Sunday, May 26, 2013

Transform the World with Light

Picture your spine as a hollow rod, then call Solar Light to yourself. Absorb this light until you have created a rod of light inside your body that spreads out, forming a cocoon of light around you. Imagine that you can sense light in everything, and picture what your environment might look like if you could see everything as light. This will assist you in developing the ability to experience the subtle energies of light as they exist in the world of form and matter.

Connect with the Solar light in this way for a few moments during the day -- at work, in your car, at home, or in a store. Every time you connect with light in this way, you are building a bridge between yourself and higher dimensions of consciousness. As you build this bridge of light you will become more radiant and effective on the earth plane in whatever you are doing.

Expand the cocoon of light around you. Challenge your self to bring in more light and to expand your field to the furthest point of comfort. Each day you will find your field expanding even further, the boundaries of your being stretching into limitlessness. Use this expanded field for self healing, but also as a means to place energy into the world. As each of us becomes a conduit for higher dimensional energy, reality subtly shifts and transforms.

Find the grids of the consciousness of humanity and place your light onto collective thought-forms that are stuck and heavy and see them becoming fluid and light. Add higher dimensional frequencies to these thought-forms, so that the collective may find new ways of thinking and being. Transform the world with your light.

Katie (inspired by Orin)

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AarTiana said...

Beautiful work Katie, as always! You are such a blessing to this world!