Sunday, February 17, 2013

Memories of the Starry Tribe

I don't know what function dreams serve in other people's lives, but in mine, they serve a big function, always giving me clear guideposts on what I need to know... In a past life I used to be a dream shaman for an evolved and now extinct Native American tribe, which however, in my past life screen, appeared as being of star origin. Like, they were here, but not from here.

This tribe had knowledge that went beyond Earth and was aware of a long standing conflict with negative galactic energies, which were also here. These negative Galactics, who were/are also on Earth, eventually wiped out this tribe. Time during which this happened: I have no idea, but it feels per-Columbus. Anyway, my job at the time was to dream for the tribe and retrieve information from the dream plane, to be used during this war.

I was married to the tribe chief, who is in my life at this time, and who is also still playing out, in different ways, his role. Just before this tribe was taken out, we had a council meeting, and some of us took on all of the tribes knowledge and soul splinters and absorbed them into our DNA, for safe keeping, as we knew our end was coming. In this life at some point I was guided to go into the Arizona desert one night and to give these soul splinters back, as these souls were ready to incarnate again. This was about 13 years ago.

I went into the desert with my beloved and now deceased friend Lisa Jane (who died the following year, way too young) and as soon as we got there, two huge white dogs appeared out of nowhere and sat with us, side by side. We were sat in the same spot until sunrise and the dogs did not move once, until it was our time to go. They then disappeared as swiftly as they had appeared. While we were there, a light also appeared overhead on the horizon that looked like a spaceship. It also stayed there for the whole time and I felt in telepathic communication with it. Nothing was said but there was a feeling of being loved and held and appreciated for doing more than I could remember. And as I sat there on my blanket, energy was streaming in and out of my crown chakra and I trust whatever was supposed to be given back, was given back. It was an odd episode and one that I soon forgot about, almost as if it had never happened.

But I often have had memories of life in this tribe. A year later I was back in the desert and was invited with a group of friends to go meet with grandfather Martin, of Hopi fame. I had no idea at the time who the Hopi were, I just found myself in Hopi land. It was two weeks after 911. We met with Grandfather Martin that showed us the Hopi scrolls and explained of the coming of a new militarized/police state age. He showed us the armed beings in the scrolls, who looked severe and menacing. He felt it was the beginning of a time that carried teeth. And, some of us understand that he was right, even if it may be in more subtle form than some way be able to immediately see.

The meeting with Grandfather Martin however was not what stuck with me about my few days in Hopi land. I had very bad toothache that day, so bad I could barely focus. And we went for dinner at the home of a Hopi Shaman lady and her son, who was also a shaman. When I arrived the lady-shaman gestured that she could help with my toothache and she placed her hands on my head. As she did, an indescribable vastness opened for me, as if something had been lifted and a familiar but long forgotten consciousness flooded me and I began to cry. And I just could not stop crying. I was inconsolable. It was a bit embarrassing. A few hours later we drove to a Hopi village and there were dogs everywhere and they looked malnourished and had ticks on their backs. A few youth were walking around looking aimless and displaced. I kept crying and crying and in my mind all I could hear was: " What happened to my people". As if I had a memory somewhere of a different time, in this same place, a time of honor and glory lost. Maybe the Hopi are the last remaining strands of that old tribe and old energy to which I once belonged.

Interestingly, the young male shaman, maybe in his late twenties, felt me. We did not speak the same language but he called me and told me in his own way that he knew I was one of him ;-). And he gave me a bag full of twigs to take a hot bath with, to purge my tooth ache. And I gave him two herkimer diamonds that I was carrying with me, in my little meditation pouch. Then we sat in silence in the sunset and smiled. Later that night the hot bath with twigs did get rid of my toothache. And I was ok, until I got back home a few weeks later and got to see a dentist.

Not sure why I am writing this today. Maybe a bit sad and homesick and missing my starry tribe ;-) ... although I know many of them are here walking in Earth bodies. So, really, its all in the mind.

Wishing you all a great Sunday


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