Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Traumatic Shattering, Reclaiming Wholeness

There can be occasions in which people and situations that really hurt us to the point where one begins to break apart. This can be an abusive situation, like an abusive mate or parent, or a situation that generates soul breaking degrees of stress. This fragmentation is also at the base of all trauma based mind control. We all have a limit as to what we can withstand and when that limit is reached, we start to fragment. Children are particularly vulnerable to this, as their energy structure is still very delicate and they often will split into alter personalities when this happens, whether in a visible way, such as with Dissociative Identity Disorder, or just as breaks within their inner psyche, as traumatized inner child aspects that remain frozen in the inner world. But adults can break too, usually shattering under pressure and slipping into a chaotic or catatonic state that many refer to as a nervous breakdown.

In these times, it is important to remember who you are energetically. One of the devastating side effects of partner abuse or child abuse, for example, is that the discordant persons are in close daily proximity and can literally drip feed the poison on a daily basis so slowly that one does not realize one is dying until one is almost out of all light. Very much like a frog will boil to death in a pot of water in which the heat is raised very gradually.

When this happens, the first thing one needs to do is cut all energetic cords between self and the discordant person or situation. And recall all of one's light to oneself. All of the parts of the self that have been scattered from the stress or the pain need to be called back to the center and to the core of one's being. It also helps to energetically anchor to the original soul blueprint of the self on the higher dimensions and to bring it back into one's physical vehicle, as this will automatically restore balance and a true sense of self. And if any darkness penetrated one's field, as abusive people are often vehicles for dark beings that operate through them, expel the darkness from your field and repair any parts of the self that had been damaged with golden threads of light. Then shield the energy field with a thick glass like wrapper of transparent light.

Also allow for all the pain that has overloaded your system to breaking point to dissipate and dissolve. This can be old pain, new pain, old trauma or new. And just see it leave and evaporate like mist in the morning sun... now gone. Spin out of your field any residue of shattering trauma and call to yourself over and over the highest manifestation of your essence, knowing that you can heal instantly from all trauma and all exposure to darkness. Huddle the inner children towards the center of your being and create a ring of protection around them and flood them with healing stemming right from the center of Creator, so that they may feel loved and safe.

Continue to do this and as you do this, day in day out, repeat as your mantra: "I now return to my wholeness. I forgive all transgressions from all lives past and present, while I reclaim my full divine self. I see innocence in all players, while also doing what is needed to take care of and protect my being and light. I re-instate my being-ness of love and also my power as a carrier of light. I restore in myself the parts of myself that have been broken or forgotten or repressed. I integrate and heal all the parts of my self, repairing all fractures, with grace and ease. I recognize the power of Creator and the aspects of myself that are Creator to restore all beauty, all health, all love all joy, all self worth, all wholeness into my being in instant and miraculous ways. My wholeness is but one thought and one light blueprint away. I embrace all my experiences as pathways of growth, while also giving myself permission to move away from those experiences of pain once my lessons have been fully learned. I now give myself permission to experience only enhancing and healing connections. As I project my own healing light into the outer world, I encounter an abundance of positive healing reflections of light in all my interactions."

May you reclaim all pieces of yourself and shine your wholeness to all corners of the world. May your being cocoon and transform into the butterfly of gold you always were and were always meant to be.

And also remember to send light to all the players in the story, as most people are just innocent in their inability to hold a strong field and see clearly the effects of their actions. Hardly any soul would hurt another if they truly understood the magnitude of the effects of their actions. And most people who harm others do so, out of their own inability to manage their own emotions, be connected to their own being, their own feelings and their own source light. Ultimately all is just trauma talking to trauma. And all trauma is just a wound begging for healing. May all sources of pain and their root causes find healing and be healed for all beings on planet Earth, so we may move away from the world of wounded reactions, into a world of new creations of love.

Much love

Katie Gallanti
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