Saturday, July 09, 2011

Fine -Tuning Natural Rhythms

Its important to learn how to roll with the ebb and flow of life. There are natural cycles of activity and rest and our body-spirit knows when to do and when to be.

If we are constantly doing, we cannot truly hear the spirit within, no heal what needs healing, as self healing often requires self reflection. Or simply quiet time away from stimulation.

There are also times in which we need to be active. To be with others, to produce something of value, to engage in creativity and make our contribution to the world.

If we learn to become in tune with the inner rhythm, then we can do when its is the time to do and we can be when it is the time to be. Instead we often force ourselves to be productive when we feel like resting. Or force ourselves to sleep, when we feel like producing. Just because the clock says its time to sleep.

When however we follow the natural rhythm of both our body and of our spirit, both of which know about perfect timing better than our rational mind, and when we follow the flow of energy in the moment, our behavior may be less predictable, we may have less of a routine, but ultimately we will be both happier and more productive. Because the book cannot be written before the wisdom is born. And the painting cannot be created when the artist is tired.

Following natural rhythm, however, requires becoming attuned to ones inner self. And many of us are very much out of tune with our insides. Its called the modern lifestyle.

Learn to listen within and only act when the spirit moves you. And learn to listen to the signal of what your spirit and body need, to feel happy, healthy and whole. Because from food, to rest, to work, to play, you always know what is needed and what is right, once you clear the windshield of the debris that prevents you from seeing clearly, inside.

Experiment today: clear your windshield, practice inner listening and act on the small whispers...

Much love


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