Saturday, June 29, 2013

Releasing the Energy of Old Bonds, Birthing the New Self

Today I was testing out a new headset, to see if it recorded well on my laptop and if it cut out background noise, which in large part it does. Yey ! That means much more recording from me, as I now dont have to wait till 11pm when all the airport noise dies down ( I live close to an airport and planes fly overhead every three minutes or so, which in the past, when recording things, has been as issue).

At first I was doing my little sound test reading from an old article (one I posted on here a year ago), but  it then it evolved into this spontaneous "bringing in the new self" process, which I think can be useful and relevant for right now. I was not intending to publish this so the beginning is a bit messy, gets better when I stop reading and just go with in the moment flow. Various things in here therefore: clearing field from the energy of others, clean up of residual energies and contracts at the end of a relationship and a meditative process for bringing forward the next level of Self.

For those that are not releasing a love relationship, you can do this process for any bond that you feel is still lingering in your field (past love relationships that still feel energetically incomplete or any bond that needs releasing). Alternatively you can skip it all together and just go forward to the New Self Process, starting at minute 14:20.
Hugs, blessings, love  x x x


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