Monday, June 24, 2013

Post Solstice Energy Update

There is a new energy coming in, new and shiny bright.... Things have been shifting energetically and going up up up for about a month, but up until a few days ago in a very "crash and burn clear all issues now" sort of way. Very intense, like the tarot card the tower, on steroids. Many have been busy working and feeling and releasing core issues, sometimes in quite an extreme way. For the past few days instead, solstice onwards, something new is breaking through. A very high and fine vibration is now available, very new high doorways open for those wishing to step through. The energy feels very expansive and a little heady. I see lots of gold purple and magenta and even silver and bright aqua. Its very powerful but not heavy. Lots of deep purple. Transparent, purple hues, deep color, but light vibration. Powerful and regal, and also uplifting.

For a few months prior to now I was told certain things need to step up or wrap up by mid June. My personality was not too happy at how many things wrapped up instead of stepping up, but apparently higher realms have no judgement about this sort of thing. As long as we go into the new phase clutter free. Clutter being our stuff, our patterns and situations that prevent us from moving forward - the decks needed clearing or upgrading, so we could be moving into next big energy shift...which is happening now.

I am being shown two more months to integrate these new very clear and potent energies coming in, after which we get to do something with them in the world. And new people and new situations come in at that point. So... rest up and enjoy floating in the nice purples and magenta post solstice energies, as at some point, most likely September, we get new assignments. But it seems we get to rest till then. Or at least we get to rebuild a new container after the great stripping of the past few months.

In the meantime pay attention to the body. Bodies, especially those of old peeps such as myself (young indigos may have less issues here) are going through some adjustments, in order to hold high voltage, but also to clear and activate new layers. We have two months to take care of bodies while all this takes place. Eat well, drink water, run healing energy and rest, kind of sums it up.

This is a time in which for those that are navigating the higher consciousness streams available within collective energy streams speedy manifestation, but also speedy healing available. Any issue you are dealing with, approach it energetically. Take the issue as energy into the high consciousness streams and flood it with light until it transforms. Do the same with your body chakras and energy field. Visualize taking body into the high consciousness healing streams and bathe it in that light... see the cells clearing, the meridians adjusting, the chakras unblocking and state that all that is lower in the filed (entities, implants, blocks, old patterns) dissolve like vanilla ice-cream on a hot beach .... liquefying and sliding off of you and then evaporating without any sticky residual (Maybe we could have chosen another metaphor lol).

Astrologically (which is not always the same thing, as right now many of the shifts we are experiencing are galactic rather than solar system based), Jupiter is about to go into Cancer and it will stay there for a whole year. It will also soon form a grand water trine with Saturn and Neptune. Which feels like a good harmonious blend of grounding and emotional flow. 

Happy integration and end of energy bulletin ;-)

Much love x x x

Katie G.
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