Sunday, July 17, 2011

Putting The Green Back Into The City

The last few days have been filled with synchronicity. I had just decided to start looking into growing my own food on my patio, mostly vegetables for juicing like cucumbers, carrots, lettuce and kale. Buying organic veggies in the quantities required for juicing every day is quite expensive, but I want to green juice every day now that I am on a raw food diet. So I am walking along doing my thing, not really thinking about juicing any more, running some errands and I just happened to bump into a guy at a local store, who was looking for lettuce seeds. We started chatting and he talked to me for a while about square foot gardening and how he has been eating out of his yard for the past five years all the veggies I listed above. He gave me great tips and ideas. Now in my whole 44 years I have never bumped into someone and struck up a conversation about lettuce ;-) lol... but that's how it goes nowadays lol

Then I get home and my neighbors at the back are digging up their yard as they are starting their own vegetable garden. All flower plants relocated to pots so they can grow tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers and salad and herbs in the flower beds. Apparently the girl, who has just moved in with her fiancee, is interested in herbalism and wants to grow her own medicinal plants. Liking this girl.We spent the whole afternoon talking about how to grow various kinds of veggies and herbs.

After which I go online to look at a raw food channel that I have been following and the episode of the day is about ...square foot gardening!! ... The next day, I am walking down the street to get some flea killing product for Missy at the pet store and I bump into a woman that is starting a free weekly yoga class. Just the day before I was thinking that I would love to do yoga at the moment, but cant afford it...tight budget right now...and class, every week, free. The instructor is launching a new business and this is her free promo class, to get people introduced to her new wellness center.

A couple of days later, I was visiting my neighbor to the front and she had a guest from Los Angeles. He, like me, has just started a raw food diet ( fancy that) and he came along with a gift of sprouted sunflower seeds planted in a pot of organic soil and gifted it to me... I have been eating these the whole week. Like me he has just discovered that eating lots of sprouted stuff is improving his health.So neighbor at the front now also wants to also grow her on food on the patio and eat

Neighbor to the side has been growing his own food for a few years. He is also very conscious about many other aspects of the bigger picture, including the dark ones. In fact we have been having amazing conversations about all that is going on in our world. We have been neighbors for ever and only now I discover he is a light warrior. What are the odds of living on a city block where EVERYBODY is on the same page in this way? One small city block and we are all 1- friends 2- conscious 3- soon to be organic own-food growers 4- all helping each other out to get this done. Amazing and obviously no coincidence :-)

I already had a really tight relationship with my neighbors, but lately this has been going to a whole new level. I had a vision back in 1999 that the New Earth was going to be a rural one. But I was not thinking it would be rural within a city block. I am sure we probably all have soul contracts to be together at this time, shifting this little piece of city back to nature...And I am sure many others are going through this same process all over the world.... It feels like we are starting the seeds of the new communities to come. I am buzzing from the energy of it all, the possibilities to come, the greatness of the human Spirit... and from the momentum I experience every day in my back yard.

So awesome!! :-)

And so grateful :-) xx

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