Friday, May 24, 2013

Forks in the Road in the Great Unfolding

Some people come in our lives for a reason but only stay for a season, even if we thought they would stay forever, as beloved mates, husbands, wives or lifelong friends. Never has this been more true than during these accelerated times of change, in which people come together to learn lessons and clear karma and then often, when the learning reaches completion, swiftly move on. What was here one moment is gone the next and what seemed permanent, becomes loose and fleeting, washed away rapidly from the shore by the tides of change.

This moving on is often not a sign of failure, but a sign of graduation. The two souls may have had a contract to work out a karmic issue or a particular stage of growth. Once that growth has been achieved, the energy of the relationship drops and they move on. Or the two souls may have gotten out of synch, growing at a different pace or in different directions. And so it is that, often in agreement at the Soul level, they part.

No harm done on the Soul plane, where we remain friends through thick and thin and where nothing can separate or hinder. And yet, this can be very sad and heartbreaking process when in a body here on the Earth plane. As here the parting of the ways can feel so final. It is possible to graduate from one's lessons and still feel a deep feeling of grief as one says goodbye to the circumstances and people of the past. There is a bitter sweet irony to the kind of growth that requires for us to move away from those we cherish - its an odd kind of reward. And yet, learning when to let go, is also part of what we have come to learn, remembering that love does not need to walk side by side to continue being. In fact the love that lets go, is sometimes a love that is willing to go deeper and higher. Beyond personality attachments, huddled inner children, and expectation, into a more expanded version of love, that allows the other (and one self) to go where they are supposed to go, be who they are supposed to be, unfold as they are supposed to unfold, surrendering any ego desires to the perfection of "the plan".

Even from this place of surrender, sometime the grief cannot be escaped. And if there has been fighting, as often happens, when we choose to create the drama that prompts the separation, there can be a sense of sorrow about a bond that appears to have turned sour. At this time it is particularly important to find the higher will operating within the story. A time to reflect on the higher purpose of the union just lived, which may also help with the understanding of why that union is now complete, accepting and forgiving all that is occurring, even if one does not yet understand it all with one's mind. As all is happening as it is supposed to. And all is ultimately an opportunity to move into a higher and more detached form of love. A love that does not want. A love that surrenders its own immediate needs to what needs to be.

Support your heart during these separations. Hold the parts of you that are tender inside your own compassionate heart, so that you may be mother to the parts of you that are soft and vulnerable or hurt. Hold a space of love for the healing of the tenderness of your own heart, so that you heart may not break down but break open. And say thank you for all the love you received and the opportunity to play and learn with this other, which was and is so treasured, even when things were hard. Forgive and love your companions of growth, even as they or you leave.

Release from the heart and solar plexus the strings that cling and sees the cord between you dissolve. If it is meant to be there will be reunions and reconciliations. And if not, there will be new chapters and new stories to weave. Dissolve the Earthly bonds of love, that are temporary in nature, into the eternal bonds of the Soul. Dissolve the bonds of love into the essence of flowers and diamonds, so that you may shower your love across the world. Tears of healing for a new spring, they will fertilize and germinate the next stage of your growth, from which the next branches of your path will sprout abundant and even richer than those you just traveled.

Bow in honor for the time you shared with this other sacred Soul and playmate in the game that is life, free him or her from the role they played in your evolution, especially if they had to wear a dark or difficult mask, so you could grow. Release them of all appearances, until all that is left is the truth of your and their inner light. And let the other and yourself go, free to pursue whatever is next in the storybook of your lives. Knowing that there will be a time in which your souls will play again together, and create again another story or another adventure, even if it is to simply hang out again as sparks of light in the vast sea of being.

Your heart was mine and  mine was yours. 
May we now free our hearts into the grand sea of  Love. 
May we retain the learning and may all the rest dissolve.
Thank you for the everlasting gift of love. 

May the books of karma between us now be closed.
May the healing begin and may what's highest occur. 
May this bond now complete or may it be transformed
May something more beautiful  from this situation evolve.

I place my heart into the ever lasting embrace of Source
where all that was broken knows how to restore
I trust in the healing and most appropriate endings
that come when I surrender into the eternal unfolding.

I am grateful as I heal and reclaim my light
from which I align with forgiveness 
from where I know what is right.

I trust in the resolving of all I dont know
into the hands of whats higher 
and into what is best for us all.

I trust in the wisdom of whats eternal and true
to find a solution for what ails me, we and you.

May all that is low rise
May all that is dense refine
May our Souls, even when they part,
always prosper and shine.

And so it is :-)

May You Walk in Beauty

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