Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Embracing Change and Creation Potential

We make all these projections about the future - we call them plans. Plans are important because they help us direct intention and energy - However, as they say, if you want to make God laugh, tell him/her your plans ;-) ...Meaning that often our Soul and Creator have very different ideas about the options for us to take. In fact detours of this kind happen with frequency ;-)

When the cosmic plans and our plans do not match up, we can have "upheaval": something happens that unequivocally turns everything upside down. If we were not attached to those plans, no harm done. But if we were very invested - like love bonds, marriages, an important career, a child or things that feel kind of important to the fabric of our lives or that gave us some feeling of safety and permanence - then the "upheaval" can be very painful as it literally rips us out of one reality in order to place us in another and often takes a piece of our heart with it. Additionally  we often dont get to the other reality right away, so we walk around punch drunk for a little bit, wobbling around hurt and confused for a short while, until Spirit very kindly shows us where we were supposed to go instead ;-) (hopefully lol)

Punch drunk times can be painful times, but they are also times in which we get to look at our lives and what works and what does not work; how we created a scenario and how not to create it again; or how to create something new; or simply, how to find a new direction now that plan A has gone. It can be both daunting and exhilarating, definitely a time best used for shedding skins and building new ways of being, making new doorways and pathways at higher levels of consciousness easier to access.

If you find yourself ripped out of your plans and into "involuntary shifting", honor your punch drunk transitions and "the void", as a window for deep healing ... Embrace the transformative power of these times, so breakdowns may become breakthroughs :-) And allow for the new timelines to open and expand. Affirm that all change is good change and that you are open to transforming, new opportunities and new life.... and above all that you are open and surrendered to the highest manifestation of reality that is open and available to you at this time and to all the healing and tools that will help you get there.

This is also a moment of great planetary change, inner and outer structures are changing and sometimes crumbling. Humanity as a whole is punch drunk, as it looks for new avenues and new ways of being human. On the collective level this is an opportunity for complete re-evaluation. Sometimes its only when things become chaotic that we look for new solutions. Forks in the road appear: what kind of future will we create? We are at a node with many roads. Some roads are higher then others. For us to collectively create and choose.

Embrace the change both inner and outer and hold a vision for the best and highest version of humanity and its societies and its structures coming into form now. A good time to affirm that the highest and best blueprint for the purest version of humanity be accessible to us now. As well as all of the tools and knowledge and actions needed to bring it all into being.

As usual change starts with the self. As each atom eventually shifts the whole. May each atom of humanity find its new vibration with grace and ease :-)

Big hugs, much love


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