Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Stepping Down the Galactic Solar Pulse

Last night I made a video about the current energies, both from an astrological perspective and solar-galactic perspective... at minute 17:30 find a little process for turning down the dial on the amount of energy received, if the energy pulses are getting a little too intense for your liking... we are still ion for several weeks of this, so the process may be useful. I rattle on a little bit in this video, its easy to go rambling down all sorts of side paths when one is talking to oneself ;-) lol... the juice is at minute 17:30 onwards, if you get bored of the ramble lol

Much love


                         Direct link to video here, as in some browsers the video link does not work.

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AarTiana said...

Thank you Katie - pretty crazy energy, that is for sure! Hang onto our proverbial hats but so looking forward to progress in Spring! :-) Nice response to why you use astrology too (but I am rather partial, don't you think?)