Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Outer Planets - From Individuation to The Transcendence of Ego

In today's culture, we very much have a veneration for individualism and freedom. Its definitely important to be able to be one's own person. One of the requirements for evolution in consciousness, in fact, is that of being able to detach from the mass mind and forge ahead with one's own mind, consciousness and thoughts.

One of the reasons for this is that the mass mind, at least on this planet, usually vibrates pretty low and is in many ways programed to do so by other influences pulling strings. And it may also just be the way things are. The mass mind does not usually embrace higher consciousness and evolutionary drives. It tends to not think much beyond pre-packaged thought-forms. And it tends to have a drive to conform. This is because great effort has been placed through the ages to keep the mass thought-forms and vibrations vibrating in a particular consciousness band and zone.

However, also beware of pre-packaged thought-forms about individuality and freedom. As there is much mass mind programming that says: "I shall go forth alone, conquer alone, be myself, and screw everybody else" .... The truth is, detaching from mass mind and individuation is only the first step on the evolutionary journey into higher consciousness. Its not enough to just detach and rebel and forge one's own path. One also has to direct that path so that it is in alignment with higher consciousness, which always implies some form of service. And is always ultimately part of unifying collective consciousness, But not unifying it at a lower level of mass programming, but at the higher level of love and communal goals.

If we look at it this way, the steps then become 1- Individuation (the realization that one has to step out of mass mind and be able to stand alone with one's own consciousness, regardless of the mass mind pull or judgement) 2- Understanding the importance of aligning one's consciousness with common good and service, intended from a higher dimensional perspective 3- Embracing leadership, so as to assist anybody that wants to also step into higher consciousness with tools and or a path to follow.

This can be seen pretty well in astrology. Uranus, the individuator planet, is only the first of the transpersonal planets. Uranus rebels, individuates and breaks away from the collective mold. But is then followed by Neptune - which is about spirituality and transcendence, service and even sacrifice. Under the influence of Neptune the individuated Uranus realizes that he /she is part of a greater whole, a bigger universal picture in the infinite flow. But then Neptune is followed by Pluto, the planet of power and deep transformation and the ruler of the shadow. To go to the next level, transcendence needs to come back down to the Earth, deal with its baggage and then go into empowered action.

One of the tests of many spiritual people, as they go deeper into their mission, becomes one about integrity and power. How do they handle the power that their growing being and expanded self affords them? Do they become leaders or despots? Do they stay in service or does the ego take over? As they expand, the inner darkness is teased and tempted. And if the inner darkness is transformed and evolved, then there is the potential for great proactive healthy power, enlightened leadership and for the carrying of big energies for the good of all. And even if leadership is not part of the path in explicit ways, at least the leadership of one's own self and one's own drives in relationship to the shadow drives is well in place.

So the Uranus, Neptune, Pluto journey is an interesting one - from individuation, to transcendence to integrated empowerment. Maybe as a society we are currently slightly stuck in a Uranian phase. Lets remember that as important as that step is, it is not the end of the journey.

Just my two cents and some thoughts, percolating ...

Much love

Katie G.

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