Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Finding your own Energy and Energetic Communication

Sometimes to find your own vibration, you have to isolate your vibration. That is, we need to withdraw, cut all cords and connections to other people and other situations (even if just for an hour or two), so we can find our own original light signature and feel it.

A few months ago I had a very turbulent and difficult day. Planetary energy storms and my own personal process aside, I was also holding space for two friends that had been going some major challenges and shifts. By the end of that day, I found myself feeling so much emotional pain inside me that I was literally hyperventilating. I dont drink alcohol and I dont use pharmaceuticals, but if I had, it would have been a medicate moment. It was that intense.

I decided to get my pendulum out and to do some dowsing on myself, as if I were my own client. And I found that I was corded to several of my close people who were hurting. So I literally was feeling everybody else's stuff as if it were my own, on top of what I was already feeling myself. I saw that I was corded to at least three people and that one of the cords was very big. I cut the cords and repaired my field and within minutes I was back to peace. Still going through my own process, but now at peace and not spinning out of control in turbulence and confusion.

I also realized that I had been thinking of one of these people all day and that most likely by doing so, I had synched myself to their field. A good thing to remember is that when we focus on people or they on us, our energies begin to talk to each other and merge. In fact in many ways the energy talk between to people's fields is more real and authentic than any letter we may write or words we may speak. If we are clear on how we are feeling originally and then focus on another, we immediately have accurate information about how they are feeling. We can tell if they are open or closed to us, peaceful or angry, just by how our energy shifts when we think of them. But if we are not conscious of this, we may begin to feel what they are feeling and think it is our stuff. Which at times can be very confusing.

The good thing is that we can also find resolution at this level. First of all, once we realize its their stuff, we can cut the cords, send the energy back to the person it belongs to and send them healing (if they are open to it) and then return to our own energy. Or we can work on resolving the issues at hand on the inner planes. We can get very quiet within and send soothing, feelings of love, as well as important communications through the ethers. They are almost always received.

Even when the bonds are permanently severed between people on the physical plane, we can still find a way to bring love to a situation, so that we may resolve or close up situations in a more healing way.

I remember when I was studying the light body in the late nineties and I was working on the heart vibrational center. I toned the heart center for three days straight until I could hear the tones replaying in my mind on automatic, even when I was sleeping. Deep trance ;-) During one of these long sleep and tone nights, I found myself out of my body sitting cross legged, in front of my ex. We had had a bad break up about a year and a half prior and many of our meetings since had been difficult, painful and kind of awkward, as we tried to move on, while sharing a large mutual group of friends and social life. It was not easy and for the past year we had tried to avoid each other when we could.

But here I was cross-legged out of my body, in front of my ex, also cross-legged, out of body, right in front of me. I communicated my sadness at all that had transpired between us and about us no longer talking and how much I missed him even as a friend. He told me he felt the same and that yes we should indeed be friends, it was time. After which I was back in my body and woke up. Five minutes later the phone rang. It was my ex. He had not called me in over a year. He said that he was calling because he felt that it was sad that we did not talk any more. as he missed me and wished we could be friends. I agreed. And from that moment on, we released our previous bond as mates and became friends in the real world. And we are still friends to this day.

We have so many tools at our disposal once we make the leap into the world of the Soul and energy. And these tools become magnified and all healing, when we add the magical ingredients of surrender and love to the mix. When we work energetically from the true heart, a heart that is surrendered to what is best for all involved, knowing that what is best is ultimately the only thing that works long term, we can find true communication and true healing. The healing may occur only in the subtle worlds at first, but eventually it often trickles through into the "real" world too. And if we are motivated by love, what happens is always what needed to occur.

Wishing you a happy and peaceful week ...

Katie Gallanti

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