Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sing the World to a New Vibration

Things that raise vibration: love, beauty, uplifting sound, amazing art, smiles, laughs, raw food, seeds and sprouts, nature, sunsets and sunrises, trees, crystals, sunshine, heart connections, good friends, rest, fun, funny things, meditation, wallops of light in your field, self love, being one with Source and the infinite...all good stuff :-)

And if you really want to release your true self from within yourself...consider detoxing and raw foods.... clearing out toxins and injecting raw life force, pushes out all the emotional toxins and clears cellular memory...all of which is your past and your experience, yes, but all of which are not you or the definition of you...

As the last vestiges of baggage literally release from your body memory and the life force empower your spirit...the true you, the true Self, shines forth. Unhindered.

Beautiful Source-light unfolding in the unique pattern that is you. Beautiful Source-light expressing through the individualization of your expression, in harmonious notes and frequencies for all to hear. And together with others doing the same, a harmony unfolds.

Join the symphony of Source energies inter-twining and create works of art. Make your Self and the Earth plane itself the new art-piece of creation.

In love ~ Katie . Copyright 2011. Katie Gallanti. All rights reserved. Feel free however to share this link as you wish, in its entirety and with authors name and website links included. Thank you! xx

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