Saturday, November 28, 2009

Collective Manifesting and Enlightened Activism

As many of you are aware of, we are living in interesting times. The energies put forward in the collective field for the past thirty to forty years, have been gradually impacting mass consciousness, to the point that we are now in line for an unprecedented amount of change at the societal level. During the 80s and 90s many lightworkers carried out an amazing amount of work in shifting their personal and individual vibration to a higher level. And now, as our combined energies are reaching a critical point, the vibration of the body of humanity is shifting higher and we are beginning to see the effects of this on the global scene. And just as when we were healing individually, we experienced releases of toxicity and old illnesses stored within the body and/or emotional releases of old accumulated psychological baggage stored within the emotional and mental bodies, in the same way now we are witnessing the release of all that is out of alignment with higher light on the global scene. This process has been happening for a few years now, but it is reaching fever pitch at the moment and creating monumental movement within the mass mind. And this peak in the energy is just at the beginning: this process of change will continue for some time to come.

As part of this release, all that is out of alignment with higher light and truth is coming to the surface to be exposed and /or changed. And because we are here talking about the collective body of humanity and the collective structures and institutions that hold the practicalities of our shared living in place, the toxic release, the healing crisis, is happening within those areas that are collective in nature: the structures of leadership, power, economy and money. For many years, the power and economical structures of this world have been diseased, low vibrating and corrupted and at this time the disease in these manifestations is being exposed. And as people become aware of this and make an informed decision that these structures no longer represent the direction that, we, the collective family of humanity, desire for ourselves and for our future generations, these collective structures are gradually crumbling. They eventually will be replaced by new ones that hold a higher vibration and that are in alignment with the true values of shared higher vibrational living. We will create a new world which is governed in ways that are respectful of individual freedoms, which assure fair distribution of wealth, opportunities for abundance available to all (although with a broader definition of abundance that is not as tied to the material sphere of life) and peaceful and harmonious living between peoples. A much more heart based society that believes in mutual empowerment rather than power over others and in co-operation rather than competition. A society that is based on self love, love of others, truth and healthy power, rather than the often exploitative world we have experienced in many ways so far. This is where we are heading, as this is the predominant intent of the collective Soul of humanity at this time.

However between the world as we know it and the world we are creating, there is an inevitable death process, a transitional period that we have to traverse. A period in which the old dies to make room for the new. A period of world refurbishment, during which the old collapses, so that what is new may come forth.

All who have undergone a major home refurbishment project will know exactly how uncomfortable and chaotic things become, when we are trying to function and run our daily lives whilst in the midst of builders, dust and debris. Know that at the collective level, this is exactly how things will feel for a couple of years. For a short while, we will be living within a crumbling society, a time of undoing of what needs to be gone, before a solid newness can appear. And during this time of dismantlement, which has already started and which is building momentum, a clash between the holders of the old intent and the holders of the new intent will occur.

It is occurring right now and this too will continue for some time to come. It is a necessary part of the process. And during this process, many of the dark secrets of the power holders of the world are being and will continue to be exposed, so that humanity may return to truth and so that we may be able to once again reclaim and re-embrace our collective power.

I often read articles and hear comments of fellow lightworkers stating that we should not pay attention to the dark secrets that are being revealed and not listen to the alternative news or focus on conspiracy facts, as these lower our vibration and contribute to creating more fear. This is true in some ways, but mistaken in others. I do agree that we should not spend our days immersed in the energy of fear and drama; however this does not need to be our approach when dealing with such things. Responding to the unveiling of dark truths with fear and drama is a choice we may make, but it is not the only choice available. We could choose, for example, to rejoice at these revelations, as a sign of the demise of the old, as sign that what we are doing is working and that the collective is indeed shifting. Or we could choose to be thankful for the information regarding challenges yet to come, so that we may take action to prevent these from happening both practically and metaphysically.

While there are certainly some people out there who like to spread fear, it is my experience that many of the people that research these topics are not fear-based people, but brave warrior Souls, who are carrying out a Soul mission that is fundamental for the awakening of humanity and for the process of humanity taking back her power. Fear however can be in the eye of the beholder i.e. a person may feel fear or other difficult emotions when learning about uncomfortable truths. And if this is the result, yes, that is not the best contribution to the collective energy, but it is not, in itself, a reason to stop talking or investigating that which needs to be exposed. It just means that a little more inner work is required to find a feeling of inner peace and a sense of being safe and protected that is not depending on outer factors, but that is rooted in the knowledge of our own personal power and in the true acknowledgement of the eternal nature of our own being.

If a hurricane is two miles away and somebody tells us about it with a sincere intent of warning us of an impending event which we may wish to avoid, this does not have to be an act of spreading fear. It can simply be a warning of something that is coming, so that we may have the option of making an informed decision. Once alerted, we can leave town, stay and hide in the basement or decide to hang out in the rain and experience the beauty of a hurricane’s full force. It’s our choice, just as it could be our choice to become so fearful, that we freeze into a corner or to immerse ourselves in denial and decide to just ignore the information all together. So talking of dark secretes and of possible dark futures that are just over the horizon, if done appropriately, for the right reasons and with the right intention, can be just about spreading information, that people can then use to make choices and even stop certain future scenarios from happening at all. Many of us certainly have the metaphysical know how to work the collective energy, so as to, at the very least, alleviate some of the dark bubbles brewing in the mass mind.

This “Don’t focus on the negative” at all costs, is a very popular new age teaching and one that, as long as we don’t use it as an excuse to stay in denial, in our personal lives, works very well. What it means is that it is best to focus on what we want to create, rather than on that that is not working as what we focus on we will create. This manifestation principle is true even at the collective level. However, due to the fact that collective manifestation is not put forth by just one person but by many and that the majority of that many is not conscious of the way in which they create reality (and as such they emit a stream of consciousness that remains relatively unchanged), the collective, the group being that is humanity, creates futures that shift much slower than those of personal manifestations. And as such, energetically, events are often in the process of manifesting years before the fact, already fully formed idea-blueprints on the inner planes a long time before events occur.

Many of the things some say not to focus on have already manifested or are already in the process of manifesting in the collective field. Using Nazi Germany as an example, in the collective field the holocaust was probably already in the act of manifesting several years before it actually did. If people had known how bad things were going to get, could they had stopped it? We will never know, but it definitely could have been in the realm of possibility. Barring karmic contracts that sometimes exists even at these collective levels, which necessitate that the group being undergo certain experiences for the learning which will result, collective realities can definitely be healed and shifted. And knowing what is brewing in the pot helps us to see events as they arise, so that we may catch them early, nip the energy in the bud and counteract it.

On the other hand, if reading about the dark topics only generates a feeling of fear and impotence within us, and in a way that we don’t feel capable of overcoming, then yes, of course, this is an exercise we may not want to engage in. It may not be our Soul mission to do light/dark polarity work, even if we can still recognize the value of this kind of contribution. Many lightworkers in the early stages of their own awakening, for example, are still in the process of learning how to anchor their own light in a solid manner and listening to this kind of information may be too destabilizing at this stage. Always trust your own intuition as to what is the best use of your energy at any given time.

Manifesting principles and exceptions aside, it is overall useful at this time for people to learn and embrace the truths that have been buried, sometimes about recent events, such as the dubious nature of the H1N1 vaccines, but sometimes for eons of time, like the true history of the Earth. Because the truth is that, in many ways, we have been deceived for many centuries by a darker faction of our group being, who wants to maintain control. Learning of these truths is one of the ways through which we are taking back our power from this dark faction and changing the stewardship of this world. It is after all why we are here. Most of us have incarnated here purposely to facilitate this awakening, this remembering, this knowing, so that we may return this planet to the light she is and for which humanity is now yearning for in every cell of its collective being.

Humanity, at this particular point in time, in fact, is in many ways a little like a battered wife, with a bad case of poor self-esteem, who needs to learn to say no to her abuser. And a 5% faction has taken full advantage of this to rule in a distorted fashion. One could even say that that 5% nurtured that low self-esteem, so at to keep things this way. It is only natural therefore that as humanity awakens, that some healthy boundaries are being drawn.

We are going to see many of these healthy boundaries being drawn in the forms of grass roots activism in the next two years. It is ok for lightworkers to join or support these forms of activism. They are a big part of this process of change and one that it is ok to support at this time, as long as we can hold steady in our inner hope, maintaining positive visions for the future and not engaging in the energy of fight, hate or fear. We are going to be called to participate in enlightened activism, i.e. activism that is about taking a stand, rather than that of engaging an enemy, activism that states clearly how we want our reality to be in the certainty of a successful outcome.

This form of activism is an act of self love that says: this I will accept, this I won’t accept and I am happy to stand by it, as I know my worth. It’s an activism that states an intention clearly, so that the dark ones whose role is that of catalyst, may be released by the contracts they have, that instruct them to challenge us in an ever increasing manner with their dark game, so that we may be stimulated into a higher level of collective self love and empowerment. The dark catalyst in fact desires nothing more, at the Soul level, than to bow out of their position of Earth power, in honor of our graduation. May we honor the role of dark awakener that this energy has been called to play for eons of time by rising to the challenge and embracing this initiation into light filled sacred power.

And as we choose to raise to the next level, there are many ways in which the lightworkers can assist. Here is a suggested protocol that includes various approaches. You may choose all of these or just the ones that call you most strongly:

  1. Continue to affirm and vision the world you want to see as manifested on a regular basis, if not daily (group meditation or individual visualizations are fine for this purpose). When doing this focus only on what you want to create, as you have been taught to do in an individual manifestation setting.
  2. If you feel this is part of your Soul mission, stay informed with regards to areas of concern you feel people may need to be warned about or areas of secrecy that you feel need to be exposed. Take on the role of awakener and spread the word in a centered and empowering way, whenever possible also offering solutions to the difficulties you see.
  3. Counteract what is yet to manifest. Metaphysically, intervene with more visualization, prayer work and /or asking for help from your guides and councils with regards to the situations you see arising. You can find an example of this kind of process in my August newsletter. You can also find my recorded guided processes on MP3 here. On a 3D level, engage in activism based on spreading information, non participation with corrupt systems and peaceful demonstration, etc, to the degree you feel guided to.
  4. Heal any fear or past life issues that may arise as a result of witnessing the light /dark polarity clash and as a result of doing this kind of work. You may find you have old Atlantean lives to clear or lives in which you ended up as lion’s feed for standing your ground ;-) Take charge of healing your fears.
  5. Support enlightened activist and lightworkers that are doing good work with your energy work, time and prayers, so that their work may go further.

If we all implement one or more of the above on a regular basis, we can facilitate great change. Great change means less of a need to experience the gray timelines that are still, to some degree present as our probable futures, in favor of an easy and effortless transition. Just to call a spade a spade: mass vaccinations, quarantines, a global financial collapse and the global totalitarian surveillance state do not need to manifest in our world. If enough of us do the work required to dissolve these possible futures now, we will not need to experience any of the above. Millions of empowered people affirming their sacred stand can go a long way.If those millions are also supported by the energy work and collective manifesting work of many thousands of light orientated metaphysicians, the sky is truly the limit as to what can be accomplished.

May we embrace and affirm our own collective inner power now and rise to the challenge of the collective initiation before us. May we step into our self-love and love of what’s true and divinely right and claim our place as light stewards of this world. And may we be thankful for the lessons provided by the dark catalyst, for the opportunity they brings us, as we are encouraged to move into the next level of evolution of our group being.

May you walk in beauty. Namaste.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Be The Master Who Changes Worlds


Many people speak of ascension. Some see ascension almost as an escape fantasy, where we loose our bodies, and jump into another reality, like by the magic of the flick of a switch in 2012....The way I see it, however, ascension is a process... its an inner process of refinement in perception and consciousness. An inner process that most of us have already mastered and that we are just anchoring deeper into the world. Its our ability to see beyond the veil. Its our ability to touch our inner core and breathe the light. Its our ability to perceive the vaster picture beyond the shackles of limitation. Its our ability to dream and manifest and hold visions for a better world.

As we do so on a mass level, as we hold the focus of a better world to be, the structures of reality will change accordingly, as the physical is always an outer manifestation of the collective consciousness. Much of the chaos we see today in our world, is the product of a wave of transformation that is breaking down the old in favor of the new.

The old power holders of the world have their own agenda, but this does not mean they will be successful. It is important to be aware of their vision, so as to not be duped into allowing a dark game to happen while we are asleep at the wheel. But we also have to be careful to not give our power away, by believing that this agenda will manifest and that we are powerless to stop it. It does not have to manifest and we certainly have the power to stop it. Always hold the idea of success in your mind as you look the darkness in the eye. Do not be seduced into embracing the bleak vision of enslavement and control that those of the dark wish to implement. Hold their agenda in your awareness, so that you may be informed and ready to counteract it. But do not believe for a second that it needs to actualize. With one eye look at the plan of the dark ones and with the other always envision and affirm the transformation. Affirm our success as divine sovereign beings in creating the higher reality we wish to see.

Know that consciousness rules over matter and that over consciousness we have power. Infinite power in fact. All we need to do is plug into our multidimensional energy. Its time to reclaim and remember the infinite Power of Light we hold within us. Once we plug ourselves into the vast network of light that is our Soul and our Divine Essence, we are have infinite seniority over the "dark", which we can shatter in a second like the burst of a star shatters all with its light.

Unplugged, we are just a human walking the Earth. Plugged into our divinity, we are the power of the cosmos ignited.

We are the love of the ALL and mighty burst of infinite creation unfolding. The dark cannot but shatter as it encounters the unstoppable force of Light in Action. The Dark is lost in its own illusion anyway, just a part of creation that has forgotten itself. A part that believes so much in its limitation, that it needs to limit others to survive. An energy so disconnected, it has been lost in a battle for supremacy over that it will NEVER be able to fully own, for eons of time.

And we fear this gray mass of unconsciousness? We give it the power to rule our world?

Do not buy into the illusion of strength that this stray lost disconnected energy wants to portray. You have the energy of starlight behind you. The core of divinity is in your core. You just need to remember who you are. And pull you divine power forward. You have as much power as you believe that you can be. You have as much power as you give yourself permission to access. The only limitation is the limited understanding of who you believe yourself to be.

Know who you are in your entirety.
Know the breath of the universe that lives its magnificence through you. Know the pulsing of the stars, with which your heart pulses in unison. And know the infinite and powerful protective love that each cell of you is made of. Remember who you are.

Remember who you are, lightworker, human, Earther. Remember who you are, and you will not even need me to reassure you that all will be well. Because you will know it within each fiber of your being. You will know it truly , wholly and absolutely without hesitation.

Every day affirm your divinity and seniority as creator of realities and shatter with your mind the dark energy rulers and the structures of old. No physical reality can endure without the consciousness that sustains it. Such is metaphysical law. So call to yourself your divine power and entourage of light and neutralize the consciousness that is at the base of the creation process of the dark. And you shall be victorious.

Shatter the darkness with your God given power, so that it too may be transformed. Flood the Earth with the Sacred Light of Source for which you are appointed channel and conduit. And know that no form of old, no structure of dark, can withstand that power for long. Shine like the supernova that you always were and always will be. Be the Master you were born to be. Ignite the world with you light.

This is why you have been called forward at this time. This is why you are here. Call forth the inner and outer transformation. Light up with divine power. Watch amazed as the Earth and humanity shake off the shackles of old. Ignite the world with your light. Reclaim your divinity and be the multidimensional master who creates worlds.

May you walk in beauty


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All rights reserved. Katie Gallanti, MS, MA, is a writer, teacher, metaphysical counselor and multidimensional healer with more than 35 articles published in magazines in the US and in the UK, with topics ranging from esoteric knowledge and metaphysics to contemporary psychology, science and current affairs. Katie’s mission is to assist with the evolution of the Earth plane’s collective consciousness through her writing, healing and planetary work. She is the creator of the Warrior Visionary Series, an ongoing series of recorded material on MP3s, aimed at engaging the lightworkers in supporting the planetary shift, and Riding the Financial Crisis: Metaphysical tools for creating abundance during turbulent times and other recorded works, which you can find here.Feel free to repost, online only, without altering content and inclusive of this copyright and byline in its entirety, with author and website links clearly stated.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Neutralizing the Pandemic and Other Collective Stuff

Dear all

Lots of media hype about the swine flu, which may well be just another fear bubble for us to burst...however, when tuning into my guides this morning, I was told to remind people that as incarnated representatives of the lightworker force on Earth, we have the right to ask for assistance for all humanity (and birds and swine ;-) ) at any time...its one of the reasons for which we are here in human form at this time...

Request whatever you feel guided to...The suggestion from my guides for today is to ask the higher dimensional teams for assistance in neutralizing all strains of the swine flu, reinforce humanity's immune system as well as asking for a clearing of the fear imprints that are being downloaded into the grids at this time.

If you also feel like asking for the energetic clearing of fear patterns accumulated on the grids since the economic crisis of September 2008 and in all humans who are ready to have these patterns cleared, that would be helpful too.

It would also be helpful to ask for a clearing of all past life patterns and memories of death by poverty, disease and persecution in all whose Souls who are willing to have these patterns cleared and in the grids as a whole.

Ask that these clearings be carried out to the degree that is for the highest good according to the divine plan and in accordance to individual Soul's free will. Many Souls may have contracts to experience certain things for the purposes of Soul growth, karmic rebalancing, etc and it is not for the highest good to interfere with peoples Soul purpose and journey. But for those whose Souls are in agreement and may benefit, may all interventions take place only if and to the degree that is for the highest good of all and each individual incarnated human.

Asking and assisting the collective

Assisting humanity and the transition we face through asking assistance is an effortless yet massively powerful service that we can render our planet at this time. Each one of us is working with mighty powerful teams of angelic, galactic and cosmic beings, the Soul of the Earth and God/Goddess/All That Is. We literally are sitting on an arsenal of light, light technology, information and love based positive power through which we can achieve huge change at a collective level in seconds. We have a right to ask, as members of this collective, for the assistance we require, as long as we frame it as above, in ways that do not interfere with individual and collective contracts.

Much love and blessings to you all as you contribute to shifting obsolete patterns for all


Copyright 2009. Catherine Gallanti.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Welcome to Cosmic Perspectives!

Thank you for joining me, Katie Gallanti, in my new blog dedicated to sharing my and the higher self perspective with regards to metaphysics, healing and the many aspects of life experienced on the Blue planet.

Some of you will be joining me here from the magazine articles I have been writing of late in Paradigm Shift and other publications. Others may be joining me from my MySpace site. Others still from my old e-newsletter list, a newsletter that I have been notably absent from writing for at least 4 years, while I dedicated myself to other aspects of my life, such as completing my Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology.

After a 4 year hiatus, I am ready to peak my head back out of my very comfortable cocoon, to write and share with you all on a more regular basis. It is a time of new beginnings (I am sure you have noticed the recent positive shifts in our collective consciousness), and it seems that I am also being drawn to some sort of a rebirth process. Several areas of my life are coming to completion and the new is making its way through in many ways.

Healing the reincarnational track

As a healer, I feel that the nature of my work is changing. The quality of my healing work has been gradually transforming, from the Soul clearing and guidance I used to provide into a much more powerful and complex multidimensional healing process, where all levels of a person’s life are addressed, from the blockages of childhood, to past lives, to their history as a Soul, right up to their Soul conception as a molecule of the divine, researching and addressing blockages and trauma at each level, right down to the repair of the energetic fabric of the Soul. This kind of healing work is proving particularly useful for old Souls, who have already done a lot of self-development work on themselves and who are looking to unravel the last set of blockages that are peppered throughout their whole incarnational history, almost wrapping up a long string of issues that need to be dealt with in their entirety in order to come to completion.

Assisting the metaphysicians, intuitives and healers

I continue to provide assistance to healers, intuitives, and people of expanded or extrasensory awareness in dealing with the very particular issues that they encounter as they walk their path. Soon I will be offering training in these areas, but for now I am available on a one to one basis, to assist with multidimensional/psychic type issues such as blocked chakras, energetic disturbances, interference from entities, walk- in integration, higher dimensional/DNA activations and integration, problems with or upgrading of the connection with guides/councils, issues with channeling, problems encountered when performing healing work or psychic work or teaching work, energetic bleed-through from other dimensions, past life interferences, linking with higher multidimensional aspects, extra-dimensional linkages, and assistance with a host of other not so commonly understood phenomena linked with being a high level Soul walking around in an Earth body.

Assisting the lightworkers and spiritual warriors

I am, additionally and increasingly, being drawn more and more to work specifically with enlightened activists, spiritual warriors so to speak, who are actively engaged in the visionary quest of creating great change in our world. Many people who are involved in healing practices, political/ environmental activism, change promoting organizations and spiritual projects of all kinds find themselves at times in a place where they need assistance in manifesting the money they need to actualize their vision. O they need emotional/spiritual/psychological support in dealing with inner blockages they may encounter in themselves as they strive to achieve their goals, such as fear of success, memories of traumatic past lives of persecution, difficulties moving into a higher level of expression, etc. Or they may need help in clearing blockages towards creating wealth or attracting clients, and may benefit from learning advanced manifesting processes aimed at working with their business/organization as energy, creating powerful results, in alignment with Higher Self and Soul.

I am increasingly asked to focus on providing this kind of assistance, through business manifestation and metaphysical consultation sessions, which go beyond just the “creating money” approach, into a more far reaching and integrated combined approach, inclusive and not limited to 1) Manifestation of Soul Purpose 2) Alignment of one’s work with the direction for the overall collective consciousness shift 3) 3) A varied approach to personal blockages, inclusive of clearing, guided meditation processes and regressions 4)Energetic business clearings 5) Advanced business manifestation techniques.

These are literally Soul Level Coaching and Instruction Sessions, where we work with the energy of businesses and organizations from a Soul perspective and in alignment with the Beings of Light that are already assisting each one of you from the other side of the veil (and with whom we work collaboratively during our time together). The intent of these sessions is to empower and support people as they carry out sometimes demanding Soul missions, so that they may get their work done and continue to thrive as they assist the transformation of our beloved planet.

I am very excited that I am being drawn to focus more of my attention in this area, as I love doing this kind of work – so far reaching in its implications! If each of us were really able to be 100% effective with our Soul Missions, the Earth Plane would change in a heartbeat.

Teaching and Writing

I am also being drawn to begin teaching once again, but mostly through the sharing of information through the internet, as writing, digital recordings and courses on MP3s and CDs. I have several courses brewing, from healing, to Earth grid work, to manifesting, which will be available as soon as I have the time to begin recording and as soon as I find a person web savvy enough to help me set up a way to make all this available through the web. I also have a book in the pipeline, which is almost complete, which I am hoping to have available in about 6 months.

Quirky Publishing and Productions

Since much of what I am preparing to do concerns writing and the production of instructional digital media, I have joined forces with Quirky Publishing and Productions, a new publishing and services venture, dedicated not only to the in print and digital publishing/distribution of personal growth materials, but also dedicated to counterculture and art in general. For some time now my creativity has been demanding expression and I have realized that, although metaphysical work is obviously still my primary interest, art in the forms of photography, poetry, music and web design (its seems that creativity in mathematical code is something that suits this ex-scientist really well), are very much part of my Soul mission too. By teaming up with Trevor Watson, my long time friend, creative writer,magazine publisher and arts person, I feel that my Soul will be able to explore more aspects of itself. So expect to see both of us exploring a wide range of expressions via Quirky Publishing and Productions in months/years to come.

Our web site is currently under construction (please ignore the ugly template). We hope to be up and running within 4 to 8 weeks. I’ll keep you posted of development in that regards. Many of these changes will also be posted on my personal web site , which will also be undergoing renovations in the next few months, to reflect all the changes that are transpiring.

So, we have come to the end of my first post, that, as you can see, has consisted mostly of an update on what is going on in my world…more posts of a more metaphysical nature will follow in the days/weeks to come…

I thank you for stopping by and I send you much love and light and healing as you travel your path

Much love and blessings


Catherine Gallanti ©2009. All rights reserved. Do not reprint or reproduce in any medium without express permission in writing from