Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Never Forget Who You Are

There will be times in life in which circumstances, setbacks, defeats, people, stress, losses, grief will erode your confidence, eat away at your sense of self, gradually make you forget who you are... like a frog in slow boiling water, you will leak pieces of yourself under the pressure of the world. And you may even forget who you are entirely... but your Soul, inside, will still burn its embers... and part of you will always feel the call to your larger self and being. Do not mute that call...

The call to the True Self will sometimes requires risk and reaching beyond comfort zones. It may even involve a process spanning years to reclaim all of your self back. And it may even take lifetimes to embody all that is the light of your true Soul. And, despite this, becoming all you were supposed to be, is and will be the most fulfilling journey of all.

We live on a planet where much is up for compromise on a daily basis. Many feel they have to make deals on almost every level of being in order to survive. The only way to be True is to take the risk of being True and trust that the Universe will catch us before we fall. And, if you notice, if the intent is sincere, the Universe always does.

This planet of compromise is also in many ways a bad-ass planet of testing - As Souls we come here to test our mettle: do we stay awake and true or do we fall asleep and compromise and scatter pieces? Because on some level we all know how to make it through without cutting the corners of self out of our being. We just have to remember to be brave. And that we are not alone in this story. And that we came here with a path to find and a job to do.

And then we have to move beyond the veil of forgetting. Recall the nature of our True Being. And remember that we are creators and shifters of energy and worlds.

And from this place and this stance, there is no situation too dire, no job too big and no planetary situation too steep. There is nothing that cant be healed, fixed and transformed. As long as we remember the light and the fire of our embers, we can breathe new life into our form.

Embody all of who you are into your being. And then you can begin the journey anew.

Much love


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