hidden cost and results are not long lasting. Going against the natural flow also includes violations of free will. Push your will and you may get temporary results, but eventually something crumbles and falls. Even if lifetimes from the fact, pushing the will has a boomerang effect. Even the dark one's creations eventually crumble and the chickens of karma, even if not immediately, always come to roost.

Many people who were once dark magicians and held a lot of power in past lives, often come back plagued by the very entities they summoned in those lives. Some dont even realize that they have these beings hitching rides in their field and distorting their reality with suggestions that lead down blind paths. People who think they are free but whose freedom is not their own. Certain kinds of liaisons do not come without a price.

Others come back and have to rectify what they set in motion and need to volunteer to dismantle the very things they aided in creating. Believe it or not even some of the brightest healers and warriors may have once been dark. And some still have sprinkles of that darkness within them that they still need to work out, sprinkles of ego and power drive on an otherwise good cup cake. Which is why there is such a range of personalities, complete with hidden and not so hidden shadowy bits, even within our movement.

One of the tests of the evolutionary path - not using the world spiritual on purpose as not all growing is in a "spiritual" otherworldly context - much of it is right here right now in the trenches of the day to day and the material world ......... one of the tests of the evolutionary path is that of purity in intent and of steering from the pitfalls of ego/power drives.

Example - The whole celebrity fame consciousness - as soon as something becomes popular there is a place for "celebrity" in every movement. As humans not sure why we do this, but we seem to have a need to worship. Maybe an inner homesickness for the transcendent in a world that is overall too secular or too dogmatic. We see sparkles of that transcendent in others and then we seek it, like it and revere it. The healthy side of this is just seeing the beauty of the Universe reflected in some that channel it with little distortion, such as a talent or insight that expresses. We see it, we admire it, we bow at it, just because we want more of it - as it feeds us. However best to know that we all have access to that transcendent. And that we ultimately need to go to the source of it and not allow it to just reside in outer idols. We all carry inside a seed of that spark and it is our responsibility to look for it and nurture it, so that we too may shine with purity.

However, the danger is then in those that seek this bowing and admiring of others. And that may then express that spark to boost something that is empty or feed a low sense of self esteem. Or simply for the fun of the boost. There is an energy high that comes when people are on the receiving end of the bowing, and many celebrities get addicted to the high of adoration and others sense it and seek it for themselves. Its energy food and to some extent, it does, indeed, fill one up.

In general the seeking of the worship energy and the seeking of admiration and fame are a hindrance for soul development and a test on the path of evolution. As there comes a point when one evolves, in which one's inner light shines to the point that it draws attention. And at that point, the Soul will be tested, as to what it does with that attention. Does it see it, but continue undisturbed. Or does it make it the new reason for the path. Many fail at this juncture and get fascinated by the fascination they generate in others and get distracted by the effect of their own light. And from here the fall, even if not noticeable to the world, but the inner fall, is inevitable.

Especially for those that misused their power in past lives, this test will come forward in very seductive ways. The opportunity for such seduction will be there and the Soul will need to see it and resist the temptation. Does this mean that one cannot reap the rewards of one's work? No. But, one has to stay humble and true, and continue to move forward, neutral to the glittering lights of the attention one generates. If this lesson is mastered the rewards will continue, but so will the purity of information coming through that person. And so will the reach of that information, as truth moves and carries forward of its own force. A reminder that is actually the truth and the information that moves the mountains, not the person. The person is just the vehicle that carries the mission forward. And Spirit is grateful to the carriers of mission. And Spirit does reward those that do the work. But it quickly distances from those that fall in the test of Glitter and Shine and succumb to glamor of their own self-fascination.

If you notice this is the case with so many people. They start getting the reward and they deviate and become other. And then soon whatever traction they had loses its true power and effectiveness, in exchange for a bad imitation of lackluster powerfulness that does not carry weight nor punch. I am sure each one of us can think of a thousand examples of this in many fields, as it is a pretty standard thing.

So good for us to remember always to check up on our motivation and what drives us. Are we on mission for ourselves and for our own reward? Or our we on mission with a commitment to carry potent energy of change forward for goals beyond self and gratification. The difference is sometimes a subtle one and its ok sometimes to walk within the blurred lines, as long as eventually one sees and walks back on the proper way to home.

Always keep steady, clear and true.

That's my thought for the day

Much love


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Friday, September 20, 2013

Angels in Body Suits

When I had my full blown adrenal crash in 2009 I was so sick I could not walk and for several months I was bedridden and the maximum effort I could make was to walk from my bedroom to the kitchen, where it would take me 2 hours to fix one meal for the day and change Missy's litter box. I literally could only lift the lid of the litter box, then had to sit down for 20 minutes to recover from the effort, before I could proceed further. I lived in a severe mental fog, could not work and burned through all my savings. I was also alone, as there was nobody in my life to do chores for me or go buy groceries. I would get a cab to go to the grocery store and back and going to get food was a massive undertaking.

In the middle of this crisis is when I started making jewelry, as I got to the bottom of my savings and I did not have the energy to do any sessions, so I took a necklace someone gave me, which was kind of ugly, but had nice stones on it and I went to the bead store to get a few things to make it pretty. The next day I sold it and that payed for my groceries for the week. Once that crisis started easing up and I could actually think straight, even if body was still ultra-fatigued, is also when I came on Facebook for the first time. And I made my first YouTube video that now has ten-thousand views. and recorded my first series of mp3s. And started my blog. And wrote my first articles on planetary astral warrior work. Looking back its amazing I managed to do any of it, as I was extremely sick. A normal person with money in the bank would have been in a hospital, while I was making videos, recording MP3s and even on the radio doing shows. In fact I had my first radio show with Cariel right in the middle of this crisis. Obviously in the middle of this sickness, some part of me was working fine.

During that time, one of the few people that showed up to help was actually a lady who was a Jehovah's Witness who used to come and knock on my door to give me the Watchtower. I had always chatted with her in the past and all of a sudden she could see that I could not even make it to open the door for her. So she started dropping by with soup and a roll of bread from Wholefoods. She does not come to my door any more, I must no longer be on her route. And I miss that lady.

I was thinking about this this morning and thinking how most people have really bad association with the Jehovah's peeps, but for me the lady was like a breath of life saving fresh air. Made me also think how kind human beings can be. No matter what our beliefs or persuasions, we are all here in the body suit, doing our best to learn our lessons, live the best life we can and hopefully learn how to love our fellow man and our own selves in a good way. All the rest is just window dressing and decoration that we discard the minute we leave the planet and we should never let that stuff interfere with our willingness to see the soul inside.

Just my two cents for the day...

Much love

Katie Gallanti

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Traumatic Shattering, Reclaiming Wholeness

There can be occasions in which people and situations that really hurt us to the point where one begins to break apart. This can be an abusive situation, like an abusive mate or parent, or a situation that generates soul breaking degrees of stress. This fragmentation is also at the base of all trauma based mind control. We all have a limit as to what we can withstand and when that limit is reached, we start to fragment. Children are particularly vulnerable to this, as their energy structure is still very delicate and they often will split into alter personalities when this happens, whether in a visible way, such as with Dissociative Identity Disorder, or just as breaks within their inner psyche, as traumatized inner child aspects that remain frozen in the inner world. But adults can break too, usually shattering under pressure and slipping into a chaotic or catatonic state that many refer to as a nervous breakdown.

In these times, it is important to remember who you are energetically. One of the devastating side effects of partner abuse or child abuse, for example, is that the discordant persons are in close daily proximity and can literally drip feed the poison on a daily basis so slowly that one does not realize one is dying until one is almost out of all light. Very much like a frog will boil to death in a pot of water in which the heat is raised very gradually.

When this happens, the first thing one needs to do is cut all energetic cords between self and the discordant person or situation. And recall all of one's light to oneself. All of the parts of the self that have been scattered from the stress or the pain need to be called back to the center and to the core of one's being. It also helps to energetically anchor to the original soul blueprint of the self on the higher dimensions and to bring it back into one's physical vehicle, as this will automatically restore balance and a true sense of self. And if any darkness penetrated one's field, as abusive people are often vehicles for dark beings that operate through them, expel the darkness from your field and repair any parts of the self that had been damaged with golden threads of light. Then shield the energy field with a thick glass like wrapper of transparent light.

Also allow for all the pain that has overloaded your system to breaking point to dissipate and dissolve. This can be old pain, new pain, old trauma or new. And just see it leave and evaporate like mist in the morning sun... now gone. Spin out of your field any residue of shattering trauma and call to yourself over and over the highest manifestation of your essence, knowing that you can heal instantly from all trauma and all exposure to darkness. Huddle the inner children towards the center of your being and create a ring of protection around them and flood them with healing stemming right from the center of Creator, so that they may feel loved and safe.

Continue to do this and as you do this, day in day out, repeat as your mantra: "I now return to my wholeness. I forgive all transgressions from all lives past and present, while I reclaim my full divine self. I see innocence in all players, while also doing what is needed to take care of and protect my being and light. I re-instate my being-ness of love and also my power as a carrier of light. I restore in myself the parts of myself that have been broken or forgotten or repressed. I integrate and heal all the parts of my self, repairing all fractures, with grace and ease. I recognize the power of Creator and the aspects of myself that are Creator to restore all beauty, all health, all love all joy, all self worth, all wholeness into my being in instant and miraculous ways. My wholeness is but one thought and one light blueprint away. I embrace all my experiences as pathways of growth, while also giving myself permission to move away from those experiences of pain once my lessons have been fully learned. I now give myself permission to experience only enhancing and healing connections. As I project my own healing light into the outer world, I encounter an abundance of positive healing reflections of light in all my interactions."

May you reclaim all pieces of yourself and shine your wholeness to all corners of the world. May your being cocoon and transform into the butterfly of gold you always were and were always meant to be.

And also remember to send light to all the players in the story, as most people are just innocent in their inability to hold a strong field and see clearly the effects of their actions. Hardly any soul would hurt another if they truly understood the magnitude of the effects of their actions. And most people who harm others do so, out of their own inability to manage their own emotions, be connected to their own being, their own feelings and their own source light. Ultimately all is just trauma talking to trauma. And all trauma is just a wound begging for healing. May all sources of pain and their root causes find healing and be healed for all beings on planet Earth, so we may move away from the world of wounded reactions, into a world of new creations of love.

Much love

Katie Gallanti
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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Special Offer and some info on Guides and other Dimensions

Alright sweet people, last two days on my end of summer special for sessions - offering 45 mins for $88 (instead of 125), one hour for 111 instead of 150, and longer 75 min sessions for 144 instead if 188 - people have asked me if the can just get the minutes now and use them later as they need them and I have said yes. So basically, you can get some time with me this way and then claim it as you see fit over the next six months. Even split it up in chunks... I am ok with that :-)

If you want to do the work now, know that short sessions are good for running stuff by me, guidance, problem solving as well as general energy clearing work of your field and chakras. Longer sessions are suitable for deeper energy work, entity removal, working on blockages, past life regression type work, as well as hands on guided processes to connect you with aspects of your self on higher dimensions, your soul on the soul plane (which is something ultra-beneficial, which however people dont truly grasp until they do it). There is a part of us that does not come into incarnation, it is the seed of light from which we stem, except for many of us its more like a radiant beaming sun and it is the Soul hub that is directly connected to Source. Learning how to connect with this part is very beneficial as it shifts our consciousness to a higher level, beyond our personality self and ego. Also once we learn how to travel to the Soul plane we can connect with the soul of others. And have dialogue soul to soul, which sometimes can really shift our relationships with said people, especially if communications on this plane have broken down. One can also work on "karma" this way and get energies to shift that may otherwise be stubborn.

You can also use these sessions for connection with guides and councils on other side, where I teach you also how to maintain that connection.

Most of us have a set of beings that work with us throughout our lives and we dont even know what they are all about. Making that connection conscious and knowing how to consciously access it can be very useful, especially if you have a mission in life that is larger than yourself. In fact usually people that have a "collective mission" have a bigger team, what I call councils, as they need it to get their work done. And by the way this is so even if you dont believe in these things or think all beings on the other side are evil tricksters and out to scam you - there are oodles of dark tricksters on the lower dimensions beaming false light and learning how to stay clear of those is important, but important not to throw out the baby with the bathwater, as many of us hail from high dimensional places and have an away team that came with us to support us in "being here" - and getting conscious of that can be very helpful...

But...I digress! lol .... back to the offer...its there for a few days, contact me here or at my email katiegallanti@hotmail.com, if you have questions or want to reserve some time. Offer ends tomorrow Sept 4th at midnight.

Much love

Katie G.