Saturday, April 12, 2014

Be Your Most Expanded Self and Shift The World

Most of us have a set of beings that work with us throughout our lives. Making that connection conscious and knowing how to consciously access it can be very useful, especially if you have a mission in life that is larger than yourself. In fact usually people that have a "collective mission" have a bigger team, what I call councils, that work with them on an ongoing basis, whether they know it or now, as they need it to get their work done.

This is so even if you dont believe in these things or think all beings on the other side are evil tricksters and out to scam you - there are oodles of dark tricksters on the lower dimensions beaming false light and gushing at the possibility of being enrolled as your guide, and learning how to stay clear of those is very important.

Important also, however, not to throw out the baby with the bathwater, as many of us hail from high dimensional places and have an away team that came with us to support us in "being here" - and getting conscious of that can be very helpful... We were supposed to work as a team, and in a free will zone, often the away team cannot intervene as much as it would like, unless directly asked.

I started working with guides from day one of my awakening - literally. I was 27 years old (heading towards 47 now) and I had spent my life until that point studying math and physics, until I graduated a doctor of physics when I was 25. And then partying for the next two years in the London rave scene. I was not into anything spiritual and I did not really think about spirituality much. However one week I was home from work and received a package from a friend, with a tape in it, about the many dimensions of reality.

I was in the middle of painting my kitchen ceiling when this package arrived, so I decided to put it in my boom box and listen to it as I painted away. The tape was on autoreverse and for a few hours I was painting and listening to this lovely soothing lady's voice talking about the many levels of reality and the metaphysical world view. Then all of a sudden I popped out of my body through my crown, the ceiling opened up and I found myself in the cosmos, watching stars being born and seeing the worlds on the other side of black holes. And in an instant everything around me accelerated and slowed down all at the same time and I "felt" the mind of creation, what some would call God/Source/pick your label. And I knew everything and nothing all at the same time. I then landed back in my body, on the top of the ladder I was standing on, with paint roller in hand, thinking, "wtf"?

The friend had sent me two tapes, one was a guided process to meet one's guides. At this point I was curious, so that evening I laid down on my bed and listened to the tape. I met three guides, immediately and clearly. And began a daily practice of dialogue with them on the inner planes. I was still dealing with a bunch of childhood trauma at the time, despite several years in therapy. The guides taught me how to evolve my inner child and very soon things shifted for me in major way. I was, however, very committed. Within 3 years from this experience I was writing, traveling and teaching metaphysics and in a completely different phase of my life. I was also working with a higher and different set of beings now, and the beings I worked with kept evolving as I evolved. For several years now I have been working with higher dimensional councils, of various kinds, depending on the job at hand. But my journey started that first day, with black hole hopping and my first three guides.

Since then I have helped literally thousands of people make a higher dimensional connection. When I was teaching, which I dont do any more, I would connect people upward regularly. I still do this in private sessions, but I am now also looking at recording some processes to clear peoples multidimensional synapses, so more people can connect higher in safe ways.

The multidimensional connection is not important because we are lowly and we need to plug into something bigger, to make a difference. Its important because we are more expanded than we think we are, as the density of the Earth plane, can easily trick us into thinking that what we see is all there is, even with regards to ourselves. But it is not. There is so much more out there, so many more levels to our beingness, and lots of friends in high places that we can play with, to helps us expand. And with our energetic expansivenss, comes more effectiveness. As ultimately the biggest shift we can create, both in ourselves and in the world, is one that happens first internally and energetically. Shift the energy and the manifestation of that energy changes - pretty fast -

The new age movement has done some good things and bad things for this world. One of the worst things it has done, is that of diluting the value of a pure channel connection with many low level often astrally polluted channelings. As this has then created a mistrust in the higher realms as a whole and any connection with these realms, from those that smell rats and dig for truth. This in turn has created an often very "mental body only" orientated group of truth seekers. And while this has been great for uncovering truth - mental bodies do a great job at that - the solutions to the ills of our world, especially the world that we are now inheriting, which is riddled with distortions, corruption and darkness in the seats of world power, with a very high level of organization - will only come through shifting the energy of these structures, the energy of humanity and through a connection to the expanded self into multidimensionality and higher love.

I know that I loose many truthers when I start talking of Source, guides, councils and love. And I know I loose many lightworkers when I start talking of demons, dark astrals, and negative power players. And yet it is all intertwined. We are in a frequency confrontation between a vibration of darkness and one of light, both of which serve a purpose, as "the opponent" is always a catalyst for growth. Different energetic structures are here from times past and others, new ones, aiming to emerge. The game we are playing is a challenge, inviting us to bring here and anchor here more of the highest aspects of our being. And that of encouraging others to do the same, so that more of the higher frequencies are anchored into this reality. And as we do so gradually the collective energy soup we all swim in, bumps up a level, like an electron jumping into the next energy band. We are working on an energetic shift of phase. First in ourselves and then at the collective level. Its really that simple. And we make that shift through both awareness and love.

Awareness not just as the awareness of what is wrong, but awareness of who we are, the energy nature of reality and the energy tools we have at disposal to shift it. And the time for that is now.

Ok that will be all for today

Stay true, stay vibrationally high, be love

And remember who you are, as the beauty that is you in its full expression is an explosion of creation reflecting in all dimensions all the colors of the rainbow. You are beautiful expansion beyond your wildest dreams ...

Much love and happy weekend to you all

Katie Gallanti
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