Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Discernment and the Frequency Shift

Some people have unhelpful guides - guides that are either not high enough in vibration for their level of development or that are dark orientated beings in disguise. Imagine you are a teacher, guiding many - you can then become a mouthpiece for not so great vibrations that use you to get their distortions across. There is a lot of this out there, even in the truth movement (this is not just a new age phenomena), so pay attention to both what you are receiving in your own mind and what you follow. 

Spiritual ego or a desire to obtain power and self aggrandizement through leading others will also attract interference, as ego driven motivations are not service to others aligned. If a person's motivation is about self and not mission, this is an issue. Or better, a lesson in discernment. So make sure to check up regularly about what drives you and those you go to for your external input, as, on the Earth plane people can be easily seduced: the density can make some souls in bodies confused.

Always check up with the feelings in your body and the effects on your spirit, when in interaction with guidance. Is your crown activated and heart when you hear certain info, or your solar plexus. Which does not mean listening to positive information only - in fact many positives are actually not real - I am talking about vibrations of love and truth. Truth based in high chakra vibrations can be punchy, but it will still on some level feel uplifting, as the truth, however dire, will always sets you free. But watch for information that is aiming to distort, throw off balance or mine you for energy. Ego driven energy will often plug into your solar plexus. Literally pulling at it for energy and attention, so ... learn to pay attention to your gut ...literally. 

Also be aware that psychopharma chemicals and addictive mind altering chemicals like alcohol and drugs more often than not create openings in the aura and density in vibration that allows access to critters that then can cord you and influence via you. Not all chemicals were created equal nor affect people in equal ways, so for you to discern. But regardless... keep your field clean. If you indulge, clear your field after. Ask Source/ Prime Creator to cut all cords to dark energy, remove any extraneous energies/being that may have entered into your field/being and then ask for your field to be sealed and repaired. And if you ego is culprit, creating a breach, ask for Source to help you get back in alignment. After which, repair and clear your field. Get in the habit of clearing and repairing your field daily. Its a good routine to have.

If you have doubts about who you are working with on the inner planes, as sometimes this can occur (and should as its important to check up regularly), especially if under any form of psychic attack, ask that only that which is in a alignment with the highest expressions of Source beyond polarity, be allowed to serve as your guide or as part of your guidance team. And may all the rest be removed and cleared, as for the highest good of all. For those that do not like to work with guides at all, ask that only the connection to Source/Prime Creator be maintained, without mediators, and that all the rest fall away. But also know that there are many beings in high places, that are very helpful and whose sole job is to assist us and the Earth plane in evolving out the current density into a higher flow. As long as we connect right and with the right teams, beyond deceptions and distortions, there is much life for us to play with that is not only safe, but a very valuable resource for both our personal and collective journey, which for many of us is intertwined. 

The greatest recipe to a clear connection and clear guidance is the development of your own Soul. Your true Soul and its original vibration, without distortion, is that of a speck of divinity, that shines bright. Your Soul is also on a journey, evolving higher and higher in consciousness. But we are not all connected to our Souls when in a body. Ask for the vibration of your Soul to descend into you with greater and greater clarity. And ask for the vibration of Source to do the same. This may accelerate your lessons for a short period of time, while you get clear of both energies, traumas, past lives and attachments, but it will also clean you out, until you become a greater and clearer conduit for pure consciousness. This will change you and will change the field around you, so that you will effectively be able to navigate into the higher streams of consciousness of the Earth plane.

The Earth plane is an energetic reality. There are many layers within this reality. Different bands of experience that correspond to different ways of experiencing the same externals. As you raise your consciousness energetically, you will shift streams and your experience will become more clear and flowing. You will also begin to resonate with different matching vibrations. New people will come into your life and others will drop away, as you are de facto no longer inhabiting the same energetic playing field- unless they also eventually shift. At first you may not be able to stay stable in the new flow, and you will swing back and forth, but eventually, the shift will be a permanent one. 

This is also what is occurring in general on the Earth plane as humanity as a whole is shifting consciousness streams. Like electrons jumping into higher level orbits due to excitation, the galactic solar pulse is shifting each one of our incarnated soul molecules into higher consciousness streams. And so a new Earth is formed, which is not a place, but a new energy and experience within the same place, so that we are all still here, together, but perceiving different worlds simultaneously. Many worlds within a world, some contracting, while others evolving, shifting, expanding. 

There is no good nor bad to this process, just different timetables of evolution. But if your soul has decided that it came here to evolve, this is the time to make choices, as there is a timetable to this process - the cosmic clock is ticking . Are you on the bus or off the bus? Do the work required to catch the evolutionary train, if you came here to experience shifting your physicality into higher levels of being - or to act as a catalyst for collective evolution by doing the same -It is worth experiencing the inevitable fragmentation of acceleration, so at to experience the reconfiguring...
This is a time in which dismantlement is an inevitable processes, as there is much that needs to be reassembled and it can sometimes be hard to do this without first pulling apart some pieces. Trust the process as much as you can. 

Even the butterfly sheds some blood as she leaves her cocoon. But then she flies unhindered in all her magnificence, parading her new colors.

Ok...end of long ramble lol

Big love


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