Thursday, July 11, 2013

Poem: And now the child remembers ...

And the child walked beyond the Sun
into the higher dimensional doorway.
Suddenly aware of the Universe around her,
she saw the world in new ways

And the child turned around on herself
and looked at the cosmos with new eyes.
The beauty of the movement of the stars
slow, as if walking purposeful,
shimmered across the void.

And the purple streams of light
sang songs to her insides.
  and the swift rivers of gold,
hummed the vibration of home.

The child was in awe,
as if seeing for the first time.

And the layers that were dormant
were once again awake.
And the doors that were closed
were once again open.

And the child spread her arms wide,
allowing for the drops of infinite
to excavate her like rock,
digging for the parts of her that still shine.

And the infinite found her
and the diamonds within her
 the jewels of her essence,
buried under layers of stone and dust,

And the infinite found her,
 and breathed light within her.
And the essence inside her

And now the child remembers
the ancient beauty
and the songs that do not perish.

And now the child remembers...
and born again from embers,
she paints songs and rainbows
in the inner skies.

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