Friday, March 07, 2014

Moving through the pain

To truly heal, we must sit there with our pain and with our fears and get comfortable with them. Mastery comes when we sit toe to toe with what hurts us the most and what we are most afraid of and we recognize that we are stronger than all of it. There is nothing one can't withstand, as we recognize the transient nature of circumstances and the the fact that, after all, the Gods are always working in our favor.

Even in the darkest hour, all is happening as it is supposed to. And we can accept it, transcend it and let it be exactly as it is and let it go.

As Meryl Streep said in Out of Africa - "When I feel that the pain of the memories is so great, that I cant take it any more, I stay there one more moment and push things one step further. And then I know I can deal with anything".

We are vast and resourceful creatures and Spirit always has our back. Even when we cant see the forest for the trees, there is always a path that leads us home.

~ Katie G.

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