Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Digging for the Roots of Empowerment

Hi beautiful people ♥ ♥

just a few days left on this triple eclipse whammy. This has been a very intense time for many of us. More letting go of people and relationship and situations that are out of alignment with our own path, lots of volatile emotions, but amidst the seeming chaos, the seeds for the new are emerging. A lot of these storms in a tea cup are part of a process of shedding skins. While it may not look pretty while we are in it, know that eventually we will emerge glowing with a new skin and new lives.

The energy of these eclipses has been particularly powerful and the energies are also building on top of one another. Many can feel this as it is like a bubble getting bigger and bigger waiting to burst. This can feel a bit overwhelming at times, but hang in there as it will all smooth out in the end.

I have noticed a lot of "stuff" around being authentic and speaking ones truth coming up for many during these past few weeks. And in my case and the case of various "path walkers" I know, about staying in ones truth, even when under attack. There seems to be a big wave of attacking energy going on and many of us "workers of the path" are going through an initiation in standing our own ground.

Holding one's own power is a must as we reclaim our own light in earnest, as we cannot truly move into our full being, without eliminating all that has caused us to shut down over the lifetimes and years. Therefore all the parts of us that feel afraid of being who we truly are are being tested during this time. It is not an easy ride, but w\e can even get to the point of being grateful for these tests, as they are the vehicles through which we will become unshakable in our essence. For some these eclipses may very well represent that turning point and major shift before they truly beging to shine and blossom in full bloom.

And on our way  to get to that place, as usual, it is a good idea to take care of shifting blockages, through whatever healing or self healing tools are available to you. And also to take care of the inner child. The inner child hold most of our sensitivity and most of our wounds and many may be revisiting inner child issues at this time. Know that when the inner child feels safe and cared for, not by others, but by ourselves, and when we have truly learned to re-parent ourselves, we become like a tree firmly rooted in the ground, that no wind can sway. And as such in an even better place for the carrying out of our mission as transformers of inner and outer worlds.

Hold on to your hats, but most hold on to your love and to your hearts, for yourselves and for others, during this moment of storm. It is easy to loose faith in human nature under this pressure and, for the teachers, to loose faith even in ones sense of purpose, when under a barrage of fire. Understanding that it is just a test, designed to strengthen your bones, to prepare you for even greater and more powerful channeling of light (tall houses require strong foundations), will help you stay the course and maybe even enjoy this journey into empowerment.

Don't be afraid to set boundaries when needed, speak your truth at all times and hold the light of Source steady and strong in your own heart, knowing that when the dust settles, we will see the emerging, not only of new forms, but of a whole new edifice of Self. Bless all your teachers, both the pleasant ones and unpleasant ones, dig the deepest roots of self love and know that all is as it should be at times :-) ♥

Move forward in light and enjoy these last days of initiation

Katie plus Cosmic Councils

Copyright 2011. Katie Gallanti.


100Tall Trees said...

Thank you ever so much for these much needed and well timed encouragements.

Sennaya Swamy said...

Thanks a lot.This article helped me a lot to lead my life happily.