Thursday, July 11, 2013

Healing with Source Love

During these challenging astrological and solar galactic times of acceleration, which trigger so much of our stuff at one time, we can experience some overwhelm. Also, for many, relationships, jobs, friendships, outer forms and ways of being that do not match the new vibrations that we are integrating are ending sometimes abruptly and dramatically. This is both the nature of the Pluto Uranus square and the nature of the intense energies we are absorbing into our being from the solar/galactic field. The combo at times can be a little much to navigate for the incarnational self. Lots of stripping. And lots of change.

At these times of overwhelm, our psychological and emotional "stuff" is up for us to work on and clear. And, alongside the real world events and endings, we can literally feel a little broken for a while. And in some ways we are, as integral parts of our being and life are being broken off, so that they can be either evolved to a higher level or replaced by something healthier. This is much like breaking a bone that did not set right, so that it can be realigned and heal properly. Something is broken, so it can be reset. It may hurt, but ...its a good thing.

The transitional phase can be experienced like a void, in which all that has been removed is gone, the wounds are still wide open, but not much has yet come to replace it. This is also a time in which parts of us that carry pain from past lives or childhood start to talk, as the abrupt shift can trigger a primal reaction in the parts of us that still carry pain, trauma or fear. This is a great opportunity for healing those parts, as long as we do not go under- i.e. the purpose here is to look at these parts and heal them, not to allow them to run the show. One of the ways of working energetically with this transitional phase is that of tapping into the LOVE present in the universe at its source. I call this Source Love. Imagine downloading this love into your being, through your crown, until all of you body - every cell, all DNA, every molecule , every atom, every chakra - and the whole energy field are flooded with Source Love. Hold the inner child aspects of self and the past life selves in the center of the heart chakra and flood those with Source Love too.

Source Love has its own wisdom and consciousness. You don't need to figure out how to heal or fix something, just flood it with a steady stream of love. Pulse your being with love, from head to toe, over and over, until all emotions calm, all inner parts soothe, until the body feels relaxed and at peace. And you will often then find that with this, the mental body also shifts and new thoughts come into your mind and new perspectives: ones that help you see clearly and that aid you in holding center and in taking the next most appropriate step in present time.

If the intensity of the events in your life is major, that one step may be all that you can do, but know that also that is often all that is required. As each day, as you flood your being with love, each day that one step moves you forward and before you know it, in present time, you are on the new path that Spirit is leading you towards. As this is ultimately what this is all about, a transition into a new level of being, that delivers us, in love, to our wholeness.

Also know that at times, flooding with Source Love, automatically bumps us up into a higher energy stream of the collective consciousness. What some refer to as the New Earth and which is none other than a higher energetic experience in the collective consciousness. It is my experience that when I raise my vibration as to match this consciousness stream, suddenly problems seem small, perspective become clear, wisdom comes easier, as well as a less emotional and more detached way of interpreting life that is less drama filled and more vision filled. Its a place in which new futures and new visions are clear, in which the world is more energetic and less physical and in which manifestation flows in more direct ways. Manifestation as energy moving and coalescing. And the light of the Soul is easier to embody and transmit from here.

At this level all is Soul unfolding. And issues shift easily as energy. Flood the issue with energy and it transforms and dissolves. Self healing is also easier and the chakras take on a new shimmer.

This consciousness stream is one shift in perspective away. My sense at the moment is that although it exists already in a stable way, we are still a little on off in our ability to connect and hold this vibration steadily. So we go in and out of higher and lower, new and old, and it can feel a little confusing at times. Bringing in Source Love and flooding our beingness with it on an ongoing basis works very well for stabilizing the new vibration. As usual it is about staying conscious moment to moment. And shifting difficult energies and emotions before they snowball and avalanche. As the more consistently we can raise our field, the more we can anchor into higher light and the easier and more stable our experience in these vast accelerating energies.

Trust in the wisdom of the consciousness of the energy of love and one step at a time you will be exactly where you need to be. As well as all of who you are, in the fullness of your own energetic completion, radiating all the colors that you are and the new frequencies of your being to the world.

May you walk in beauty

Love and blessings


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