Friday, June 29, 2012

Cycles and Microcycles in Time

All things have a beginning, a middle and an end. The beginning of things is new, exciting and scary, as we launch into new territory and spread new wings. The middle is a time of consolidation, in which the craft is honed and life is filled with stability and routine. The end is the time in which the idea, having reached completion, unwinds, fading out, so the cycle can begin anew.

Each part of the cycle has its up and down side. Some people thrive on the risk of new beginnings. Others thrive on the stability of what is true and tested, but don't like to venture more than necessary into the unknown. And most people dislike endings, as they lead to a period of void, where the seeds of new creation are yet to be perceived and seen. And fear can fill the empty spaces...Fear of having lost. Or fear that the new will not arrive.

Every ending a micro-death, leaving however room from a new micro-birth. Cycles within cycles, leading to more cycles of consciousness and time, as we spiral into evolution, one breath at a time.

As we embrace all phases and cycles, recognizing them for what they are - currents within the river of change - we surrender to the rapids and flow, trusting that the water knows where to go. And, as we become like water, we flow fast but gently around the rocks and land, unscathed.

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