Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reconnecting to the Higher Path

I am at peace in the perfection of the higher path, trusting that all that unfolds is always for my highest good.

My highest good comes to me naturally and in miraculous ways. I am open to higher guidance and I always follow my gut feeling, as I know its inspired by the part of me that knows all.

I trust in myself and my connection to Source. I am always protected. The beauty of love and Source is always by my side, shining light on the road, guiding my steps to higher ground. I bask in the frequencies of divine love and my being is elevated by love.

And as I surrender to Source my trust is strengthened. All that I need is provided for me. All that I am is enhanced.

I discover more of myself: hidden light, hidden gifts, hidden resources come to light as I open to who I am in grace. My energy field is on fire with calm expanded light. My whole being is expanded in love.

There is no limitation, as I surrender the barriers of my being. And allow for more.I am a container of infinity. An instrument in the symphony of creation. My song is without end.

And as I surrender my will within the oceanic cosmic Source, I free myself. I am eternal, filled with bountiful peace. I know abundance, not out of want, but from the knowing of who I am. As I remember that I am all.

I am vehicle for beauty. Notes and celestial music color my breath with rainbows. I am an instrument of transmission.

I receive through my crown. I transmit through my heart. I reverberate as I emit a frequency of love. I allow myself to be played by its song.

I am one with my Source. We sparkle and radiate as one, surfing the infinity of a cosmic wave of being.

And so it is. And so it was. And so it always will be, as I reconnect to the truth of who I am.

All is as it was always meant to be.

And I honor my path, and I bless all footsteps past, as I ready for new ones to come. ., Copyright 2011. Katie Gallanti. All rights reserved.

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