Saturday, March 02, 2013

Beauty Heals My Soul

Photo "Sunset Rock" by Katie Gallanti, 2008

Ultimately when all is said and done,
it all comes down to the beauty of a sunset
and the inspiration of a great song.

All is well in this beautiful world,
even when it looks like its not.
Beauty heals my Soul.

What heals your Soul? What makes your heart sing?

The touch of a loved one?
The breath of a newborn child?
The tears of sadness of a newly open heart?
Or the colors of rainbows
dripping quietly in the oceans ablaze…

The beauty of the world,
even in its powerful moments
of shedding and aching and despair
as we transform and outgrow the forms of old
not without a little blood…

The beauty of the process of being human
becoming, as we die a little,
a ray of silver light in the night sky…

Illuminated and enchanted,
exploding grace from the ashes,
exploding grace even where we are torn,
we light up into fiery blossoms,
and move into a different form..

All is well,
as the beauty envelops me,
even in the depths of the ugliness
of a difficult to understand process…

All is well,
as my Soul is alive and awake and lit
with desire to reach for more…

And I light up like fireworks in the sky
as I dream of ruby sunsets and I cry
my heart forever open
to worlds within
that blossom and bloom
but never die.

© 2009 -2013 Katie Gallanti. All rights reserved.

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