Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Special Offer and some info on Guides and other Dimensions

Alright sweet people, last two days on my end of summer special for sessions - offering 45 mins for $88 (instead of 125), one hour for 111 instead of 150, and longer 75 min sessions for 144 instead if 188 - people have asked me if the can just get the minutes now and use them later as they need them and I have said yes. So basically, you can get some time with me this way and then claim it as you see fit over the next six months. Even split it up in chunks... I am ok with that :-)

If you want to do the work now, know that short sessions are good for running stuff by me, guidance, problem solving as well as general energy clearing work of your field and chakras. Longer sessions are suitable for deeper energy work, entity removal, working on blockages, past life regression type work, as well as hands on guided processes to connect you with aspects of your self on higher dimensions, your soul on the soul plane (which is something ultra-beneficial, which however people dont truly grasp until they do it). There is a part of us that does not come into incarnation, it is the seed of light from which we stem, except for many of us its more like a radiant beaming sun and it is the Soul hub that is directly connected to Source. Learning how to connect with this part is very beneficial as it shifts our consciousness to a higher level, beyond our personality self and ego. Also once we learn how to travel to the Soul plane we can connect with the soul of others. And have dialogue soul to soul, which sometimes can really shift our relationships with said people, especially if communications on this plane have broken down. One can also work on "karma" this way and get energies to shift that may otherwise be stubborn.

You can also use these sessions for connection with guides and councils on other side, where I teach you also how to maintain that connection.

Most of us have a set of beings that work with us throughout our lives and we dont even know what they are all about. Making that connection conscious and knowing how to consciously access it can be very useful, especially if you have a mission in life that is larger than yourself. In fact usually people that have a "collective mission" have a bigger team, what I call councils, as they need it to get their work done. And by the way this is so even if you dont believe in these things or think all beings on the other side are evil tricksters and out to scam you - there are oodles of dark tricksters on the lower dimensions beaming false light and learning how to stay clear of those is important, but important not to throw out the baby with the bathwater, as many of us hail from high dimensional places and have an away team that came with us to support us in "being here" - and getting conscious of that can be very helpful...

But...I digress! lol .... back to the offer...its there for a few days, contact me here or at my email katiegallanti@hotmail.com, if you have questions or want to reserve some time. Offer ends tomorrow Sept 4th at midnight.

Much love

Katie G. 


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