Wednesday, November 27, 2013

On Psychic Boundaries

Intuitive skills, learned or innate, come with responsibility. In general, it is not appropriate to give intuitive and psychic feedback to people without asking first, especially on sensitive issues such as deep wounds and trauma. Or other sensitive, life altering issues.

Most people are good and mean well, if just a tiny bit unconscious. There are metaphysical practitioners that are just a bit over-eager and clumsy. They see stuff and are so excited that they may be able to help that they spill out all they see, without first checking if it is wanted, if it is a good time, etc. Know that sometimes people can be in vulnerable places where it is actually not easy to hear feedback. There may be just too much pain, or a very carefully held balance that cannot balance any extra input. Or there may be decisions to be made that are better and more empowering to make alone. Sometimes people can feel a bit crowded and patronized when receiving input they did not ask for.

We are all here together, but we are here also on a unique journey in which nobody has walked another's shoes. Important to remember this even when we are psychic people, because even if we can see the information about a person, we may still not understand their unique situation, where they are at at that time and the overall purpose of their particular crisis at any given time. It is healthy to always be humble with these things, as we all have pieces of the puzzle, but we often do not have the whole. So always be gracious with your feedback, remembering always that, even if you "know", you may still not know.

Then there is a slightly more toxic version of psychic boundary violation, in which someone "reads" another's vulnerabilities, with the purpose of gaining access to their "wound", to exploit it or to get a leg up over them. These are more "power play" orientated boundary violations and carry a bit more karmic weight. Then there are people who use their psychic skills like a weapon, to make other people feel bad, so they can feel good, or play with people's minds. Sounds nasty, but it happens. Dark posing as light comes to mind.

In general know that someone's psychic space is sacred. We are not allowed to go in there without permission, by karmic law. Its their space, not our space, especially here, in the free will zone. Accessing people's thoughts, feelings, past, soft spots, private spots, is delicate stuff. Privacy is becoming an old fashioned word in this new millennium cyber-world, but privacy is a sacred thing that allows people to have a space where they can just be their own energy, their own thoughts, their own process, their own being without interference. Privacy is necessary for the survival of the spirit. We are collective beings, but we are also atoms of uniqueness within that one being. The collective is only as sacred as the respect it has for each individuality within it. Anything different from that is oppression and violation, from the tyranny of the Borg to the end of the free will of the soul's journey.

Summarizing. Psychic skills can be extremely helpful for people when used for the highest good. But always ask permission before giving your feedback. And always check up on your motivations for giving it in the first place. And as the receiver. If someone offers psychic feedback that does not feel right or feels invasive or malicious, you do not have to receive it or hear it. Tell the person to stop speaking. And pull up your psychic shields. Also check if any of their energy and cords are in your field, as sometimes toxic feedback comes with psychic attack or vampirism. Pull out any cords or energies you dont like and fill your field with Gold. And then focus back on the light of Source and go back on your merry way.

Much love and blessings

Katie Gallanti

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Nikki Mitchell said...

I had this actually "happen" to me at a party by a "psychic" who asked me in front of my daughter who was....hmmm....about 12 at the time...why I was jealous of her...It was the biggest violation of my daughter and of me I have ever had from a "psychic". It felt completely untrue, and it also felt like an "attack". It also set a bizarre tone for my daughter's first experience being around this type of group. I remember walking into this party and also being addressed first thing by another "psychic" who was female (and NOT coming onto me OR complimenting me) as, "Well, aren't you pretty?". What she meant to imply was, "what am I doing here?" and "that must be all there is to you." I do not usually consider myself very psychic, but I read both of these intruders CLEARLY as extremely toxic and vampiric. Unfortunately, they are still out there. Hopefully, they have learned a valuable lesson. I know I certainly did.