Friday, September 20, 2013

Angels in Body Suits

When I had my full blown adrenal crash in 2009 I was so sick I could not walk and for several months I was bedridden and the maximum effort I could make was to walk from my bedroom to the kitchen, where it would take me 2 hours to fix one meal for the day and change Missy's litter box. I literally could only lift the lid of the litter box, then had to sit down for 20 minutes to recover from the effort, before I could proceed further. I lived in a severe mental fog, could not work and burned through all my savings. I was also alone, as there was nobody in my life to do chores for me or go buy groceries. I would get a cab to go to the grocery store and back and going to get food was a massive undertaking.

In the middle of this crisis is when I started making jewelry, as I got to the bottom of my savings and I did not have the energy to do any sessions, so I took a necklace someone gave me, which was kind of ugly, but had nice stones on it and I went to the bead store to get a few things to make it pretty. The next day I sold it and that payed for my groceries for the week. Once that crisis started easing up and I could actually think straight, even if body was still ultra-fatigued, is also when I came on Facebook for the first time. And I made my first YouTube video that now has ten-thousand views. and recorded my first series of mp3s. And started my blog. And wrote my first articles on planetary astral warrior work. Looking back its amazing I managed to do any of it, as I was extremely sick. A normal person with money in the bank would have been in a hospital, while I was making videos, recording MP3s and even on the radio doing shows. In fact I had my first radio show with Cariel right in the middle of this crisis. Obviously in the middle of this sickness, some part of me was working fine.

During that time, one of the few people that showed up to help was actually a lady who was a Jehovah's Witness who used to come and knock on my door to give me the Watchtower. I had always chatted with her in the past and all of a sudden she could see that I could not even make it to open the door for her. So she started dropping by with soup and a roll of bread from Wholefoods. She does not come to my door any more, I must no longer be on her route. And I miss that lady.

I was thinking about this this morning and thinking how most people have really bad association with the Jehovah's peeps, but for me the lady was like a breath of life saving fresh air. Made me also think how kind human beings can be. No matter what our beliefs or persuasions, we are all here in the body suit, doing our best to learn our lessons, live the best life we can and hopefully learn how to love our fellow man and our own selves in a good way. All the rest is just window dressing and decoration that we discard the minute we leave the planet and we should never let that stuff interfere with our willingness to see the soul inside.

Just my two cents for the day...

Much love

Katie Gallanti

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Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

Thank you for this reminder that kindness is all that matters. We should never judge another by their 'window dressing' :)