Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Beyond the Grand Cross Energies

As Mars travels forward into Libra, passing one last time over the Grand Cross degrees and then rapidly closing its long stay in this sign, the energy that has been with us for the first half of this year is shifting... Not only are the Grand Cross energies finally closing out, giving us some time for integration, but as also happened earlier this year, many old contracts at this stage are dropping away and new ones appearing. New selves are being born right now, as we exit the integration phase of the second doorway. This opening, centered around the Grand Cross, was a major opening and it is only now completing, after a very heavy Spring. The energy is starting to lift and lighten again now, but do not be surprised if as it does, old self and soul contracts relative to old self drop away, and new self and new contracts begin to appear.

What drops away now, be it work, clients, friends or situations, is meant to drop away. Something new wants to be born. Surrender to the process, so that the new can enter. Letting go of old forms can feel like loss or being lost. But it is just the void before the new forms come into being. And a natural part of the transformation process.

The difficult thing for many is that we are going through rapid transformational cycles, very close in time. We are not living in normal times. We are not living in times of normal and stable, but in times of testing, lessons, challenges, karmic clearing and eventually graduation. Most Souls at this time are in completion mode, not only with regards to this lifetimes tests, but with regards to the tests of several evolutionary cycles spanning thousands of years. Souls that came here to volunteer, to create a shift, but also to complete their own evolution, into higher levels of their own being. And these higher levels are higher levels of spiritual evolution, not the higher of the outer world, but the higher of the long term evolution of the Essence.

The agenda of the Soul is always that of moving into higher levels of wisdom, understanding, compassion, forgiveness, love, creative expansion. And it is also always that of aiming at rebalancing karma and repairing errors, clean slating so to speak. And the past years this process has been foremost on the agenda. And getting more and more accelerated with each round. The lessons and tests come fast and furious, we clear something up and right away something else shows up for us to see, learn, discern, move past.

This is not because Spirit wants to torture us, its because we are in a window of opportunity right now, one we have been preparing for for many many lifetimes and the time of the shift is now.

If there is something in your life that keeps repeating Groundhog Day style, is there something you have missing, tried to avoid or skip? Get real with your process and be willing to look beyond denial. And if you truly cant see, ask Spirit to show you, ask for signs, ask for synchronicities to lead you to where you need to be. But most of all, stop fighting the process. As sucky as it is, this is not working against you, but it is the last missing piece to your evolution, the very thing you need to move into the higher level of your being. So stop fighting, and sit and listen and see. And then be willing to walk through the changes that loom. which, when we are on the right track, are often much easier and smoother to implement than one anticipates.

This is a time to look at life symbolically. All of life is always reflecting something back to us that shows us who we are and where we are headed, but particularly so now, as reality is becoming more fluid and the mirror effect is enhanced in the fluidity. This too is part of the energy of the times. And if we do not get thrown off balance by the reflections, this is also a time in which reality can be changed very swiftly. Every issues has its solution and every solution its own story and timeline, rapidly evolving. What looks without hope tonight, may be solved tomorrow and new life paths are born that take root in just a few days.

And if all is going well right now and you have already emerged from your testing, rejoice. And even if only parts of your testing are complete and some still to be solved, rejoice still. As every time you rejoice over the smallest victory, you reinforce your own sense of yourself as victorious finder of solutions and open your being to more of the same.

will add more later, but that will be all for now

Much love


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